100 Greatest Female Rockers

This is a salute to the women who have paved new avenues in the realms of rock. Dwell in an epic list of the greatest female rockers.

The contribution of women in various music genres has been immense. In rock circles women have contributed significantly to define ‘pathbreaking’. Since rock music came into prominence, women have made jaws drop with their talent. Female vocalists, female guitarists, female drummers, and female keyboardists may not have garnered the spotlight like their male counterparts, however, no one can deny the fact that women have opened new avenues in rock music. Since the early beginnings of rock music, women have explored new musical paths thereby creating influx of soundscapes that have helped shape new music genres.

The female rock movement came alive

in the 60s and has gotten bigger in every decade. The term ‘rocker’ often associated with men and women passionate about music… encompasses the sheer passion towards rock music. The 60s and 70s were the decades of female rockers. Since the hippy-happy 60s, female rock musicians have increased considerably contributing their brand of music. In the years ahead the number of women in the realms of rock music is all set to rise at an insane pace, and that’s good for music.

Among the many female rock singers and female rock guitarists only few have been able to achieve the desired success. While many female rockers have garnered a cult following in far corners of the world, only few have been able to achieve considerable mainstream success. It’s kind of baffling… many rock musicians have earned recognition for their contribution after their death. Opinions may differ… however, in my opinion an award for contribution in music should be awarded to a musician when he/she is alive and not dead.

Many female rock musicians have embarked on solo careers after being in bands. While many female rock musicians have had considerable success being in bands, only few have managed to make an impact with their solo careers. Female rockers have kept reinventing themselves and it’s remarkable to see female rockers of the 60s and 70s yet perform live shows in the 2000s. It’s this love for rock music that has inspired young women to seek new musical journeys. Women in rock will continue to influence and inspire future generations of young girls.

While many lists about female musicians have seen the light in the past, the list below is a showcase and celebration of women in rock and is not aimed at ranking female rockers. If you are passionate about music you will have an opinion… Feel free to voice your opinion.

100 Greatest Female Rockers

  1. Grace Slick
  2. Janis Joplin
  3. Stevie Nicks
  4. Joan Jett
  5. Patti Smith
  6. Chrissie Hynde
  7. Pat Benatar
  8. Debbie Harry
  9. Ann Wilson
  10. Michelle Phillips
  11. Cass Elliot
  12. Tina Turner
  13. Joni Mitchell
  14. Linda Ronstadt
  15. Natalie
  16. Cyndi Lauper
  17. Nancy Wilson
  18. Cher
  19. Haley Williams
  20. Shirley Manson
  21. PJ Harvey
  22. Pink
  23. Liz Phair
  24. Avril Lavigne
  25. Cindy Wilson
  26. Lita Ford
  27. Carly Simon
  28. Marianne Faithful
  29. Sheryl Crow
  30. Karen O
  31. Alanis Morisette
  32. Suzi Quatro
  33. Christine McVie
  34. Amy Winehouse
  35. Tina Weymouth
  36. Suzanne Vega
  37. Carole King
  38. Bjork
  39. Kate Bush
  40. Amy Lee
  41. KT Tunstall
  42. Tori Amos
  43. Annie Lennox
  44. Courtney Love
  45. Karen Carpenter
  46. Amy Lee
  47. Kim Gordon
  48. Siouxsie Sioux
  49. Gwen Stefani
  50. Doro Pesch
  51. Emmylou Harris
  52. Bonnie Raitt
  53. Tarja Turunen
  54. Orianthi
  55. Aimee Mann
  56. Kate Pierson
  57. Brody Dalle
  58. Cherie Currie
  59. Alannah Myles
  60. Rickie Lee Jones
  61. Kristin Hersh
  62. Lizzy Hale
  63. Melissa Etheridge
  64. Belinda Carlisle
  65. Tracy Chapman
  66. Bonnie Tyler
  67. Kim Carnes
  68. Fiona Apple
  69. Alison Mosshart
  70. Sarah McLachlan
  71. Lisa Loeb
  72. Florence Welch
  73. Anneke van Giersbergen
  74. Simone Simmons
  75. Ani DeFranco
  76. Kelly Johnson
  77. Carrie Brownstein
  78. Lacey Sturm
  79. Exene Cervenka
  80. Anette Olzon
  81. Dolores O’Riordan
  82. Sharon en Adel
  83. Wendy O. Williams
  84. Lydia Lunch
  85. Kathleen Hanna
  86. Liv Kristine
  87. Kim Deal
  88. Taylor Momsen
  89. Linda Perry
  90. Sinead O Connor
  91. Jennifer Batten
  92. Susanna Hoffs
  93. Cristina Scabbia
  94. Lucinda Williams
  95. Maria Brink
  96. Floor Jansen
  97. Sandy West
  98. Johnette Napolitano
  99. Marie Fredriksson
  100. Tanya Donelly

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