Relationships: How To Deal With A Breakup

When a relationship ends, life seems impossible. A breakup causes heartache and pain. Gloom and despair take over. This article breathes light on how to deal with a breakup.

It’s relationships that end without warning that hurt most. You lie speechless in bed gazing at the ceiling trying to figure out what went wrong. Hunger strikes, but the morsels seem reluctant to make their way through. Memories of moments spent with the one you love linger gracefully in your mind and craftily lead to images that mess your mind. Wearing a smile to confuse people does not help. If you do

not wish to lie in the lake of fire after a breakup, here’s what you need to do.

Avoid isolation
When a relationship ends most individuals seek refuge in isolation. Cutting yourself from the world is not the solution to get over a breakup. Isolation leads to a depressive state. Once depression sets in, changing the preconceived mindset can be difficult. Be in the midst of individuals that have a positive outlook towards life, it helps. Running away from reality is not the right way to deal with the situation, face it. Answers to how you feel lie within you. Your heart shows the right way, it’s your mind that rebels. Engage yourself in activities you love; it calms the mind and eases the thought process. If you’re not a strong willed individual, counseling will provide the needed light to get you through in your time of turmoil. Find comfort in friends and family.

Keep yourself busy
An idle mind gives opportunity for negative thoughts to take control. Keep yourself occupied with something constructive. Take up a hobby or activity you love. For instance, playing an instrument, drawing, singing, dancing, or playing your favorite sport ensures a healthier mind. After a breakup its lack of activity that leads to negativity and uncontrollable thoughts. Small pleasures such as winning in a sport can be uplifting after a breakup. Though many may disagree, it is true that gaming is an excellent source for mood elevation. Choose the game you love and play it religiously. Playing team games with friends can boost morale and confidence of an individual. When your morale is high you see life in new perspective.

Spend time with children
There’s no doubt, you feel low and

depressed after a breakup. Feelings of anger shine bright within. It’s only love that can change the way you feel inside. Children are an epitome of love and innocence. They can change your world. Just observing children and spending time with them is an enriching experience. Little children create a joyful ambience with their mischievous and cheerful ways. They make you laugh, smile and forget your worries. In the company of children, feelings of hate, resentment and anger are replaced with love, joy and hope.

Believe in miracles
The only person that can work a miracle in your life is you. The state you’re in after a breakup is what you choose to be. Do not expect a fairytale moment to change your life after a breakup; it’s only you that can transform the state you’re in. God will be the torch bearer, he always is, but it’s you that has to choose the path you tread. God’s greatest gift to mankind is freedom. Choose wisely. Do not be held by the past, free yourself. Move towards a new beginning. Hope is a powerful, do not let go of it. Faith, belief and hope are all you need to make a miracle happen.

How to deal with the grief phase
Duration of the grief phase after a breakup depends on how deeply an individual is affected. Inner healing and cleansing is essential to heal the hurt you feel within. Seek solace by exploring new avenues. Visit places with abundance of flora and fauna. Being amidst lush landscapes is a rejuvenating experience. Meditation helps significantly to calm a disturbed mind. Random thoughts that flood your can cause havoc. To get over a breakup make sure you vent out feelings of negativity and hate. The best way to get rid of negativity is by filling your inner self with positive energy.

Dealing with a breakup is not easy. Adopting the right approach is essential to ease the process of inner healing.

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