The Shocking Truth About Land Greed: Will Territorial Disputes Be The Major Cause For World War 3?

Will land greed and territorial disputes be the major cause of World War 3?

Will land greed and territorial disputes be the major cause of World War 3?

Land was, has, and will be the most important asset for a country. Does it come as a shock or surprise when countries go to war over a small portion of disputed land? The truth is shocking.  Lives are lost on either side, yet the dirty game of greed continues, all for the sake of power. Will we live to see a day when territorial disputes end? Or will we be witnesses to innocent blood being spilt on land being fought for? If we do not act…now,

we will hang our heads in shame watching our world get plundered by yet another World War, all because of land greed.

 If a person can kill his own brother for sake of possession of property, one can imagine how difficult it is for countries to deal with territorial disputes. The complexities pertaining to disputed land are indeed large, but should this harsh scenario prevent thinkers, peace-makers and economists from coming up with an amicable solution that makes this world a war-free zone. Why do nations sign peace treaties and relentlessly pursue what goes against it? We have got to realize there are many elements/factors that bring a Peace Treaty into being.  A peace treaty is an agreement between two parties, usually governments of countries to make an attempt to resolve issues and formally end a state of war.

What a peace treaty can do is spread a message of hope and goodwill, however with governments of two or more countries involved, making a peace treaty work is no easy task. When it comes to claims about land, no country backs out. Every country in a blatant manner tries to take control of territory that they believe

belongs to them. When issues with two countries fighting over disputed land gets out of hand, other nations intervene, when this happens it can have a colossal effect on either country involved in territorial disputes. Third party talks and decisions can anger a country, or please a country. In such situations relationships/ties with other countries may turn sour or improve.

Alliances are formed when nations are loggerheads in regard with territorial claims. Every country may deny forming alliances, but the harsh truth is power comes with numbers and sophisticated artillery. Land greed gives shape to government conspiracy, diabolic political agenda, and finally decisions that can spark a conflict, a war. It’s a known fact that when two are at war, the third does sniff an opportunity for personal gain. Do governments make changes and take decisions keeping in mind a war-free future. Will territorial disputes be the major cause if another World War 3 begins? If territorial conflict does lead to World War III, it is going to have a catastrophic end, with nuclear weapons being the preferred choice for mass destruction. If World War III takes place, it will claim billions, a global holocaust that will spell doom. If it turns out to be a nuclear war it is believed one-third of the world will cease to exist.

Let’s hope and pray the future generation does not witness the world at war. World leaders have to find a solution through peace talks; it’s the only way to avoid the unthinkable. Every country needs to take decisions that benefit humanity.  Wars should end; wars will end, if greed ends.

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