Top Five Power Ballad Songs Of The 80s And 90s Part Two

Melodic hard-edged anthems from the past evoke a special feeling in a music lover. This post throws light on melodic power ballads from the 80s and 90s.

1. Firehouse-Love of a Lifetime

‘Love of a Lifetime’ is one of Firehouse’s most popular power ballads. CJ Snare the lead vocalist of the band wrote the lyrics of this heartwarming song. This Firehouse anthem became hugely popular in Canada, Japan, Singapore and United States. CJ Clarke’s nasal high pitched voice was revered by rock ballad aficionados in the 90s.

2. Kingdome Come- What Love Can Be

The powerful vocals on this song

shine through. Lenny wolf’s incredible vocal range lends this song its warmth. Lenny’s voice soars in this passionate and soulful ballad. ‘What Love Can Be’ is a song from the bands self titled debut, released in 1988. The slow blues infused guitar parts and dynamic vocals gives this song its unique identity.

3. Cinderella- Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone)

This song is glam metal act Cinderella’s biggest hit. Released in 1988, this song is from the bands second album ‘Long Cold Winter’. Tom Keifer’s trademark nasal growly vocals on this fiery ballad had critics busy. The album received rave reviews from metal music magazines from around the world. The

80s passed and Cinderella had arrived.

4. Kix- Don’t Close your Eyes

The anti-suicide lyrics on this song took the world by storm. ‘Don’t Close Your Eyes’ is a classic power ballad from the album ‘Blow My Fuse’. Steve Whiteman’s power packed nasal vocals give this song its raw charm. Hair metal fans swear by this song. A number of slow rock compilations released in the 80 and 90s featured this monster hit by Kix.

5. Tesla- Love Song

With this song Tesla earned worldwide recognition.’ Love Song’ is a power ballad from the bands second album ‘The Great Radio Controversy’ released in 1989. The song received a lot of airplay on MTV. Jeff Keith’s amazing gut-wrenching voice and Frank Hannon’s guitar playing give this song the desired punch.

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