Top 10 Women’s Magazines In The U.s.

Readership of women’s magazines in the U.S. is astonishingly high. This article highlights the most popular women’s magazines in the U.S.

It’s a known fact that majority of magazine readers globally are women. When it comes to reading habits, women dominate. In the U.S. the most publishing houses that issue women’s magazines make a huge profit. If you are eager to know which magazines in the U.S. are popular with women, hold your breath, the next few lines will reveal all.

Although there are a number of magazines that cover articles and news about women’s interests, only a few have succeeded in appealing to women. What are those magazines? What do they contain? Read on…

1. Good Housekeeping

You don’t have reason to look

surprised when you hear the name Good Housekeeping. This magazine is a topper in all departments. The thoughtful selection of subjects and topics in this magazine are a hit with women. Literary articles and articles about health, diet, recipes and home decoration are popular with readers.

2. Ladies’ Home Journal

This magazine is loved by women in the U.S. for the informative articles, and news on health, diet, fashion, and home. The columns that offer advice on relationships and parenting are a rage with readers.

3. Better Homes and Gardens

A majority of homeowners in the U.S. love to read articles and columns that offer comprehensive information on how to transform mundane homes and shabby gardens into visually stunning places. And that’s the reason why this magazine has a huge readership. Better homes and Gardens also provide readers with articles and information on cooking, diet, lifestyle, and healthy living.

4. Redbook

Redbook has its share of worshippers. This magazine is exceedingly popular with married women and women that are divorced. The magazine offers excellent articles pertaining to women’s hardships and intellectual growth. Inspirational stories of successful women from various walks of life are published in this magazine.

5. Family Circle

Family Circle is another magazine that gets thumbs up from women. This magazine is known for its informative columns and articles on various subjects. The advice and tips in this magazine are simple, practical, and useful.


O: Oprah the magazine

America loves Oprah Winfrey, and now they love anything that has her name on it. Yes, O: Oprah the magazine has become popular with women within a short period of time. The informative articles and inspiring stories of hardships successful women faced is what attracts readers to this magazine.

7. Shape

The U.S. has a large number of women that workout to maintain fitness levels. Shape is a magazine that is exceedingly popular with health conscious women. This magazine contains articles pertaining to fitness, exercise, diet, nutrition, supplements, weight loss, fashion, beauty and psychology. Tips and advice that promote a healthy lifestyle are popular with readers of this magazine.

8. Woman’s Day

Woman’s Day is a magazine that provides excellent information on various subjects that women love. The articles about diet, health, nutrition and fashion are loved by women belonging to different age groups. Columns that offer advice and tips for women are the most popular sections in this magazine.

9. Self

Women have taken a liking to this magazine because of the variety it presents. Self promotes articles on fashion, health, nutrition, home, fitness, and happiness. This woman’s lifestyle magazine is popular with urban women.

10. More

More is a magazine that is popular with women above 30. The magazine offers a fresh perspective on beauty tips for women. Articles on makeup, beauty, health and diet are extremely popular with readers of this magazine.

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