100 Greatest 4 Piece Rock Bands: Rock Quartets From Various Rock Genres

A rock quartet is a band that consists of 4 members. This article brings to life the best 4 piece rock bands from various Rock genres.
100 Greatest 4 Piece Rock Bands: Rock Quartets from Various Rock Genres
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Rock music gained popularity in the ‘60s and since has become one of the most popular genres in music. A number of bands took to musical explorations and experimentation in the 60s. While quartet bands have been in existence since the early days of music, the classic 4 piece rock band lineups become monumental in the ‘60s. Each member in a rock quartet plays a role in the form of playing a musical instrument or taking up vocal duties. In classic rock bands of the ‘60s and early ‘70s, guitar, bass, drums and vocals formed the core sound. In classic

4 piece rock bands certain members also played a dual role, like playing keyboards and guitar, or playing bass and doing lead vocals.

The sound of 4 piece rock bands has changed dramatically since the 70s. While rock bands in the 60s and 70s had a distinctive sound produced by the use of guitar, bass and drums, since the 80s the sound of rock quartets has become rather textural. With advances in technology coming about at a rapid pace in the 80s, the modern sound emerged with synthesized elements becoming an integral part of rock music. Many 4 piece rock bands in the 80s started incorporating a fifth member to play keyboards or an additional instrument during live performances.

Classic 4 piece heavy metal bands have mesmerized audiences with their signature sound. Heavy metal quartets in the 70s paved the way for a number of 80s metal quartets with diverse musical influences. A number of hard rock quartets with traditional roots of heavy metal emerged with stinging venom. Hard rock 4 piece bands took ‘frenzy’ to a whole new level in the 80s. The grunge and alternative revolution came about in the 90s. Many grunge bands of the 90s emerged as quartets while few took shape in the form of trios. Many indie rock quartets too emerged in the late 90s and this trend continues post 2000.    

The lines below showcase a list of the best rock quartets  from various subgenres of rock.

100 Greatest 4 Piece Rock Bands: Rock Quartets from Various Rock Genres

  1. Led Zeppelin
  2. The Beatles
  3. The Rolling Stones
  4. Black Sabbath
  5. AC/DC
  6. U2
  7. The Doors
  8. Metallica
  9. Ramones
  10. Creed
  11. The Who
  12. Red Hot Chili Peppers
  13. Queen
  14. The Smiths
  15. Megadeth
  16. Sex Pistols
  17. Van Halen
  18. The Stone Roses
  19. Motorhead
  20. Slayer
  21. Pantera
  22. The Monkees
  23. R.E.M.
  24. Thin Lizzy
  25. Asia
  26. Small Faces
  27. Bon Jovi
  28. The Stooges
  29. Kiss
  30. Blur
  31. Phish
  32. Sepultura
  33. Def Leppard
  34. Badfinger
  35. Coldplay
  36. Rage Against The
  37. Creedence Clearwater Revival
  38. Soundgarden
  39. Breaking Benjiman
  40. The Eagles
  41. Echo and the Bunnymen
  42. Skillet
  43. Disturbed
  44. Alice in Chains
  45. Camel
  46. Weezer
  47. Dire Straits
  48. T. Rex
  49. Blind Faith
  50. Audioslave
  51. Bad Brains
  52. The Mamas & The Papas
  53. The Velvet Underground
  54. Talking Heads
  55. The Clash
  56. Extreme
  57. Death
  58. Kreator
  59. Vixen
  60. Napalm Death
  61. Bad Company
  62. The Replacements
  63. NOFX
  64. Iron Butterfly
  65. Voivod
  66. The Pretenders
  67. System of a Down
  68. Fear Factory
  69. Pixies
  70. Hootie and the Blowfish
  71. Free
  72. Blind Guardian
  73. The Bangles
  74. Cheap Trick
  75. Pentagram
  76. Fall Out Boy
  77. Tool
  78. The Killers
  79. Manowar
  80. The All- American Rejects
  81. Mastadon
  82. Danzig
  83. Machine Head
  84. Soulfly
  85. Girlschool
  86. Damn Yankees
  87. Nickelback
  88. The Kinks
  89. Motley Crue
  90. Nazareth
  91. Type O Negative
  92. Poison
  93. Morbid Angel
  94. Trivium   
  95. The Donnas
  96. Firehouse
  97. Hoobastank
  98. Argent
  99. White Lion
  100. Stryper  

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