Top 5 Acoustic Rock Ballads Of The 80s And 90s Part One

Magical memories are associated with music. This space shares the best acoustic rock ballads from the 80s and 90s.

1. Saigon Kick: Love is On the Way
This acoustic ballad is from Saigon Kick’s album “The Lizard”. Lyrics and vocal harmonies are sheer bliss. Shrill high pitched chorus on this song creates an ethereal ambience. Jason Bieler captures your heart with a beautifully composed acoustic guitar solo. Matt Kramer on vocals is in a league of his own.

2. White Lion: When the Children Cry
This song is featured in several slow rock compilations of the eighties and nineties. The song

is reflective and lyrically brilliant. Mike Tramp and Vito Bratta formed White Lion in 1983 in New York. “When the Children Cry” is a hit single from the album “Pride”. This song is worshipped by hair metal aficionados.

3. Eric Clapton: Tears in Heaven
Eric Clapton and Will Jennings wrote the lyrics of this song. The strong lyrics throw light on the pain and trauma Eric Clapton felt at the loss of his 4 year old son Conor. The song brings a tear to your eye every time you listen to it. Finger-plucked acoustic guitar and Eric

Clapton’s voice breathe new life and meaning.

4. Extreme: More than words
The song begins with Nuno Bettencourt’s melodic acoustic intro. Gary Cherone comes in with his soft vocals, and from there on you just get drawn into the song. Excellent vocal harmony, lyrics and finger-plucking make this song a favorite among many. This song by Extreme is found in numerous love song compilations. “More than words’ is from the enormously successful album Pornograffitti.

5. Mr. Big: To Be with You
An acoustic song with a sing-along chorus, “To Be with You” is a smash-hit from the album “Lean Into It”. The band achieved tremendous success with the song which reached the number one spot in 15 countries. Whenever I hear this song, I’m instantaneously drawn into humming the chorus. A beautiful tune with child-like charm, this song remains embedded in your system.

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