Top 10 Beaches In Goa: Secluded Beaches, Commercial Beaches, Quiet Beaches, Rocky Beaches And Hippie Beaches

Goa is a tourist destination known for its beautiful white sand beaches. If you are beach lover make sure you explore both North Goa and South Goa, each has its own unique charm. This space showcases some of the best beaches in Goa. Secluded beaches, commercial beaches, quiet beaches, rocky beaches, and hippie beaches and all you can think of, Goa has it all.

The beaches in Goa have a rejuvenating effect on you. Commercial beaches, quiet beaches, rocky beaches, and hippie beaches, Goa has them all. In North Goa and South Goa there are a number of beaches that are

not commercialized, which is why they are their pristine best. Below is a list of beaches you must visit in Goa.

Best Beaches in Goa

1. Arambol Beach- (North Goa)

Literally a slice of hippy heaven. Beautiful beach frequented by a high number of foreign tourists, Russians, Germans, Australians, and Americans in particular. Has a number of beach shacks, each offering their specialties. A short walk on the north side of the beach and you arrive to an extension of the main beach that has a truly magnificent ‘fresh water lake’.

2. Palolem Beach- (South Goa)

This beach in South Goa is one of Goa’s best beaches. Until a few years ago this beach was one of the most beautiful secluded beaches in South Goa, not anymore. Over the years word-to-mouth publicity has led to commercialization of this beach. Eco friendly rooms mde with bamboo and coconut palms are exceedingly popular with foreign tourists. Between November and March, the night activity on this beach is supreme. There’s everything happening here, trance parties, rock shows, fire-dancers, jams, you name it and it’s there.

3. Ashwem Beach- (North Goa)

Another favorite with international tourists. This is a calm beach that has its own charm. Excellent beach to bask in the sun and laze reading a book all day. It has an old school-charm with a trippy hippy feel.

4. Anjuna Beach (North Goa)

The hippie capital of Goa in the 80s, Anjuna beach is a beach popular among locals and foreign tourists. Home to some of the best psychedelic trance parties in Goa, Anjuna village has a energetic vibe. The flea market at Anjuna is hugely popular with revelers and tourists.

5. Vagator Beach-(North Goa)

A picturesque beach located below a cliff. This North Goa Beach is a sight to behold! Exquisite! A walk on the soft white sand is all it takes to drive away your troubles. Vagator has many party joints catering to electronic, trance, and rave. A long walk from the main beach takes you to a smaller rocky beach called ‘Chota Vagator or Ozran Beach. This portion of the beach has some of the most beautiful carvings on sea rock made with handmade tools.

6. Colva Beach- (South Goa)

Colva beach is a popular hotspot with domestic tourists. It is an exceedingly beautiful beach, but the excessively large crowds that are present on weekends do not make movement on this beach easy.

7. Baga & Calangute Beach- (North Goa)

These are Goa’s most popular twin beaches. If you love beaches bustling with activity you, you cannot miss Baga and Calangute. Activities galore, these beaches offer a wide range. If you are anadventure lover that cannot do without water sports, these beaches are an awesome place to unwind.

8. Candolim Beach- (North Goa)

Located in close proximity with Aguada Fort, Candolim beach is a clean white sand beach that is relatively less crowded than Baga and Calangute. The beach has a string of thatched

shacks with a lip-smacking menu. You can sit from dusk to dawn sipping chilled beer or any other beverages that momentarily make life beautiful.

9. Pantem Beach- (South Goa) 

A calm beach that has a soothing effect on the mind. One of the most relaxing beaches in Goa. Only beach enthusiasts know about this beach. If you love quiet or secluded beaches, this one’s made for you. This small beach is 15 minutes away from Palolem Beach and lies between two cliffs.

10. Benaulim Beach- (South Goa)

This lies close to Colva beach, but there is a stark contrast in terms of vibe. This beach is not crowded like Colva, it s more laidback. Dolphin sighting trips are popular on this beach. You can also get to see fishermen in action.

Here is a complete list of the best beaches in Goa

• Arambol Beach- North Goa (Hippie Beach)

• Ashwem Beach- Noth Goa (Hippie Beach)

• Palolem Beach- South Goa (Commercial Beach)

• Anjuna Beach- North Goa (Commercial Beach/Hippie Beach)

• Vagator Beach- North Goa (Commercial Beach/Hippie Beach)

• Colva Beach- South Goa (Commercial Beach)

• Cavelossim Beach (Secluded Beach)

• Baga& Calangute- North Goa (Commercial Beach)

• Candolim Beach- North Goa (Commercial Beach)

• Pantem Beach- South Goa (Quiet Beach/Secluded Beach)

• Benaulim Beach- South Goa (Less Crowded Beach)

• Agonda Beach- South Goa (Secluded Beach/ Pristine)

• Mandrem Beach- North Goa (Less Crowded Beach)

• Morjim Beach- North Goa (Less Crowded)

• Varca Beach- South Goa (Quiet Beach/Less Crowded)

• Kakolem Beach- South Goa (Beach Cove/ Secluded)

• Dharvalem Beach- South Goa (Rocky Beach/Less Crowded)

• Coco Beach- North Goa (Less Crowded Beach)

• Baina Beach- South Goa (Commercial Beach)

• Bogmalo Beach- South Goa (Less Crowded Beach)

• Zalor Beach- South Goa (Quiet beach)

• Galgibaga Beach- South Goa (Quiet beach)

• Cabo De Rama Beach- South Goa (Quiet Beach)

• Betalbatim Beach- South Goa (Less Crowded Beach)

• Lovers Beach/Ranwaddo Beach- South Goa (Quit Beach)

• Sinquerim Beach- North Goa (Quiet Beach)

• Coal Beach- South Goa (Secluded Beach)

• Canaguinim Beach- North Goa- (Secluded/Rocky)

• Talpona Beach- South Goa (Secluded Beach)

• Siridao Beach- North Goa (Rocky Beach/Quiet Beach)

• Butterfly Beach- South Goa (Secluded Beach)


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