Triond Tag Problem: Life, Me, You-these Words Mysteriously Replace Relevant Tags And Search Phrases On Articles

I add tags to my Triond articles, I believe most writers do. Sometimes when I submit articles to Triond, the tags or search phrases on my article mysteriously disappear and are replaced by the words Life, Me, and You. Why does this tag problem occur?

I am not aware if other writers have experienced this strange tag occurrence on Triond. I have noticed that relevant keywords and key phrases placed under ‘Tags’ on some of my articles disappear and are replaced with the words Life, Me, and You. Is this occurrence common? It’s strange, rather mysterious! I mean, I have to

add tags all over again when this happens. Are Triond administrators aware of this tag problem? Does this happen if there are too many tags on an article, or if the tags are irrelevant? Please give me some answers. Keywords and search phrases in the ‘tag section’ relevant to content disappear and are replaced with the words Life, You and Me, and these words show up in the tag cloud. This tag problem/tag error on Triond is frustrating and

Tags are meant to help other users find our articles easily. But how are users going to find articles when relevant tags disappear or are removed and replaced by the words Life, Me, and You. I would appreciate if anybody has answers in regard with this issue. Adding tags every now and then on articles is time consuming. Why do the words Life, Me, and You replace tags on an Triond article? Writers on Triond, please check if these words -Life, Me, You- are replacing tags in your articles. If you are experiencing this tag problem you are not alone. Comments, feedback, and a solution if any in regard with this issue will be appreciated. Hope Triond sorts out this issue quickly.


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