Top 100 Must Have Ice Cream Flavors For Ice Cream Lovers

A world without ice cream is unimaginable. Feast your taste buds with the best ice cream flavors.

The moment a spoonful of ice cream sits pretty on your tongue, that exhilarating feeling says it all. For an ice cream lover there is no particular time of day or night to have an ice cream. When the craving for ice cream strikes, you overcome every hurdle to get your favorite ice cream. There is no age for ice cream. Ice cream is a sweetened frozen food that can be had as a dessert or snack. At ice cream parlors…ice creams are available in cones, in cups, on sticks and in plastic containers referred to as ‘ice cream buckets’.

There are a number of ice cream brands that are known for their signature ice cream flavors.

While a school of thought believes ice cream is associated with children…the truth is it’s a larger number of adults that consume ice cream globally. Aside from taste, ice creams are preferred by individuals because of the euphoric feeling that helps calm nerves. A scoop of flavorful ice cream can help calm nerves. When things don’t go your way and you are in an irritable mood… the best way to get rid of the blues is by treating yourself to some ice cream. While there is no conclusive evidence in regard with how ice cream came into existence, this sweetened frozen food has an ancient history.

History of Ice Cream

References to ice cream have been made since ancient times. Mentioned below are the earliest instances of the sweetened frozen food.

Ice Cream in Persia

Many historians believe ice cream first came into existence in 400 BC Persia. The Persians brought to life a unique chilled food flavored with rose water and saffron. These ingredients were blended with crushed ice and fruits and rice/vermicelli. This chilled food was made for royalty and served during summers. In the later years this chilled food made way for the Persian dessert Faloodeh.

Ice Cream in Ancient Greece

Research reveals the use of ice to make a frozen snack was made in 5th century BC when ancient Greeks mixed snow with fruits and ice cream. This frozen food was sold in the markets of Athens. Hippocrates, a Greek physician, known as the father of modern medicine promoted the consumption of ice for patients in ancient Greece as ice increased well-being.

Ice Cream in Ancient China

In Ancient China a frozen dessert made with rice and milk came into being in 200 BC. A mixture of saltpeter and snow on exteriors of containing sweetened syrup made from berries. This thickened or chilled syrup was mixed with rice and milk to make a frozen dessert.

Ice Cream Ancient Rome

Research reveals between 37-67 AD, Roman Emperor Nero had snow brought from the mountain to create chilled delicacies the consisted of fruit and berry toppings.

Ice Cream in Asia

Mughal Emperors in the 16th century used horseman relays to have ice brought from Hind Kush to Delhi, The ice was used to make different types of fruit sorbets.

Ice Cream in Europe

In 1533 Catherine de’ Medici the Italian duchess is believed to have brought personal Italian chefs from Italy when she got married to Henry 2 of France. These chefs invented special recipes for flavored ice and sorbets. Later on ice flavored frozen foods started becoming exceedingly popular in Europe.

While ice flavored foods were primarily for royalty in the early days… by the 18th century ice creams became accessible to ordinary people. In the 19th century ice cream became hugely popular with the masses because it was inexpensive. Swiss entrepreneur Carlo Gatti who came to England in 1847 set up the first ice cream stand near Charing Cross Station in the year 1851. He sold scoops of ice cream for 1 penny; his unique way of selling ice cream in shells is considered unique and innovative… and his concepts made the sweetened frozen food exceedingly popular. Later on Agnes Marshall known as the “queen of ices” in England popularized ice cream with her ice cream recipes.

Over the year ice cream has

gone onto become one of the most popular sweetened frozen foods. Ice cream making techniques have evolved a great deal over the years. Modern day ice cream makers love to experiment with different types of natural ingredients. Exotic ice cream flavors that have emerged over the years are downright amazing.  While the debate about ice cream being a snack or dessert continues… let us dwell deep into must-have ice cream flavors.

Top 100 Ice Cream Flavors

  1. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream
  2. Blue Mood
  3. Pistachio ice cream
  4. Malai Kulfi
  5. Greeen Tea Ice Cream
  6. Grape Ice Cream
  7. Butter Scotch Ice Cream
  8. Garlic Ice Cream
  9. Butter Brickle
  10. Cookies and Cream
  11. Spumoni
  12. Rabri Kulfi
  13. Neapolitan Ice Cream
  14. Mango Ice Cream
  15. Bastani Sonnati
  16. Halva Ice Cream
  17. Stracciatella
  18. Grape-Nut Ice Cream
  19. Tutti Frutti Ice Cream
  20. Bacon Ice Cream
  21. Raspberry Ripple
  22. Hokey Pokey
  23. Black Currant Ice Cream
  24. Rum Raisin Ice Cream
  25. Vanilla Fudge Twirl
  26. Peach Ice Cream
  27. Tiger Tail Ice Cream
  28. Strawberry Ice Cream
  29. Coffee Ice Cream
  30. Bubblegum Ice Cream
  31. Mint Chocolate Chip
  32. Cinnamon Rum Ice Cream
  33. French Vanilla
  34. Chocolate Ice Cream
  35. Almond Fudge Ice Cream
  36. Cookie Dough
  37. Rocky Road
  38. Peanut Butter Cup
  39. Vanilla Ice Cream
  40. Paan Ice Cream
  41. Coffee Caramel Fudge
  42. White Chocolate Ginger
  43. Cake Batter Ice Cream
  44. Jackfruit Ice Cream
  45. Half Baked Ice Cream
  46. Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream
  47. Blueberry Ice Cream
  48. Rainbow Sherbat
  49. Chunky Monkey
  50. Lemon Ice Cream
  51. Sapodilla Ice Cream
  52. Pralines n’ Cream
  53. Papaya Ice Cream
  54. Double Fudge Brownie
  55. Watermelon Ice Cream
  56. Cherry Vanilla
  57. Mocha Chip
  58. Pista Ice Cream
  59. Black Walnut Frozen Yogurt
  60. Coconut Ice Cream
  61. Kesar Badam Ice Cream
  62. Butter Pecan
  63. Praline Pecan
  64. Jamun Ice Cream
  65. Irish Coffee Ice Cream
  66. Guatemalan Ripple
  67. Chocolate Marshmallow
  68. Fig Ice Cream
  69. Peach and Cardamom Ice Cream
  70. Blueberry Ice Cream
  71. Pineapple Ice Cream
  72. Falooda Ice Cream
  73. Americone Dream
  74. Teaberry Ice Cream
  75. Chocolate Cherry
  76. Honeydew Ice Cream
  77. Chocolate Peanut Butter
  78. Walnut Coffee Ice Cream
  79. Honey and Ginger Ice Cream
  80. Apple Crisp Ice Cream
  81. Lychee Ice Cream
  82. Caramel Ice Cream
  83. Swiss Mocha
  84. Birthday Bash
  85. S’mores Ice Cream
  86. Lavender Honey Ice Cream
  87. Orange Sorbet Ice Cream
  88. Cotton Candy
  89. Hazelnut Ice Cream
  90. Black Raspberry Crunch
  91. English Toffee Crunch
  92. Banana Ice Cream
  93. Chocolate Almond
  94. Vanilla Fudge Ripple
  95. Black Walnut
  96. Moose Tracks
  97. Cherry Ice Cream
  98. Superman Ice Cream
  99. Butter Almond Ice Cream
  100. Peppermint Ice Cream

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  • nbillett  26-09-2016
    Chocolate Chip, Cookie and cream, plain chocolate, and a flavour here in Jamaica like to call Rainbow because of its many colours. These are my favourite ice-cream flavours.
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