Top 10 Deep Fried Snacks From India

India is known for its lip smacking variety of snacks. Although foods cooked in large quantities of oil may not be a healthy option, majority of Indians gorge on snacks fried in oil every day. This article brings to the plate popular deep fried snacks from India.

Deep fried snacks are eaten in India any time of day. In some states oily snacks are preferred for breakfast, while in many urban cities oily snacks are had during teatime. Snack consumption is alarmingly high during festive seasons, especially Diwali. Festive season snacks or foods prepared in every home vary, but at

least two varieties of snacks fried in oil are present in every home during festivals. Every state offers a delightful variety of deep fried foods. Sunflower oil, Peanut oil, vegetable oil, coconut oil, soyabean oil, mustard oil, sesame oil and Hydrogenated vegetable oil (Vanaspati ghee) is used for preparation of snacks.

Snack consumption in India

Majority of people traveling in buses and trains love to munch on oily foods. Roadside stalls in every city and village in India offer a lip smacking variety of deep fried snacks. This may come as a surprise; in

India men consume more deep fried snacks than women. Majority of men, especially office goers, college goers, factory workers and construction laborers consume snacks for breakfast or during tea time. Deep fried foods vary from region to region in India. Several communities in this country also love to have oily snacks with meals. Traditional weddings in India offer a variety of tasty fried dishes. What are the deep fried snacks Indians cannot do without?

Here’s a list of popular Indian deep fried snacks.

1. Bhajia/Bhaji/Pakora


2. Samosa


3. Bhujia


4. Chakli


5. Sev


6. Kachori


7. Namak para


8. Sabudana vada


9. Batata vada/ Bonda


10. Medhu Vada


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