Rape Of Planet Earth: How The Lure Of Big Money Is Wiping Out Forests And Destroying Wildlife Habitat

In the years to come many animal species will be extinct if the rape of Planet Earth does not stop. The lure of big money is wiping out forests and destroying wildlife habitat. We have become slaves to profits, greed, and personal gain. We witness Mother Earth being plundered daily and yet we manage to move on with a smile.

Is all shame lost? Why is man destroying wildlife habitat? Where will wild animals go if their dwelling place is being encroached upon? Would we like it if unknown entities came and took over our property? Our world is getting sick

and each one of us is responsible. If we do not raise our voices in rebellion now, the future will not be blessed to witness wildlife we have witnessed in our times. Already innumerable species of birds, animals, insects and plants are on the verge of extinction, and yet we have the audacity to live a life of merry. Why is wildlife disappearing? The simple answer to this is… man is imposing rules for convenience and money. We are stealing animal habitat and making it our own. Forests around the world are being cleared to make way for concrete structures. Why… all for the sake of money, big money. Animals have never taken away what belongs to man, then why are we doing this to animals. We have become slaves to money and our greed is what’s wiping out wildlife habitat considerably.

Several countries may seek refuge in what they call green zones, but it’s just a part of a diabolic plan to save one-self when fingers are pointed. Islands around the world are being sold for huge sums of money. Rich individuals are buying off islands and converting them into palatial vacationing wonderlands. A number of forests have been plundered due to purchasing power man possesses. If you look around in your locality or neighborhood you will realize greenery is fast disappearing. Where has it all gone? Well, man is chopping down green pastures to erect concrete jungles to make a profit. We call it progress and technology, in reality we are rapists passing of wildlife habitat as our own. The plant kingdom and animal kingdom is the core of our existence on earth.

Considering the way man is wiping out the plant and animal kingdom expect human race to be extinct soon. This simple truth can be traced in the decline of bee

population around the world. Bees are fast disappearing and this is a sign that the human race will soon be extinct. How can that be you may ask? Well, bees play the critical role of helping us sustain our food supply by carrying pollen for one source to another source. Bees pollinate more than 70% of the crops on our planet. If bees die, plants will die due to lack of pollination, and then we die. If not for wildlife raise your voice for the well being of our own race.

Deforestation is a good thing, so they say. Are we kidding ourselves? Does a person require a number of homes? Buying property is now becoming a fashion statement. The choices we make in life make a big difference to wildlife habitat. Research reveals that in recent years 2 among 3 rich families own more than 15 properties around the world. Realize this, if man puts the brakes on buying property, it will kill demand. When demand dies, trees and green pastures will not be cleared and this will be help wildlife habitat flourish. Money has power, use that power to save the world, not destroy it.

Several schools around the world are taking initiative to save planet Earth through forest conservation programs and tree plantation programs. More than 70% of saplings sowed and nurtured are by children around the world. We can learn from children. Growing trees is no rocket science. If you find time help the world, grow a tree, any tree. It could be anywhere in your neighborhood, locality, or your own backyard. When you see trees being chopped down, waste no time, plant a sapling, grow trees in your spare time. Also, spread the word about how to save our wildlife habitat, all you need to do is talk about it, a voice is always heard. You will be blessed by Mother Earth. If trees and forests are chopped down several species of animals, birds, insects will die soon, and finally we will perish, with guilt and blood on our hands.


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