Suppressed Anger: Causes And Cure

Everybody gets angry. It could be a small issue or a large one at hand that leads to anger. Every person has their own way of dealing with anger. Trouble brews when anger is suppressed. What are the causes of suppressed anger? Is there a cure? If you are a victim of suppressed anger looking for a way out, this article will be of help.

Anger has the potential to ruin relationships. It can create havoc in your life and lives of others. Anger is an emotion more truly a state of mind, that comes alive and acts as a psychological

defense against what we oppose or feel. Majority of anger outbursts are because of a triggered reaction to an episode or event that disturbs or upsets the level of psychological balance in a person. How this affects a person varies. For instance some persons when faced with a situation fly into a rage, while others may maintain calm with understanding. There are many reasons why anger churns within and comes out with stinging venom.

How does suppressed anger build up?

Suppressed anger builds up over a period of time. When a person with anger issues does not have an outlet to release or let go, depression sets in. Suppressed anger is a result of negative thoughts and negative feelings that reside within. Accumulation of negative feelings can be due to a number of reasons but in majority of cases it’s because of a single traumatic event in your past life, or a string of events that have made you unhappy. Do not let negative feelings accumulate. The logic here is simple; if you cling on to negativity or suppressed feelings that hurt you emotionally you will not believe there is a way out. Remember, it is belief that cures, and hope that helps. Suppressed anger prevents a person from moving forward. A negative mind is a ticking time bomb.

What leads to suppressed anger?

There are many factors that contribute to suppressed anger. The logical thought process of anger is simple; you feel hurt or affected by someone and in turn give life to thoughts that run your mind immediately or at a later stage to take the course of action. Research reveals that roots of suppressed anger lie in jealousy, hate, guilt, betrayal, bitterness, and sadness. Most times in a situation that disturbs or upsets your psychological balance, a rational mind makes way for irrational thoughts. Revengeful desire affects every individual in a big way. Thoughts of getting back at the person that has hurt you get vivid, and when this happens, you are not yourself anymore. Reference to the beast within has been made since ancient times. While many that look at this scenario from a religious perspective my offer various theories and names in accordance with actions of a person, the truth is it is an uncontrollable instinct being controlled by rage and anger.

What causes anger?

What commonly leads to suppressed anger is hate towards a person. The person you dislike may not have caused you harm or hurt you but in some way affects you. When this happens, the best way to deal with it is by talking to the person and clearing your issues. If you do not take this step you begin to pile those feelings of resentment that develop into hatred and revengeful desire. Irrational behavior, mood swings, and inner turmoil are common among victims of suppressed anger. Not all victims of suppressed anger are aggressive. However if you do not take steps to change yourself, controlling anger at a later stage will be difficult. Denial is common among individuals that have suppressed feelings. Most anger victims are not in control of their actions when rage comes over them.

What triggers anger outburst?

Anger outbursts are common among individuals with suppressed anger. Anger can trigger a verbal reaction or evoke an extreme physical reaction. The psychological response in an encountered situation varies in every individual. An individual with suppressed anger will react with an uncontrollable urge in response to a situation. Take a situation wherein a person without anger or hate in his/her heart may not like it when somebody passes a comment that hurts. Such a person will acknowledge the fact that he/she has been hurt by the comment made and talk to the person who made that comment. Things will not be the same in a situation that involves a

person with suppressed anger. When such a person is at the receiving end, he/she may fly into a rage, abuse, get aggressive, get physical, or remain calm and vent out that frustration on somebody else who has the slightest clue of what has happened. The point I’m trying to make here is how the trigger mechanism works in individuals with suppressed anger.

Is there a cure for suppressed anger?

Self-belief is the only cure for suppressed anger. It’s the victim of suppressed anger that holds the key to freedom. Individuals that are aware of their anger problems often feel guilt every time they fly into a rage or lose their temper without reason. When you feel guilt be aware you can change, Hope and self belief are the driving force of change. However, you can change how you feel only if you want to. When you feel uncomfortable within, it’s best to talk to someone about your feelings. All that bitterness, rage, inner turmoil, negativity, jealousy and feeling of revengeful desire needs an outlet. It’s only you that possess that outlet and unless you let go, you will continue to be the angry person you were. Talk to that person who cares for you. Share all you feel inside. Majority of persons with suppressed anger are able to change when they share their inner feelings with someone they love. Every individual with suppressed anger exhibits behavioral symptoms. Psychologists are of the opinion that suppressed anger causes harm at a later stage if not addressed early.

Seek help from professionals

A large number of individuals that are victims of suppressed anger refuse to seek help from trained medical professionals or counselors because they either feel awkward or feel embarrassed about the way society may feel about them. Don’t be a fool. If you live your life in accordance with what people in society have to say, you’re not living your life but somebody else’s. If there are qualified professionals that can help, it makes perfect sense to seek help. If a cure is available, use it. Every individual with suppressed anger can be cured with inner healing. Anger management programs have benefitted individuals with suppressed anger significantly. You can only get rid of anger if you make an effort to change. In programs that are devised to help you control anger the initial sessions may make you feel irritable or uncomfortable, especially during sharing sessions. Fight the uncomfortable feeling inside if you are seeking help through an anger management program. Many individuals with anger issues have been able to control their anger after attending anger management classes.

Role of Meditation and Prayer to get rid of anger

Meditation is of essential importance if you want to get rid of suppressed anger. Meditation helps calm the mind which in turn leads to a constructive thought process. Every unanswered question pertaining to your life lies within. Inner healing is much easier in a meditative state. Self realization comes with various meditative techniques. Yoga has benefitted several individuals with anger issues. Through yoga, levels of stress and hyper tension are reduced greatly among individuals with suppressed anger. The key to getting rid of anger is not living in the past. Do not dwell in the past. What’s happened in the past should be left behind, start afresh, move on. If you feel guilt within, the root cause has to be determined. Hate can be washed clean only with love. A peaceful and calm mind does not allow negative thoughts, which is why meditation and prayer are important. Pray not for yourself, but for others. Religious practices may vary, but remember its only self belief that can cure.

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