10 Things That Grandmas Love To Do For Their Grandchildren

Grandmas are the most loved individuals on earth. Every grandson and granddaughter will agree that being in grandmas company is a beautiful feeling. Grannies go out of their way to make sure their grandchildren are happy. Here's what grandmas love doing most for their grandchildren.

Grandpas reading this may not agree but deep within they know grandmas are preferred by grandchildren. Every grandma has a strange affable way to deal with situations. Their calming presence is magical. Grannies seldom get angry. Even when they do there’s something amusing about them. Grandchildren love to have their share of fun when grandma

gets angry. The laughing, giggling, smiling when granny is around knows no bounds.

Parents often get frustrated with the mess children create in their rooms. Children love to leave toys strewn all over. Getting children to keep their room neat and tidy is a painstakingly difficult. However, when grandma is around, obedience amongst children reaches a new level; the little rogues transform into little angels. I guess it’s the goodies Grandma offers that evokes the transformation. There’s a lot that grandmothers do for their grandchildren. Here’s things grandmas love doing most for their grandchildren.

1. Grandmas love to cook their grandchildren’s favorite foods.

/> 2. Grandmas love to buy gifts for grandchildren.

3. Grandmas love to offer advice no matter how young or old their grandchildren are.

4 Grandmas love to play silly games that grandchildren enjoy.

5. Grandmas love to listen to tales their grandchildren dish out.

6. When grandchildren are angry, disappointed, cranky, or sad, its grandma that cheers up their mood and gets them back on track.

7. Parents may not find time to adhere to every demand their children make, miraculously Grandmas do. Grandchildren love to loaf around and Grandmas love to give them company.

8. Grandmas love to knit warm clothes for their grandchildren.

9. Grandmas love to tell bedtime stories to their grandchildren.

10. Grandmas love to give their grandchildren a free hand in things they do.

I miss the times we spent together Grandma. I know you will be looking down upon me with a smile. Love You!


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