200 Greatest Guitar Players: Masters Of Technique And Musicality

While the guitar world is flooded with guitar players, it’s few among the many that manage to incorporate technique and feel in their playing. Here’s a salute to the masters of technique and musicality.
200 Greatest Guitar Players: Masters of Technique and Musicality
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The guitar techniques and guitar styles showcased by guitarists in different genres has left guitar music aficionados mesmerized. Guitar players with excellent technique have always engaged audience with their ability to create new guitar avenues. Guitarists with strong left hand and right hand guitar techniques are able to speak a musical language poetically. For some guitar players a particular guitar technique becomes natural instinct. Most virtuoso guitar players with proficient technical skills reveal picking up the guitar at an early age.

Guitar Techniques of Guitarists

When you play the guitar, there are some aspects that come naturally. You do not have to

put in much of an effort on certain left hand guitar techniques and right hand guitar techniques. It’s the things that are not natural instinct that need to be practiced to develop a good technique. Some guitar playing styles and guitar techniques of guitar players have seen light accidently and become their unique identity in terms of sound. In recent years the number of guitar players emerging with hybrid guitar techniques is hard to fathom. Hybrid guitar styles have led to fresh new soundscapes in the guitar world.

Blending scales with Technique and Musicality

Knowledge on theory helps a great deal in guitar playing. Modal playing techniques when incorporated in compositional structure bring about dynamics. Most beginners get obsessed with scale patterns when they get into guitar music. You should practice your scale patterns regularly, however, you shouldn’t take practicing scales when soloing. All the scale concepts on the fretboard should be used to melodically to create a bridge for fluidity and flow. Blending musicality with technique comes with intuition that is encompassed with phrasing notes on the fretboard.

Phrasing: The Right Way of Expression

Phrasing is simply a way of saying things differently. For instance playing just two notes and expressing them differently in terms of sound and musicality every time brings to light good phrasing. Majority of advanced guitar players are able to incorporate various elements of technique without losing grip on phrasing. Virtuoso guitar players are known for their mastery over a diverse guitar styles. Some of the guitar techniques and guitar styles employed by guitar players are…

  • Economy Picking
  • Alternate Picking
  • Hybrid Picking
  • Flatpicking
  • Sweep Picking
  • Fingerstyle
  • Legato
  • Gypsy Picking
  • Tremolo Picking
  • Percussive Fingerstyle
  • Travis Picking
  • Harmonics
  • Tapping
  • Hammer-On and Pull-Off
  • Carter Family Picking

The space below showcases a diverse list of guitar players with astounding technique and feel.

200 Greatest Guitar Players: Masters of Technique and Musicality

  1. Allan Holdsworth (Jazz Fusion)
  2. Guthrie Govan (Jazz Fusion/Rock/Experimental)
  3. We Montgomery (Jazz)
  4. Kurt Rosenwinkel (Jazz)
  5. Django Reinhardt (Jazz/Gypsy Jazz)
  6. Pat Methney (Jazz)
  7. Eric Johnson (Rock)
  8. Frank Gambale (Jazz Fusion/Rock)
  9. Greg Howe (Jazz Fusion)
  10. Shawn Lane (Jazz Fusion/Rock)
  11. Mike Stern (Jazz/Jazz Fusion)
  12. George Benson (Jazz)
  13. Buckethead (Rock/Experimental)
  14. T.J. Helmerich (Jazz Fusion/Rock Fusion)
  15. Jim Hall (Jazz)
  16. Yngwie Malmsteen (Neo Classical/Rock)
  17. Charlie Christian (Jazz)
  18. Richie Kotzen (Rock/Jazz Fusion)
  19. B.B. King (Blues)
  20. John Scofield (Jazz/Jazz Fusion)
  21. Tal Farlow (Jazz)
  22. Steve Morse (Rock/Jazz Fusion)
  23. Larry Coryell (Jazz)
  24. Bill Frisell (Jazz/Jazz Fusion)
  25. Lee Ritenour (Jazz)
  26. John McLaughlin (Jazz/Jazz Fusion)
  27. Paul Gilbert (Rock/Hard Rock)
  28. Grant Green (Jazz)
  29. John Petrucci (Rock/ Progressive Rock)
  30. Michael Romeo (Rock/Progressive Rock/Neo Classical)
  31. Steve Vai (Rock)
  32. John Abercrombie (Jazz)
  33. Freddie King (Blues)
  34. Les Paul (Jazz)
  35. Michael Angelo Batio (Rock/Neo Classical)
  36. Kenny Burrell (Jazz)
  37. Brett Garsed (Rock/Jazz Fusion/Rock Fusion)
  38. Jason Becker (Rock/Neo Classical)
  39. Al Di Meola (Jazz Fusion/Rock/Jazz)
  40. Stanley Jordan (Jazz)
  41. Lenny Breau (Jazz/Jazz Fusion)
  42. Joe Satriani (Rock)
  43. Tosin Abasi (Rock/Progressive Rock/Experimental)
  44. Ty Tabor (Rock/Progressive Rock)
  45. Herb Ellis (Jazz)
  46. Danny Gatton (Blues/Rockabilly)
  47. Pat Martino (Jazz)
  48. Blues Saraceno (Rock/Blues Rock)
  49. Jimi Hendrix (Blues/Blues Rock)
  50. Michael Lee Firkins (Rock)
  51. Brent Mason (Country/Country Jazz)
  52. Scott Henderson (Jazz/Blues Jazz/Jazz Rock))
  53. Gary Hoey (Rock)
  54. Jeff Beck (Rock/Jazz Rock)
  55. Eddie Van Halen (Rock)
  56. Albert King (Blues)
  57. Mattias IA Ekliundh (Rock/Experimental)
  58. Charlie Hunter (Jazz)
  59. Vinnie Moore (Rock/Neo Classical)
  60. Chet Atkins (Country/Country Rock)
  61. Wayne Krantz (Jazz Fusion)
  62. George Barnes (Jazz)
  63. Jeff Healey (Blues/Blues Rock)
  64. Robben Ford (Blues/Blues Rock)
  65. Joe Pass (Jazz)
  66. Stevie Ray Vaughn (Blues/Blues Rock)
  67. Mark Knopfler (Rock)
  68. Shaun Baxter (Jazz Fusion/Jazz Metal)
  69. Chris Poland (Rock/Jazz Fusion)
  70. Andy Timmons (Rock)
  71. Jan Akkerman (Rock/Jazz Fusion)
  72. Ron Jarzombek (Experimental/Progressive Rock)
  73. Hank Garland (Jazz)
  74. Marty Friedman (Rock/Neo Classical)
  75. Jimmy Bruno (Jazz)
  76. Dick Dale (Surf Rock)
  77. Joe Bonamassa (Blues/Blues Rock)
  78. Bobby Ferrara (Rock)
  79. Stephan Forte (Rock/Metal)
  80. Alex Skolnick (Rock/Jazz)
  81. Frank Zappa (Experimental)
  82. George Van Eps (Jazz)
  83. Steve Lukather (Rock)
  84. Jan Cyrka (Rock)
  85. John 5 (Rock)
  86. Duke Robillard (Blues)
  87. Luca Turilli (Rock/Progressive Metal)
  88. Fredrik Thordendal (Rock/Metal)
  89. Nuno Bettencourt (Rock)
  90. Stochelo Rosenberg (Gypsy Jazz)
  91. Tony MacAlpine (Rock/Neo Classical/Jazz Fusion)
  92. Neil Zaza (Rock)
  93. Dimebag Darrell (Rock/Metal)
  94. Zakk Wylde (Rock)
  95. Marc Bonilla (Rock)
  96. Bireli Lagrene (Jazz/Gypsy Jazz)
  97. Elias Vijanen (Rock)
  98. Mike Campese (Rock)
  99. Joscho Stephan (Gypsy Jazz)
  100. Steve Stevens (Rock)
  101. Al Pitrelli (Rock/Hard Rock)
  102. Elvin Bishop (Blues/Rock)
  103. Michael Schenker (Rock)
  104. Patrick Rondat (Rock/Metal)
  105. George Bellas (Rock/Neo Classical)
  106. Frank Marino (Rock)
  107. Andy James (Rock)
  108. Rusty Cooley (Rock/Metal)
  109. Dann Huff (Rock)
  110. Gary Potter (Jazz/Gypsy Jazz)
  111. Hiram Bullock (Jazz Fusion/Jazz)
  112. George Lynch (Rock)
  113. Roy Buchanan (Blues/Blues Rock)
  114. Kiko Loureiro (Rock)
  115. Vernon Reid (Rock)
  116. Francesco Fareri (Rock)
  117. Jeff Skunk Baxter (Rock/Jazz Rock)
  118. Lonnie Johnson (Jazz)
  119. Joe Stump (Neo Classical)
  120. Ronnie Earl (Jazz)
  121. Tom Morello (Rock/Metal)
  122. Leslie West (Rock)
  123. Gary Moore (Blues)
  124. Barney Kessel (Jazz)
  125. Ilan Ashkenazi (Rock/Metal)
  126. Alex Pareja (Rock)
  127. Terje Rypdal (Jazz Fusion)
  128. Nick Webb (Jazz)
  129. Alexi Laiho (Rock/Metal)
  130. Derek Bailey (Jazz)
  131. Jake E. Lee (Rock)
  132. Kazumi Watanbe (Jazz Fusion)
  133. Theodore Ziras (Rock)
  134. Martin Taylor (Jazz)
  135. Chuck Wayne (Jazz)
  136. Tony Smotherman (Rock/Metal)
  137. Simone Fiorletta (Rock)
  138. Bill Connors (Jazz/Jazz Fusion)
  139. Chris Impellitteri (Rock/Heavy Metal)
  140. Alex Lifeson (Progressive Rock)
  141. Jeff Golub (Jazz)
  142. Sean Costello (Blues)
  143. Chris Broderick (Rock/Metal)
  144. Randy Rhoads (Rock/Hard Rock)
  145. Coco Montoya (Blues Rock)
  146. Eddie Lang (Jazz)
  147. Alex Hutchings (Jazz/Jazz Fusion)
  148. Dave Martone (Rock/Metal)
  149. Timo Tolkki (Rock/Metal)
  150. Robert Marcelo (Neo Classical)
  151. Kenny Wayne Shepherd (Rock/Blues/Blues Rock)
  152. Jeff Loomis (Progressive Rock)
  153. Howard Roberts (Jazz)
  154. Johnny Smith (Jazz)
  155. Herman Li (Rock/Metal)
  156. Reb Beach (Rock/Hard Rock)
  157. Taigo Della Vega (Rock/Metal)
  158. Harvey Mandel (Rock/Blues Rock)
  159. Akira Takasaki (Rock/Hard Rock)
  160. Walter Giardino (Rock/Metal)
  161. John Sykes (Rock)
  162. Gus G. (Rock/Metal)
  163. Rex Carroll (Rock/Blues Rock)
  164. Vito Bratta (Rock)
  165. Syu (Rock)
  166. Steffen Schackinger (Rock/Jazz Fusion)
  167. Davif Torn (Rock/Experimental)
  168. Jimmy Raney (Jazz)
  169. Pascal Allaigre (Rock/Metal)
  170. James Byrd (Rock/Metal)
  171. Randall Padilla (Rock/Metal)
  172. Tom Scholz (Rock)
  173. Lori Linstrust (Rock)
  174. David T. Chastain (Rock/Neo Classical)
  175. Doug Doppler (Rock)
  176. Prashant Aswani (Jazz Fusion)
  177. Robert Conti (Jazz)
  178. Synyster Gates (Rock)
  179. Hittar
    Cuesta (Rock)
  180. Alex Masi (Rock)
  181. Jeremy Barnes (Rock)
  182. Jeff Scheetz (Rock)
  183. Ted Nugent (Rock)
  184. John Tropea (Jazz)
  185. Alex Machacek (Jazz Fusion)
  186. Russ Freeman (Jazz)
  187. Ioannis Anastassakis (Rock)
  188. John Jubu Smith (Jazz/Funk/Blues)
  189. Stevie Salas (Rock)
  190. Milan Polak (Rock/Jazz Fusion)
  191. Jennifer Batten (Rock/Experimental)
  192. Davy Knowles (Blues/Rock)
  193. Joanna Connor (Blues/Blues Rock)
  194. George Sabol (Rock/Metal)
  195. Orianthi (Rock)
  196. Igor Paspalj (Rock/Neo Classical)
  197. Scott McKeon (Blues/Rock)
  198. Dave Sharman (Rock/Metal)
  199. Ken Snyder (Rock)
  200. Ben Mauro (Rock)

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