Zombie Apocalypse: Is The Zombie Invasion Near

We are not far from the zombie invasion. While purists may be of the opinion the zombie apocalypse is a myth, skeptics do not rule out the possibility of an awakening that may lead to a zombie invasion. This article brings forth bare facts about the zombie apocalypse and zombie invasion.

While beliefs about the zombie invasion differ in accordance with beliefs and interpretation of ancient folklore, it is perceived to come true in a world that falls apart in sin. Religious sentiments expressed by believers talk about the awakening of the dark which is referred and interpreted by many as the zombie awakening. Though the zombie awakening is associated with witchcraft, there’s more to it than just that.

Zombie concepts stem from yearning to be with the person that is dead. In rural Haitian folklore zombie interpretation is varied, relating to dead persons being brought to life through an act of

necromancy, performed by Bokor. While historians and scholars from around the world attribute zombie apocalypse as manifestations in the mind resulting from torture that prevailed in slavery in Haitian culture, believers dismiss these theories as gibberish. The zombie invasion is regarded by many as an event that may well be hard to deal with. The zombie phenomenon was a rage between 1915-1930 in United States occupied Haiti. There were many cases dead people being brought to life during this period and since then the zombie culture has hogged the limelight in mainstream. Though zombie concepts dwell deep within the realms of vodou religion, various theories have emerged since the acceptance of zombies in popular culture. The zombie invasion is
considered a reality in the distant future.

Zombie Apocalypse and zombie invasion

Zombie concepts have garnered manic popularity globally. Annual zombie festivals are held in different countries to celebrate zombie theories in popular culture. In many countries zombie walks are becoming a rage with participants dressing up as zombies and doing the ‘dead walk’. The zombie invasion is linked to awakening of unhappy souls, people that died unhappy. Many believe the zombie invasion, an offshoot of the zombie apocalypse is going to be a gathering of restless souls in a dead bodily form looking for a place to dwell or rather be.

Theories of suspended animation have been linked with the zombie apocalypse thereby giving rise to theatrical reactions in regard with the re-awakening of the zombie invasion. The zombie apocalypse finds its roots in ancient Egypt where entire armies of dead warriors were brought to life to fight in battle against enemies; this was believed to be achieved through sorcery. While many historians dismiss this theory based upon lack of evidence, zombie researchers have reason to believe… what did happen in the past may well happen in the days to come.

Is the zombie invasion near? Time will tell.

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  • Fblaster  07-05-2014
    Bro, I love how you talk about zombies the whole article as if they were a real thing, and how you talk about zombie "scholars". The sad reality is that we'll probably never have a zombie invasion in our hands. But admit how fun would it be, to hack and slash some zombie heads? ;)
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  • ejaz007  07-05-2014
    I hope zombie apocalypse never happens.
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