The Ugly Truth About Engineering Students In India

Majority of parents in India tame young minds to choose a profession they do not want to pursue. This article attempts to reveal the bare facts of why parents in India brainwash their children into becoming engineers.

In India most parents expect their children to get a high rank in exams. Emerging top in an examination is the ultimate thrill for parents in India, it means everything to them. Parent across the globe want their children to prosper and have a beautiful life ahead, but does that come at a price?

The craze for engineering in India is at another level. Parents in India like to decide their children’s future. Is this the right approach? You can advise your children about the line of profession that is good for their future; however you cannot get children to be

what they are not. Many students in India enroll for engineering courses not because their interest lies in that profession but rather because their parents want them to be engineers. Acquiring a high-paying job is a criterion for many parents in India. Well, parents the world over want their children to be successful. However, the amount of money you earn does not define your road to success.

In India parents love to decide their children’s line of profession. Right from the time a child barely begins to walk parents start planning what their son/daughter should become when they grow older. Children are exposed to stress early on in life. The competitive nature is instilled in children at a young age, it all begins in school. Getting top grades is of prime importance for parents in India. Why it is so is beyond belief. Not every student can emerge a topper at an examination. Does this mean… children that are not able to get good grades in school or college are lacking. The truth is

every child needs to be nurtured in accordance with her/his likes and dislikes.

Knowing your child is very important to know where her/his interests lie. Not every child can be a topper, not every child is cut out to be an engineer, but every child can emerge a winner if he/she pursues what they love, their passion. Grades are just components for a strong foundation; however they do not shape your future. In India profession means everything to parents. Every other parent wants their child to be an engineer.

Study books, study books, and more study books that’s the life of an engineering student in India. The number of students seeking admission in engineering colleges in India is insanely high. A number of students drop out from engineering courses when the pressure gets unbearable. Suicides are also on the rise among engineering students in India because of high expectations from parents. Research reveals that more than 40% of students in engineering colleges are completing courses because their parents want them to be engineers; it’s not their choice.  Parents have to realize it works best if you let your child decide what she/he wants to pursue as a profession. Parents, if you care for your children, let them hold the reins to their future. Let students be the ones to decide what the right profession for them is. Role of a parent should be to provide their children the right counseling and guidance, the rest falls in place.

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  • nbillett  21-09-2016
    I had no idea that it was so bad in India. But in all honestly, this happens everywhere. There is a high demand from parents for their children to go to college, whether the child wants to or not. I think it should be so and the stereotype for those who opt not to go to college should change.
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  • sonykuddi  18-09-2016
    Education can not be provided by teacher until unless a student desire to learn. So if there is low quality out come from students, main blame should go to students, then college and lectures and infrastructures. Because Teacher can not force a student to understand, remember things.
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