Types Of Users On Social Networking Sites

Everybody loves the internet, I do too. This article is a tribute to users of social networking sites. Without us there’s no way out. We come across different types of users, each with a unique personality. Thank you for changing this world.

It doesn’t matter which social networking site you’re on, every site has its share of lovable, irritable, angry, opinionated, carefree, shy, and mischievous elements, users.

Lovable users

These users are friendly and helpful. Everybody loves them. They go out of their way to help newbie’s. Their genuineness reflects through their words and actions. Every community on a site

love communicating with such users.

Irritable Users

There are plenty of these on every social networking site. They get under your skin, but deep down you realize that without them life gets boring. Irritable users are here for the long run, and yes getting used to them is the only option.

Angry Users

Venom spewing elements are most active on social networking sites. Whenever you sign in, these guys are waiting to pounce on you. Most angry users vent out their frustration as a trigger reaction to something they are not happy, or angry about. Comments these guys leave are far from friendly.

Opinionated Users

Everybody does have an opinion, and needless to say one should have an opinion. However, there are those that want to have a say in everything. Regardless of what the talk, these users want to have the last word. Their golden rule in life is “I”, and they live by it.

Carefree Users

These guys are their own, unique in every sense. They do things members of a community may love or hate. Regardless of how you feel about them, they care an amoeba’s hole. Frank in their opinions and comments, these users are a rare lot.

Shy Users

Every social

networking site has a number of shy users. They may not reveal their true identity, but are sweet and charming in their own way. These guys seldom participate in forums and discussions but spend the longest hours on social networking sites. They say things once in a blue moon and surprise members. They disappear without leaving a message and appear mysteriously.


Join any social networking site, you’ll find surplus of these. Warn them, complain about them, they are focused at what they do best, spam. Ban them on one site they move to another. Annoying as they are, these guys are information providers of the unknown and unheard that exists. Spammers are the most active users on multiple social networking sites.

Mischievous Users

These users always find ways to entertain themselves. They may go to any extent to have their share of fun. Although their intention may not be to hurt sentiments of other users, they often do. Mischievous users do not hang around for long hours on social networking sites. They have their fun and move to seek their next thrill.

Love you all,


What group do you belong?


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