Top Five Snacks From India

The variety of snacks available in India is astounding. Every snack is filled with a delightful taste that’s hard to resist. This post throws light on popular Indian snacks.

Savor the taste of these wonderful Indian snacks while you can. Snacks mentioned below can be eaten any time of day. Not only are these snacks tasty, they are also easy to make.

1. Bhel Puri (Chaat)

A tangy snack made with puffed rice, Bhel puri is a popular street snack served across different parts of India. Sweet tamarind chutney, spicy green chili chutney and mint chutney are ingredients that give this snack its

unique taste.

2. Samosa

This snack is hugely popular all over India. Though traditionally samosas are made with a stuffing of mashed masala potato, mixed vegetables and minced meat is also used to make samosas. Chicken and mutton samosas are a rage among non vegetarians.

3. Pakora/Bhajia

Hot pakoras or bhajias are found in every street corner of India. A variety of onion, potato, chili and spinach bhajias are served by street vendors across the country. This snack is relished with tamarind chutney, mint leaf chutneys and fried green chili.

4. Chivda

This is a crispy snack that Indians love to munch.

Chivda is made with dried ingredients. Lentil, chickpea flour noodles (masala sev), peanuts, poha, (flattened rice) curry leaves and cornflakes are used to make different types of chivda. Ingredients are flavored with spice, salt, and sometimes a pinch of sugar to give chivda its unique flavor.

5. Masala Dosa

A favorite in South India, masala dosa is a tasty pancake stuffed with spiced potato. Relished in some parts of India as a breakfast snack, masala dosa is served with coconut chutney and a lentil vegetable based gravy called sambhar. This snack is served in restaurants and roadside shacks. Masala dosa is one among the many variants of dosa which is extremely popular with Indians.

For videos on how to make these tasty snacks click the link below

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