Top 100 Lies People Tell Often

Everybody in this world lies. Individuals that claim they do not lie are liars. The world cannot escape lies. A lie is spoken to hide away from the truth or used as a means of convenience in various situations encountered. This article brings to life lies people tell often.

Some individuals are habituated to lying at a young age. A number of individuals lie in accordance with a situation that arises. If a lie becomes a habit, the truth always takes a back seat. Majority of the people lie often to ensure security. Not many individuals like listening to the truth which is why lies rule in various situations of our lives. A lie is often spoken for personal gain. In many situations people lie for fun. Some individuals get a cheap thrill out of lies. Such folks get an adrenalin rush every time they see a person’s expressions

when they utter a lie.

While there are different types of liars, the ones we encounter in everyday life could be compulsive liars, pathological liars, carefree liars, sociopathic liars, occasional liars, and white liars. Every type of liar displays certain behavioral traits. Individuals that speak white lies do not consider themselves liars. These liars love to justify their lie with reasons that are often unreasonable.

No matter how small a lie, words that are not the truth can only be a lie. Intentions may differ with people when they lie. Devious lies are spoken with bad intentions, with the hope false words will work in favor or what is envisioned or planned. Individuals that plan, scheme, and plot against others blatantly lie to achieve what they desire. Lies by such individuals are often used to give other individuals false impressions that could lead to a turn of events. We come across liars everywhere. The highest number of lies a person speaks is at the workplace. In an environment where every individual wants to climb the ladder, lies are spoken way too often.

A lie may be spoken to show an individual in good light or to tarnish a person’s image. The majority of lies we come across in various situations are white lies. A liar may use different lies in accordance with situations encountered. The debate in regard with who lies more, men or women goes on. However, the fact remains that most men lie at every opportunity that benefits them, women on the other hand go over the top with lies at gossip sessions and when rumors are doing the rounds.

Top 100 lies People Tell often

  1. I’m doing Fine
  2. See You Later
  3. I had a great weekend
  4. I Love You
  5. You’ve lost weight
  6. You’re the Best I ever Had
  7. That’s a nice dress you’re wearing
  8. I was at a Meeting
  9. She’s just a friend
  10. I got caught in Traffic
  11. I love hanging out with your friends
  12. I have a headache
  13. My Father had a Heart Attack
  14. I’ve had this dress forever
  15. That dress makes you look thin
  16. Looking Good
  17. I’m hardworking
  18. I’m Busy
  19. I’m Listening
  20. Gimme’ a Minute
  21. I picked this at a sale
  22. My Mother is not well
  23. The food was very tasty
  24. I’ve left, I’m On My Way
  25. Yes!
  26. She’s just a friend from college
  27. The signal on my phone was weak
  28. I was the captain of my school team
  29. Been really busy with work
  30. Next time, surely
  31. My cell phone died
  32. I wasn’t checking her out!
  33. That’s a nice color
  34. I have a girlfriend
  35. I have a boyfriend
  36. Not very expensive
  37. I’m a businessman
  38. We’re just friends
  39. I’m tired, not tonight
  40. I had fun
  41. I will take a bullet for you
  42. I quit smoking
  43. I think I’ve seen you somewhere
  44. You look very young
  45. She dumped me
  46. I don’t work out regularly
  47. Yeah, makes sense
  48. He dumped me
  49. I get along very well with my Mother In Law
  50. The party was fun
  51. It’s easy
  52. I’m in a relationship
  53. I do not skip meals
  54. I’m getting late, I‘ve got to go
  55. It’s nice
  56. I didn’t get hurt
  57. Both the dresses look good on
  58. I was an average student
  59. It wasn’t me
  60. It wasn’t my fault
  61. I wish your parents were here
  62. She’s not very good looking
  63. I tried calling you, got a busy tone
  64. I would love to spend the rest of my life with you
  65. I had a hard time
  66. She’s my best friend
  67. He’s my best friend
  68. It was a mutual decision
  69. Teachers loved me
  70. I’ll have just one Drink
  71. I’m going home
  72. Have fun
  73. You’re looking much younger
  74. I can do that too
  75. We’ll Reach in five minutes
  76. I’ve been working out
  77. We are office buddies
  78. Good to see you
  79. I Love My Job
  80. I never buy clothes at a sale
  81. I’m Cool
  82. Collage was fun
  83. I weigh… lbs
  84. I loved all my teachers
  85. Just kidding
  86. I didn’t get your mail, wait, I didn’t check my spam
  87. I never took part in a beauty pageant
  88. I used to… not anymore
  89. I will miss you
  90. I will call you later
  91. I missed you
  92. I have guests coming over
  93. I totally forgot about it
  94. I was joking
  95. Size doesn’t Matter
  96. I love it!
  97. You look good in any outfit
  98. I am …. Years old
  99. It won’t happen again
  100. I don’t watch TV

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