The Truth About Womens Preferences: Bearded Men, Clean Shaven Men, Or Men With Stubble

Do men shave in accordance with likes and dislikes of a woman? A number of women find clean shaven men irresistible, while many more swear by that rustic stubble. Bearded men! Don’t lose hope! The truth is unknown. What are women’s preferences? Find Out!

Do women prefer bearded men, clean shaven men or men with stubble?

Let’s face it. That dream lover every young woman has in her mind is not a man with a shaggy beard and disheveled look. Among the few women that love beards, majority of them love a beard that is well trimmed and aesthetically enhances a man’s

personal style. Majority of the women around the world prefer their men clean shaven or with that slight stubble that adds rustic charm. Why? Why do most women dislike beards? Why are bearded guys a minority in the love books of women? Research and studies carried out in various countries reveal that every young woman’s ideal man is a suave looking clean shaven man with chiseled features. Come on! Bearded men too can look like Greek Goods in right attire.

Why are clean shaven guys or guys with that slight stubble a hit with women? Why is a beard a turn-off for a woman? Every poster boy or poster man if there is one, is clean shaven, it’s the truth. Are bearded boys or bearded men not poster material? Every room in a woman’s hostel has posters of bare-chested clean shaven men or stubble Gods wearing Ray Bans. Will bearded men wearing Ray Bans and hair on their

chest ever make it on walls of single women. Life is a full circle. A day will come when bearded dudes make women shout, cry and jump with joy. A number of women and men may disagree with what’s said in this post, but it’s the truth.

Why do young women faint and cry like they have won a beauty pageant when Justin Bieber (Ok! this guy does not have facial hair) or members of a boy band perform live? You don’t see and women fall like a pack of cards and cry like babies when bearded guys perform live. Why? Every young woman prefers downloading pictures of clean shaven celebrities, bearded celebrities are given a miss. Forget celebrities, bearded friends of young women on social networking sites often occupy the back seat. The front page of pictures on social networking sites is occupied by none other than take a guess…yeah clean shaven guys. Women have spoken! Clean shaven men and men with slight stubble are the unanimous winners. However, it’s not the end for bearded men, you never know, a woman’s preferences change with the blink of an eye, for now, sulk.


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