Transformers 4: Yet Another Sci-fi Blockbuster

The manic frenzy Transformers 4 is generating shouldn’t come as a surprise. Considering the box office success of previous installments, one would expect the upcoming sci-fi adventure to surpass expectations? Will it? Well, say your prayers and be prepared for a sci-fi blockbuster that has unimaginable 3D imagery, jaw-dropping animatronics and mesmerizing special effects.

Every sci-fi buff knows how it feels watching a Transformers series. Each installment of this movie has had critics voicing their opinion both ways. However, every Transformers series has been relentless in its quest to take special effects and imagery to the next level. Keeping this

in mind, it’s frightening to know what Transformers 4 will have in store for the sci-fi movie enthusiasts. Slated for release in 2014, this movie is going to be a hell-ride like no other. The fourth film may have Michael Bay donning the director’s hat. What comes to life from this man’s head is beyond the realms of imagination, and if you haven’t realized it by now, the chances are you are not a Transformers fan.

What will Transformers 4 showcase?

Individuals that love special effects, robots, animatronics and 3D effects may have had an aesthetically nightmarish vision of what Transformers 4 is going to be. Well, it’s going to be more than just that. If you’ve loved crude humorous conversations between humans and robots in previous installments, you will be thrilled to bits with Transformers 4. Yes, the upcoming film will have loads of funny conversations and light moments. As for sci-fi addicts that love a barrage of effects laden scenes, there will be plenty of robots to feed nerve impulses. 3D images are going to be even more spectacular than before. The plot of Transformers 4 has not yet been revealed, but diabolic deception forms an integral part of the movie. Blockbuster hit it will be, but this one may not appeal to all sci-fi audiences. Don’t be surprised if you witness a bloody war in space or underwater.

Cast of Transformers 4

Michael Bay has revealed Transformers will have a new design team and new cast. Although Bay has hinted Steven Spielberg may come on board and take over directorial duties, he hasn’t offered clarification in regard with this possibility. It has been confirmed Shia LaBeouf will not be in the fourth series of Transformers. Fans that lost tons of saliva over Rosie Huntington-Whitely will have to find somebody else to drool over; she’s not in the upcoming Transformers movie. Although Tyrese Gibson has expressed his willingness to be a part of Transformers 4, whether he will be a part of the upcoming movie is not confirmed. Speculations are rife about Jason Statham being roped in for Transformers 4. Seems an odd choice, but one thing’s for sure, the man looks the kind that can beat metal crap out of robots.

Transformers 4 title and release date

Promotional poster of Transformers 4 titled Optimus Prime: Evil Will Return was unveiled on June 19 2012; however it may be subject to change in future before release. Recent reports suggest Paramount Pictures have picked June 27, 2014 as the official release date for Transformers 4.

Transformers 4 and 5 to be shot back-to-back

Although reports about Transformers 4 and 5 to be shot back-to-back are emerging, the truth is unclear. Hasbro officials have been in talks with Steven Spielberg, Michael Bay and Paramount in regard with the fourth and fifth Transformers series shot back-to back and released in quick succession, but what has resulted from those active discussions has not been disclosed. The man behind script of Transformers 4 is Ehren Kruger. Fabricated stories and rumors about a second trilogy on the cards are making rounds on social media. Transformers 3 grossed 1.13 million worldwide. Will Transformers 4 be able to better this mark? Watch this space for future updates.

Transformers fans know that warmth in the spine when robots, aliens, monsters emerge.

What characters would you like to see from this list in future Transformers Films? Will Transformers movie series of the future have a brand new identity? Take your pick and feel free to voice your opinion.


• Wheeljack


• CliffJumper

• Optimus Prime


• Sideswipe


• Ironhide


• Bumblebee/Goldbug


• Prowl


• Ratchet


• Jazz


• Wheelie


• Rodimus Prime/Hot Rod


• Blurr


• Springer


• Ultra Magnus


• Arcee


• Kup




• Huffer


• Gears


• Windcharger


• Hauler/Grapple


• Brawn


• Warpath



• Sludge


• Swoop


• Grimlock


• Snarl


• Slag




• Sunstreaker


• Hound


• Tracks


• Trailbreaker


• Bluestreak


• Mirage




• Defensor


• Groove


• Blades


• First Aid


• Streetwise


• Hot Spot




• Strafe


• Computron


• Nosecone


• Afterburner


• Lightspeed


• Scattershot




• Fireflight


• Silverbolt


• Slingshot


• Superion


• Skydive


• Air Raid




• Moonracer


• Chromia


• Alana


• Ariel/Elita One


• Firestar




• Searchlight


• Chase


• Rollbar


• Wideload


• Freeway




• Skids


• Blaster


• Perceptor


• Sky Lynx


• Jetfire/Skyfire


• Red Alert


• Omega Supreme


• Seaspray


• Powerglide


• Smokescreen


• Counterpunch/Punch


• Devcon


• Inferno


• A3/ Alpha Trion


• Tailgate


• Pipes


• Beachcomber


• Sandstorm


• Broadside


• Hoist


• Cosmos


• Beta


• Metroplex


• Swerve


• Outback




• Chromedome


• Highbrow


• Fortress Maximus


• Hardhead


• Cerebros


• Brainstorm




• Crosshairs


• Pointblank


• Sureshot




• Megatron


• Skywrap


• Soundwave


• Reflector


• Shockwave


• Thundercracker


• Starscream




• Long Haul


• Hook


• Devastator


• Scavenger


• Bonecrusher


• Mixmaster


• Scrapper




• Kickback


• Bombshell


• Shrapnel




• Onslaught


• Brawl


• Swindle


• Bruticus


• Vortex


• Blast Off




• Breakdown


• Motormaster


• Menasor


• Drag Strip


• Wildrider


• Dead End




• Trypticon


• Deceptitran




• Dirge


• Ramjet


• Thrust




• Predaking


• Tantrum


• Divebomb


• Rampage


• Razorclaw


• Headstrong




• Hun-Gurrr


• Rippersnapper


• Abominus


• Bolt


• Cutthroat


• Sinnertwin




• Sixshot


• Octane


• Astrotrain


• Blitzwing




• Scourge


• Cyclonus


• Galvatron




• Runabout


• Runamuck




• Mindwipe


• Scorponok


• Skullcruncher


• Weirdwolf




• Misfire


• Triggershot/Triggerhappy


• Slugslinger




• Snapdragon


• Apeface




• Unicron


• Tornedron


• Quintessons


• Sharkticons




• Scamper


• Slammer


• Brunt


• Six-Gun


• Zarak


• Cerebros





• Steeljaw


• Eject


• Ramhorn


• Rewind




• Overkill


• Frenzy


• Laserbeak


• Ratbat


• Rumble


• Slugfest


• Ravage




• Firebolt


• Blowpipe


• Haywire


• Caliburst


• Pinpointer


• Nightstick


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