Stuffy Nose Home Remedies For Babies: Quick Relief Treatments

Infants feel uncomfortable with a congested nasal passage. This article shares simple home remedies and treatments that provide babies quick relief from stuffy nose.

A congested nose or a stuffy nose is common among infants. This condition may not be a serious threat to babies but it does hamper their breathing, sleeping, and feeding habits.
Unlike adults, infants are unable to communicate their problem. The twitchy sensation of a stuffy nose makes babies cranky and irritable. Moreover it breaks our heart to see our little one feel uncomfortable. There are simple stuffy nose home remedies that can bring back a smile

back on your baby’s face.

Precautions you need to take when your baby has a stuffy nose

Babies do tend to develop chest congestion and hence taking precautionary measures is important. If your baby has a stuffy nose see to it that your baby is wrapped in warm clothes. If you are a smoker ensure you do not smoke in your baby’s room and make sure your baby’s needs are attended to by someone else. Infants have a sensitive nasal passage and cigarette smoke can trigger a swelling which can further aggravates a blocked nose. See to it that you’ve washed your hands clean if you’ve smoked a cigarette and avoid touching a baby’s clothes and sterilized accessories.

Using a vaporizer or humidifier

A way to ensure your baby is relieved of a congested nose is by keeping a humidifier or vaporizer in the room near the baby’s crib for a little while. The water vapor can help moisten the dry mucus thus enabling the baby to breathe and sleep better. Make sure the vaporizer or humidifier is properly cleaned each day in order to prevent bacterial growth.

Saline nasal drops

You’ve got to realize that infants cannot be given strong medicines and drugs. Be careful with the kind of medication you administer to your little baby. The most common remedy is using saline nasal drops. These are available easily with local pharmacies. You can also make saline drops at home by mixing half a teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water. Use a bulb syringe

or a dropper to put one drop in each nostril. Gently massage either side of your baby’s nose. You can repeat this process after few hours. This action provides adequate relief to the baby’s nasal passage. Mothers, kindly note that you don’t have to show your generosity here by administering a surplus amount of drops.

Using a suction device

Another remedy for stuffed nose is using a gentle suction device that is available pharmacies. A nasal aspirator is simple and easy to use and ensures a baby’s nasal tract is clear. Administer this remedy after you’ve given your baby a mild vapor bath or after you’ve given your baby saline nasal drops. Squeeze the bulb shaped suction device before you insert it in one of your baby’s nostrils and gently squeeze out the mucus through the tube. Repeat the same procedure on the other nostril of your baby. This process will relieve your infant from a stuffy nose.

Elevated sleeping position

A slightly elevated sleeping position helps significantly is an excellent remedy to ensure babies with nasal congestion get good sleep. You can put a flat pillow under the sheet of your baby in the crib. An elevated sleeping position helps babies with a stuffy nose breathe better and get peaceful uninterrupted sleep.

You will notice an improvement in your baby when you administer these methods or treatments. Make sure you use these treatments in consultation with a pediatrician.


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