Why Men Tolerate Mother-in-law Tantrums

It’s a known fact that majority of men do not get along with their mother in law. However, almost all men tolerate tantrums Mother-in- law brings along with her baggage.

There is no explanation to this science of man and mother-in law conflict. It occurs constantly and there’s no escaping this phenomenon for married men, unless of course mother-in-law is resting in her coffin. Although men get frustrated with tantrums their wife’s mother throws, they tend to play the poker face with absolute perfection. Why are men at their best behavior or pretend to be at their best behavior when mother-in-law is around? Men do not get petrified at the sight of their mother-in-law but it causes a flutter within.

Men can sense the good times coming to an end when

mother-in-law visits with bag and baggage. They feel the pressure as soon as mother lands at her daughter’s place. A man’s facial expressions do not say much when mother-in-law comes over, however in dark corners of a man’s mind ‘Why’ pops up. When mother and daughter gang up, there’s nothing a man can do, except play the waiting game and hope for a miracle.

If mother-in-law has come after a long time she brings along an attitude that spells…Dictatorship. Every Mother-in-law loves to get into the thick of things without wasting time. Let it be known…man wears new skin when mother-in-law brings in a kind of discipline. Men feel robbed of their freedom when a

disciplinarian is around; they become hesitant dummies in unfamiliar territory. Every mother-in-law holds the reins during her stay with son-in-law. When mother-in-law tantrums start flowing, a man’s thought process takes flight at a rapid pace. When a man has that wry smile going when mother-in-law is giving motherly advice, it’s his thoughts that are offering an opinion like there’s no tomorrow.

There is a reason why men behave like the sacrificial lamb when mother-in-law visits. What men consider tantrums is what women consider as advice. So, when mother gets into the flow, daughter joins in. If a man tries being himself and gets under the skin of mother-in law, all hell can break loose. You’re up against two that are almost alike in thoughts, words and deeds, and that’s not a memorable environment for a man. When man disappoints his mother-in-law, his wife displays a sudden change in attitude. Also, the frequency of sex takes a beating. The best way to deal with mother-in-law is to keep mum and nod head obediently until she leaves.  

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