Advantages Of Being The Popular Girl In College

Getting into college is one thing, being popular is another? Though students may deny the popularity game does not exist any longer in college, truth is it is as rampant as it used to be. Do popular girls in college have their way? You bet they do! This space highlights advantages of being the popular girl in college.

For girls, college is a task. Every girl in college wants to be better than the other. Yes the girly groups with their leaders do exist, but every girl in this group wants to dethrone the leader. Being the popular girl in college makes a difference, a huge difference. Do social networks play a vital role in terms of your popularity status in college? Yes, they do. It’s usually the’ to die for’ chicks on social networks that are also popular in colleges. Being a popular girl in college is no easy task. The competition is tough and you’ve to

push yourself to the limit to earn that popularity status.

Girls don’t get popular overnight; they fight their way to get there. On the road to being popular lie many hurdles that need to be overcome with precision. You encounter, jealousy, anger, breakups with your girl pals, and whole lot of drama before you get popular. Whosoever said “You don’t have to try too hard to be popular” is a liar. You do have to try hard to be popular in college. There are advantages associated with being popular which is why girls in colleges are taking it to the next level.

Benefits of being the popular girl in college

1. You instantly become a Teacher’s Pet

 Every popular girl in college scores brownie points with teachers and professors, regardless of how dim her lights are. Popular girls are always in the good books of teachers even if they do wrong. Yes, you can get away with almost anything if you’re popular in college.

2. There’s no short supply of guys

 If you’re a popular girl in college, guys swarm over you. If one is out of the picture another one arrives, it’s endless. You get to choose and pick your guy. Thumbs up to that! If guys from college you have enrolled are not worth a penny, you get to pick guys from other colleges. Guys always go the distance when it comes to popular girls.

3. You get to roam in the costliest mean machines

Yeah! If you’re popular in college you’ve found your ticket for a ride, or rides. Every college has those rich snobs willing to take you for a ride in their costly wheels. Be it a bike or a car, take your pick. It’s almost like a limousine service; make a call and a smartly dressed dude comes over to pick you up.

4. You get showered with gifts

Blow a little breeze and every guy with money in college is buying you gifts. And, we’re talking expensive gifts, tablets, smartphones, jewelry, and the likes.

Being the popular girl in college earns you gifts, expensive gifts, lots of them.

5. You get to dine in the finest restaurants

Popular girls in colleges have a humongous appetite. It may seem a lie considering how they maintain their figures, but they do eat a lot. That’s because the popular girl in college doesn’t spend a penny, she ends up eating from others pockets, primarily boy’s pockets. Every wondered why popular girls in colleges get sick and bored of restaurants? That’s because they’ve visited every eatery with some guy, not the same guy. If you’re a guy you need to have a healthy bank balance, popular girls eat desserts which are more expensive than a 4-course meal at a fine dine restaurant. Now, that you know, God help you.

6. The friendly neighborhood nerd is always willing to complete your class assignment

What’s the mystery about all popular girls in college completing and submitting their assignments on time?  The heading above answers this question. All a popular girl in college needs to do is flash a smile and say a few kind words to the neighborhood nerd. That’s more than enough to get the guy to take care of assignments for a year.

7. You don’t have to worry about getting likes on Facebook

If you’re the popular girl in college, likes on your Facebook page will skyrocket. Nothing is more comforting for a girl that the ‘likes’ on her Facebook profile.

8. You get passes to the most happening events in town

Another perk of being popular in college is getting invites to the happening events in town. Whether it’s party a nightclub or a live concert you invariably get invited. It’s the influential guys in college who go out of their way to get you passes.

What advantage did you have over others being the popular girl in college?

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