100 Greatest Songs For Meditation And Relaxation

Mellow and ambient music is associated with therapeutic benefits. Soothing music is known to have a profound effect on senses. Mellow lyrical tunes and instrumental tunes are known to reduce stress and relax the mind. This article brings to life an epic list of songs for meditation and relaxation.

Every individual has to cope with stress. There are several factors that contribute towards stress and tension. Listening to meditative music is a great way to get rid of stress. Although there are different ways to meditate, research reveals music used as meditative therapy helps immensely to calm and relax. While songs for meditation can be played any time of day, the best time for a meditative state of mind is early morning or late night.

Meditation and Music

Silence is an important aspect of meditation. Environmental noise is significantly low early mornings and late nights compared to other times of the

day, and that’s why a large number of people opt for meditative music at these times.

Chanting interspersed with songs for meditation brings about positive energy. Negativity needs an outlet. A great way to embalm self with positive energy and get rid of negativity is listening to therapeutic music. Sounds of nature such as the sound of water droplets, rustling of the waves, chirping of birds, and the sound of a gushing waterfall are often used in meditative music albums. New age music and world music artists are popular globally for their melodic use of ethnic musical instruments. Many World Music composers and New Age music composers have been praised by music critics for their use of ancient musical instruments in compositions.

Music as Therapeutic Healing

Music has been used by doctors as an alternative treatment for patients. Music as a form of therapeutic healing has been used in various stages of treatment by psychologists. Research reveals Alzheimer’s patients are able to associate with past memories after sessions of meditative songs. Many yoga teachers around the globe are using meditative songs by new age composers during the various yoga asanas.

The list below showcases a list of songs and instrumental tunes that help meditate and relax.

100 Greatest Songs for Meditation and Relaxation

  1. For The Joy of It All- Karunesh
  2. Sound of Invisible Waters- Deuter (Chaitanya G. Deuter)
  3. Gardens of Reflection- Ephemeral Mists
  4. Escape From Gravity- Deuter (Chaitanya G. Deuter)
  5. Dreamcatcher- Kamal
  6. Devi Prayer- Craig Pruess
  7. Solitude- Karunesh
  8. Tibetan Gold- Steven Halpern
  9. Sacred Geometries- Ephemeral Mists
  10. Long Time Sun- Snatam Kaur
  11. Moola Mantra- Karunesh
  12. Caravansary- Kitaro
  13. Healing- Kamal
  14. Buddham Sharanam- Craig Pruess
  15. Toning. Duet- Steven Halpern
  16. Calling Wisdom- Karunesh
  17. Healing Senses- Parijat
  18. Tranquil Space- Jonathan Goldman
  19. Silk Road- Kitaro
  20. Spheres of the Angles- Shajan
  21. Hearts Awakening- Parijat
  22. Adagio For Sleep- Liquid Mind
  23. A Welcome Return- Phil Thornton
  24. Natural Healing- Shajan
  25. Forgiving- Parijat
  26. Teach Me To Whisper- Liquid Mind
  27. Listening To The Heart- Dean Evenson
  28. Ocean- Monica Ramos
  29. Morning Glory- Anugama
  30. Table Breath- Benjy Wertheimer
  31. The View From The Pass- Phil Thornton
  32. Cool Forest Rain- Dan Gibson
  33. Take Me Tenderly- Liquid Mind
  34. Enya- Watermark
  35. Song For The Morning Star- R. Carlos Nakai
  36. Eternal Traveller- Anugama
  37. Caverna Magica- Andreas Vollenweider
  38. Gayatri Mantra- Deva Premal
  39. First Light- Harold Budd and Brian Eno
  40. Lady of The Moon- 2002
  41. A Lovely Place To Be- Patrick O’Hearn
  42. Now We Are Free- Lisa Gerrard
  43. Gravity of Love- Enigma
  44. Weightless- Marconi Union
  45. Goddess Evocation- Chinmaya Dunster
  46. Cosmic Balance- Shajan
  47. Olancha Farewell- Harold Budd
  48. Courage- Patrick O’ Hearn
  49. Light Moving- David Lang
  50. Elysium- Lisa Gerrard
  51. Yeha-Noha (Wishes of Happiness and Prosperity)- Sacred Spirit
  52. Inward Journey- R. Carlos Nakai
  53. Nocturne- David Arkenstone
  54. Between Tears- Johannes Linstead
  55. Angelic Voices- B- Tribe
  56. HealingThe Heart- Parijat
  57. Alleluhah- Constance Demby
  58. The Cause of
    Christ- Kari Jobe
  59. Return To Innocence- Enigma
  60. Beyond This Moment- Patrick O’Hearn
  61. Structures From Silence- Steve Roach
  62. The Wheat- Lisa Gerrard
  63. IntroCrown- Chakra (Sahasrara)- Llewellyn
  64. May It Be- Enya
  65. Pearls of Joy- Kevin Kern
  66. The Sea At Night- 2002
  67. Autumn Whispers- Fariborz Lachini
  68. Sacral Nirvana- Oliver Shanti & Friends
  69. Stratos- Jonn Serrie
  70. Rain- Corciolli
  71. Preludes: La colombe 9 (The Doves)- Olivier Messiaen
  72. Against The Sky- Harold Budd
  73. Ell It By Heart- Jami Sieber
  74. Traces of You- Anoushka Shankar
  75. Bhakti- Ishq
  76. Mangamam (Chillums At Dawn Remix)- Prem Joshua
  77. Call of the Sea- David Arkenstone
  78. Quiet Friend- Steve Roach
  79. Pachelbel for the Potomac- Laura Sullivan
  80. Keystone Meditation- Corbacho
  81. Remembering The Light- Kevin Kern
  82. Mandara- Vas
  83. Recalling Winter- Roger Eno
  84. Pure Essence- Maneesh De Moor
  85. The Garden- Kari Jobe
  86. Deepspace- Energy Failure on the Sibelius
  87. The Sun Won’t Set- Anoushka Shankar
  88. Rays of Love- Mehdi
  89. Sentosa- Alessandro Boschi
  90. Dancing With The Lion- Andreas Vollenweider
  91. Aphrodie- Ishq
  92. Letting Go- Isaac Shepard
  93. Maenam- Jami Sieber
  94. Pachelbel’s Canon- Angels of Venice
  95. In The Garden of Souls- Vas
  96. The Calling- Jon Jenkins
  97. Breathe- Blue Stone
  98. Leaves of Light- Fariborz Lachini
  99. Tides of Eden- Johannes Linstead
  100. The Isle of Dreaming- Kate Price

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