Top 100 Ways To Make Life Meaningful

Individuals from all walks of life are plagued with hectic schedules. Are the simple joys of life disappearing? This article offers a detailed perspective on ways to make life meaningful.

This age of technology has led to advances in various fields at a rapid pace. As technology gets better, the convenience factor associated with life improves significantly. However, with gadgets becoming an integral part of our everyday life, there has been a paradigm shift in a ‘meaningful life’. In the age we live in… it’s gadgets that rule our lives. Our world revolves around tech devices. We require gadgets for tasks in everyday life. While tech devices have made every detail in life simple and easy, we fail to realize these gadgets have also enslaved us. We are unable to

live without our gizmos; we need them all the time. Gadget addiction is a problem that has to be dealt with at an early stage.

The harsh truth is our state of mind is determined by gadget usage. We feel secure in a virtual realm of happiness with our favorite gadgets. Our purpose of a meaningful life has lost its identity. We try and give meaning to our lives by succumbing completely to the gadgets we use daily and by doing so we miss out on the simple joys of life. We strive for a purposeful and meaningful life, however only those that make the right choices are able to achieve purpose and meaning. A reason why individuals are unable to make their life meaningful is because they spend way too much time with gadgets.

Stress among individuals from all walks of life is significantly high and we have no one to blame but ourselves for the choices we make. We often complain about lack of time for family and friends. We cite hectic schedules for inability to spend time with family and friends. We spend our entire day with gadgets. At the workplace we are working on computers, and after work we spend time saying ‘hi’ and ‘hello’ to friends and family on the virtual platforms. Instead of spending hours chatting with friends in the virtual world, it’s wiser to spend time connecting with friends and family in the real world. We get stressed when we have a lot on our mind. The best way to distress is by finding meaning and purpose in life.

A meaningful life is determined by the choices we make and decisions we take. Life may not unfold the way you perceive it to be, however, you can strive for a beautiful life by avoiding complexities and adopting a simple and healthy lifestyle. Your life can be meaningful only if there is purpose. It’s your willingness to change that makes life meaningful. The answers to your questions lie within you. You own the key to a meaningful life; all you have to do is unlock doors that block you from moving forward.

The lines below will give you a varied perspective on ways to make you life meaningful.

Top 100 Ways to Make Life Meaningful

  1. Let your heart dictate terms.
  2. Thank the almighty for every moment in your life.
  3. Let your goals be driven by passion.
  4. Forgive people that have hurt you.
  5. Find time for calm moments.
  6. Do not give up on dreams that help you achieve.
  7. Do not dwell in the past.
  8. Spend more time with family and friends and less time with gadgets.
  9. Be compassionate and kind at all times.
  10. Motivate yourself at all times.
  11. Do not be lazy.
  12. Realize your inner self.
  13. Set short term goals to achieve your long term goals.
  14. Laugh! Laughter is the best medicine.
  15. Go on a vacation to get away from the monotony of a repetitive cycle.
  16. Have purpose to reach the next level.
  17. Help people in need.
  18. Pursue your passion.
  19. Keep focused at all times.
  20. Do not let petty issues bother you.
  21. Do not spend time analyzing matters of irrelevance.
  22. When you find time sit on a park bench.
  23. Plan your life forward.
  24. Always answer questions children ask.
  25. Clear misunderstandings you have with family or friends.
  26. Do things that are constructive for yourself and others.
  27. Do not let opportunities go by.
  28. Strive to achieve.
  29. Take a walk in the mornings or evenings.
  30. Lean to adapt in accordance with your personal life and professional life.
  31. Eat the right things.
  32. Do not leave work you can complete today for tomorrow.
  33. Pray for
  34. Cultivate good habits.
  35. Be a good listener.
  36. Do not gossip and spread rumors.
  37. Unlearn wrong things.
  38. Hang onto hope at all times.
  39. Try something new every day.
  40. Be connected with your spiritual side.
  41. Do not get into arguments.
  42. Start a trend, bring back smiles.
  43. Set deadlines for daily tasks.
  44. Dedicate time for your hobbies.
  45. Avoid impulse buys.
  46. Learn at all times.
  47. Get sufficient sleep.
  48. Allocate time in accordance with priority.
  49. Do not shy away from taking decisions.
  50. Accept failure as a means of learning.
  51. Do not give up on your dreams.
  52. Be particular about time.
  53. Implement ideas the proper way.
  54. Do not compare yourself with others.
  55. Exercise regularly for a fit body and mind.
  56. Do not be judgmental of others.
  57. Get rid of your fears by facing them.
  58. Make a list of things you need to do.
  59. Reward yourself when you achieve your goals.
  60. Accept life as it comes.
  61. Push yourself with motivating memories when you feel down.
  62. Use willpower well in crunch situations.
  63. Be excited, your energy levels make complex situations relatively simple.
  64. Get out of your comfort zone.
  65. Do not take your loved ones for granted.
  66. Encourage others at all times.
  67. Do not let creativity go waste.
  68. Have a realistic approach towards expectations.
  69. Do not fake your life.
  70. Have a clear perspective on things to do to secure your future.
  71. Make schedules to implement time management better.
  72. Know your capabilities before you achieve your goals.
  73. Habituate yourself at being positive.
  74. Share your troubles and worries with positive people you love and trust.
  75. Improve your multitasking skills.
  76. Cultivate an optimistic outlook.
  77. Acquire new skills.
  78. Volunteer to help.  
  79. Give yourself pep talk when you need it most.
  80. Recharge you mind with weekend vacations. 
  81. Work hard towards your goals; there are no substitutes for hard work, and hard work always pays.
  82. Indulge in activates you enjoy.
  83. Gratitude is better than attitude.
  84. Boost confidence if you feel you’ve lost it.
  85. Learn to be flexible in various environments.
  86. Learn to ignore.
  87. Meditate in a way you find relaxing.
  88. Read books that inspire.
  89. Accept Your Mistakes.
  90. Listen to motivational talks.
  91. Be open to suggestions.
  92. Do not shy away from challenging scenarios.
  93. Practice what you preach.
  94. Be self conscious and self affirmed.
  95. Learn from you negative experiences and make them positive.
  96. Do not sweat it out on irrelevant matters.
  97. Curate your life.
  98. Discover yourself daily.
  99. Rejuvenate by being amidst nature.
  100. Discipline yourself.

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