Top 10 Music Magazines In The U.s.

There are plenty of magazines that offer detailed perspective on music. However not all music magazines are able to find readers around the world. In the U.S. there are a number of magazines that cover different aspects of music. This article showcases a list of the best 10 music magazines in the U.S.

1. Rolling Stone

This magazine offers readers articles, stories, interviews and news from music and popular culture. Although the magazine has had its regular share of criticism, Rolling Stone yet continues to sell in large numbers.

2. Billboard

This magazine is popular for its focus on different aspects of music. In depth coverage on entertainment industry and music industry is what makes this magazine popular with readers. Billboard provides readers with information on album charts, sales and weekly positions of bands and artists.

3. Spin

When it comes to in depth information on various genres of music, there’s few that can compete with Spin. This

magazine offers a significant section that provides information on upcoming and emerging artists in the music industry. The lengthy features on artists and bands are a favorite among music purists.

4. Guitar Player

This magazine is dedicated to guitarists. Guitar Player magazine contains articles, interviews, and reviews of guitarists. Everything related to guitar can be found on this magazine. Guitar tablature of guitar instrumentals is popular among readers of this magazine. Readers also love the accompanying instruction DVDs or CDs that accompany issues.  

5. Keyboard

Keyboard is a music magazine that is popular with both amateur and professional musicians. The magazine contains detailed coverage on various aspects related to keyboard, brands, musicians and albums. Advertisements on high tech audio gear are a common feature in the magazine.

6. Revolver

This is a magazine that has caught the attention of heavy metal enthusiasts in the U.S within a short span of time. Revolver features cover stories, instrument reviews, album reviews,

news bulletins, and upcoming releases. Young fans of hard rock and heavy metal form a majority of the readership for Revolver.

7. Modern Drummer

Modern drummer is a magazine that is devoted to various aspects of drumming and percussion. The magazine features advice on drumming techniques offered by drummers from different genres. Equipment reviews and drummer interviews are a favorite among readers of this magazine.

8. Vibe

Vibe is a magazine that contains information about R&B artists and hip-hop artists. The magazine also offers news and stories from the entertainment world. This magazine has a huge following among young R&B enthusiasts.

9. Downbeat

Downbeat is a magazine that is devoted to jazz. This magazine covers various aspects of jazz. Interviews of jazz musicians and reviews of jazz albums are popular among readers of this magazine. The columns of eminent jazz artists on this magazine are loved by jazz aficionados. 

10. Stereophile

Stereophile is a magazine popular with enthusiasts that love high end audio equipment. This magazine contains reviews on audio products. Readers can find comprehensive information on amplifiers, loudspeakers, and high end equipment in this magazine.

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