Pros And Cons Of Facebook: Like Or Dislike

Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has gone on to become the most popular social networking site. What enables the site to tower over its competition is its ability to mould and reinvent itself in accordance with user preference. While many are of the opinion Facebook is the best thing that has happened to mankind, many others swear it’s an exaggerated social networking service that has killed emotion. Like or dislike? You decide! Dwell in the Pros and Cons of Facebook.

Social networking sites have reduced social interaction considerably, more so Facebook. Who is to blame? Yes, each one of us. 

Are you on Facebook? When this question is put forth it tends to melt the wax in your ears, I mean who isn’t? Communication, interaction, making new friends, now, it all happens on Facebook. Young or old, everybody has a shelter called Facebook. This site has been praised and criticized. One thing though, Facebook is indeed a remarkable invention that has unified the world.

Pros and Cons of Facebook

There has been a debate on whether the pros exceed cons of this social networking site. Manic frenzy, anger, love, hate, like, dislike, Facebook has seen it all but magically retained its spot as the most popular social networking site. Why? Well, because of its constant ability to reinvent its wheel. What Facebook has done stupendously well that other social networking sites have not succeeded is strengthen a strong foundation. Since its initial stage Facebook has made changes and evolved in accordance with community needs and preferences which is why this site has managed to stamp authority over its competition.  We have got to remember every site has its pros and cons. How we perceive a site to be varies in accordance with our likes and dislikes. Here’s the Facebook story.

Pros of Facebook-Like

  • It’s Free.


  • Excellent site to expresses your views.


  • The site is the best place to market and advertise products.


  • Absolutely awesome interface that caters to varied user needs.


  • Unlike most sites the registration process is a breeze.


  • Allows you to get in touch with friends you have not heard or met in a while.


  • No matter where you are located this social networking site has made it possible to keep in touch with family. Friends beyond borders exist.


  • Uploading videos and photographs is simple.


  • Organizing events or creating awareness about an event is downright easy.


  • The features on the site and third party apps available are super cool.


  • This site is a goldmine for online sellers.


  • Anybody offering a service finds this site beneficial.


  • You can form groups or get into groups in accordance with likes and preferences.  Age, gender, and demographics, go your own way.


  • Boy! The online games are a life saver for many.


  • The layout and design of the Facebook website is without doubt flawless.


  • Sharing videos and photographs with friends is easy.


  • The virtual timeline feature on Facebook is good.


  • No matter what happens where, the updates you get on this site are quick.


Cons of Facebook- Dislike

  • Over the years Facebook stalkers have become a menace.


  • The number of fake accounts/bogus accounts on this site is exceedingly high.


  • Rumors and fabricated stories spread like wildfire on this site.


  • This site has plenty of scamsters and con artists waiting for an opportunity to take advantage of gullible users.


  • Image tarnishing
    on this site has affected many globally.


  • Photographs on the site are constantly being misused.


  • Security settings on the site are a damp squib.


  • Loopholes in security are a major concern for users of the site.


  • Once you are on Facebook, your life is not so private anymore.


  • Online games on this site are an addiction, once hooked there is no way out.


  • Offensive comments are left by several users that hurt sentiments of others.


  • Identity theft is a concern on this site.


  • ‘FB’ addiction is moving to scary proportions. We will need a large number of shrinks in the future.


  • Frequent changes and updates on the site get a tad bit annoying.


  • The smallest incident becomes big news on this site.


  • Facebook has made it easy for individuals that orchestrate crime and violence.


  • This site is a virtual watchdog. Girlfriends keep a watch on boyfriends and boyfriends do the same. Husbands and wives and parents and children... ditto. “I need my space”…This does not make sense anymore.

After all that’s been said, I yet feel Facebook has managed to do what no other social networking site has, evoke manic global interest. Everybody has an opinion, feel free to speak. We are not restricted. We choose what we want to be. We have no control of what others choose to be, why point fingers.

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