What Men Should Do And Should Not Do On A Date

Every woman has high expectations on a date, every man too. Here’s what men should do and should not do on a date.

• Do not leave your manners at home. Every woman loves a man with manners. If you’re a man that’s polite, respectful and well-mannered expect the unexpected on a date.


• Do not yawn continuously in the presence of your date. If you feel like yawning or feel sleepy suddenly, excuse yourself and do the needful. A yawn gives women the impression you are disinterested.


• The same goes for the uncontrollable urge of getting rid of that irritable

chunk of dry mucus in your nose. Do not pick your nose in front of a woman. It’s yuck, a complete turn off.


• If your date is wearing a dress with a revealing neckline, do not gaze continually at her cleavage. Women hate it. Men have this habit of taking a quick greedy peek when a woman is not looking. Beware! Women catch you unawares. You feel like a helpless moron when a woman’s eye catches yours staring at her cleavage. The silence that follows accompanied by a wry smile on the woman’s face doesn’t help. You feel like vanishing in thin air. Relax! Women love this naughty harmless eye storming session. The key is not to gape but rather let her know you are aware of what needs to be noticed by throwing in the occasional teasing glance. A dress with a revealing neckline is worn on a date by a woman to ensure her man takes notice.


• Do not be a dumbass and nod at everything she has to say. The last thing a woman would want a man to remind her of is her headless rag doll she had as a child. It is important for a man to converse on a date. Women enjoy interesting conversations. Engage your woman in an engrossing talk. Smooth talkers are a hit with women.


• A mistake every man makes to earn brownie points on a date is talk about his failed relationships. Tales and stories about why your ex dumped you or why you let go of your wife or girlfriend do not earn you sympathy points from your date. This tactical move only works if your date doesn’t have a brain.


• Women dislike bragging men. Men! Do not send your date to the depths of boredom with brag talk. If you brag it may well be your last date with her.


• Every woman loves compliments. On a date compliments work well if they are straight from the heart. Mean what you say. Do not pay a compliment to a woman for the sake of paying one to make her feel good. Women hate fakes.


• If you are at a restaurant, make sure you let your date order what she likes. You may have excellent taste in wine and food, women have their own and you cannot argue about it.


• Make sure you pay the bill at a restaurant. Sometimes woman may insist the bill be split. Take the right decision in accordance with the situation you encounter.


• If you are aware the woman you’re on a date with has gone through a painful breakup recently, avoid talk and conversation that involves her recent past. If she decides to talk about the episode be a good listener but do not play God to her.


• Laughter is the best medicine! If humor is your thing use it, if not don’t. Women love to laugh and smile on a date. Every woman loves

a man that can make her laugh and smile.


• When you talk to a woman look into her eyes.


• On a date you’ve got to be yourself. Do not pretend to be somebody else to impress your date. Women can tell when you’re putting on an act.

Tips for men going out on a date

• Remember, women love well-dressed men. Dress to impress, it works. Depending on where you’re planning to take your date, select formal clothing or casuals. Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in. Do not wear shirts, tee shirts or dinner jackets that are too loud. Accessories, if any should complement your style of dressing.


• Personal hygiene is important to a woman. Make it a point to take a shower before you go on a date. Do not go on a date directly from your workplace. Go home, freshen up and then head for your date.


• Wear a mild aftershave and perfume on a date. Women dislike overpowering fragrances. Women love a woody aftershave fragrance that lingers gently rather than one that fills the nostrils instantly.


• Most women do not prefer men with a close clean shave. Feel free to sport fine stubble, women love it. If you’re sporting a long unruly beard or mustache and are planning on taking your date to a fine dining restaurant, make sure you trim ends of facial hair before you go to pick up your date. The last thing a woman would want to see is a man munching his food along with strands of his mustache or beard. Men with a long mustache or beard are often unaware of food particles getting trapped in their thick growth of facial hair. If you’re a man with a bushy mustache or beard, avoiding eating ice-cream, gulping milk shakes when on a date. Sticky milk based products latch on to long protruding facial hair, which can be embarrassing for a woman. Hair jetting out from nostrils and ears is a complete no-no for women. If you’re a man with surplus hair in such places, make sure you trim it before you go out on a date.


• Bad breath ruins it for most men. Play it safe. Use a breath freshener or mouthwash before you go on a date. No woman is going to kiss you if you smell like a morgue with your mouth open.


• Never ever keep your date waiting. Make sure you are there on time. If you are going to be late inform your date, and yes, you better have a valid reason.



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