Why Zombie Culture Is Popular Amidst Fears Of A Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie culture is growing significantly globally. This article brings to life zombie culture amidst the fears of a zombie apocalypse.

If you thought zombies were not popular, do a search and you will be surprised. Zombies are a part of mainstream; you cannot exclude them from popular culture. Bringing the dead to life in a bodily form is considered a myth by many, while some believe the zombie apocalypse will hold true in the near future. Regardless of what one believes, you’ve got to give that zombie applause to zombies. What the zombie phenomenon has done effectively well is capture the imagination of people from all walks of life…globally. Zombie culture is getting hugely popular in commercial circles. The zombie

look, the zombie dance, zombie movies, zombie festivals, the zombie moves, the zombie walk, it’s all coming together in a new avatar.

What is the zombie apocalypse?

Zombie theories and zombie culture attribute and dwell in the realms of the zombie apocalypse, a state of pandemonium where the dead become undead and head for a place to dwell alongside humans. While the mind manifests in gore concepts in the dark world, giving rise to belief and conviction through an awakening may well soon come true. Will there be a world of the undead in the distant future. At large the global vote goes against the zombie apocalypse, however skeptics are of the opinion Haitian

folklore and ancient beliefs will give rise to an awakening…the zombie apocalypse. Is the world equipped to deal with a zombie apocalypse if it does occur?  The act of necromancy has its roots in ancient spiritual beliefs in dark powers of bokor sorcerers and shaman practices, and these concepts along with theories of suspended animation may well be the core attributes of a zombie apocalypse.

Rotting corpses walking alongside humans has been rubbished by theologians and spiritual leaders; however zombie purists and folklore believers do suggest a world where zombies will go at war with humans, and that many believe will not be a pretty sight for the faint-hearted. Although there is no conclusive evidence of the dead being brought to life, many zombie cases are said to have occurred between 1913-1934, during the United States occupation of Haiti. Also, ancient beliefs manifested through sorcery suggest armies of dead soldiers were brought to life to fight and overpower the enemy in battle, in ancient Egypt. The truth is unclear. If a zombie apocalypse does occur it may well spell catastrophic doom.

How will you deal with a zombie apocalypse?

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