Traffic Geo Distribution Percentage From China On Triond Has Mysteriously Disappeared

Traffic Geo Distribution percentage from China was highest on Triond, until recently. What’s triggered the mysterious disappearance?

The dashboard on Triond has a pie chart that displays traffic distribution from various countries. For long traffic percentage from the U.S. and UK was the highest. Suddenly without warning the traffic percentage from China increased miraculously to unimaginable proportions. Recently traffic percentage from China has dropped. The traffic percentage from China that used to be over 35% on my pie chart has suddenly disappeared. Have you experienced the same recently? Now, like before majority traffic distribution comes from US, India and UK.

/> Other countries that show up on my pie chart are Australia, Philippines, Canada and Germany. Surprising as it may seem China does not show up in traffic Geo distribution. Not that I have reason to complain, but the disappearance is kind of mysterious. It’s a strange phenomenon and if anybody has the answers I’d appreciate it a great deal. Ever since traffic percentage from China has
disappeared from Triond, the numbers in ‘Everyone’s Top Search Phrases’ section has taken a beating. I don’t know if you have noticed but the numbers displayed under ‘Unique Visitors’ section were much higher when traffic percentage from China was highest on the pie-chart. Now, the numbers under ‘Unique Visitors have decreased by almost 35 to 40%. This suggests chunk of the traffic on Triond was coming from China.

Though this strange phenomenon is hard to explain, even more intriguing is the fact that earnings on Triond have improved a wee bit. I don’t know how it’s working out for other writers, but as of now there is indeed a slight increase in cents at my end. I wonder what’s going to be the next big thing on Triond.

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