100 Greatest Wwe Wrestlers From The 80s 90s And 2000s

Talk WWE wrestling and there’s lot that comes to mind. The charisma and flamboyance of WWE wrestlers keeps fans coming back for more. This space showcases a list of the best WWE wrestlers from the 80s, 90s and 2000s, each with a unique style, signature moves and finishing moves.

The thrill and excitement of screaming fans of all age groups is evidence of the fact that Word Wrestling Entertainment is worshipped in different parts of the world. When WWE wrestlers go head to head against each other in the ring, it’s the purest form of entertainment for the fans. The impact WWE wrestlers have had on people from all walks of life is tremendous. From kids, teens and adults, everybody loves watching WWE. This entertainment wrestling is televised in different countries and is one of the most watched programs on TV globally.

WWE wrestlers have entertained audience from around the

world, and the trend will continue in the years to come. World Wrestling Entertainment will get bigger in the future and the fans will have more to cheer about. When WWE superstars go against each other in a ring, fans watching on television and watching the event live cannot conceal their excitement. The screaming gets loud, and the booing and cheering echo’s every time wrestlers walk up into the ring. The character every WWE wrestler plays is delightfully perfect. As television audiences grew globally in the 80s, WWE became hugely popular. Considering how events unfold in the ring, it’s least surprising why WWE has a cult following among different age groups globally. In present times WWE RAW, WWE Superstars, and WWE Smackdown are few among the most watched television programs globally.

Finishing moves and Signature moves of WWE Superstars

Its signature moves by professional wrestlers that hare exceedingly popular with fans of WWE. Finishing moves of professional wrestlers too are exceedingly popular with WWE enthusiasts. Acrobatic air-borne moves along with skill form an integral part of finishing moves displayed by WWE superstars. Finishing moves by WWE wrestlers are often emulated by children globally in mock fights. Signature moves are often used to catch opponents off guard, to slow down their momentum and speed.

This list has been compiled taking into consideration difficulty of finishing moves, signature moves, showmanship, crowd response in arenas, flamboyance, charisma, attitude, brute force, demeanor, championship titles, strengths and theatrical performances. Mentioned in brackets is finishing moves of professional wrestlers.

100 Greatest WWE Wrestlers from the 80s 90s and 2000s

  1. Hulk Hogan (Leg Drop)
  2. Rick Flair (Figure Four Leglock)
  3. Shawn Michaels (Sweet Chin Music)
  4. Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart (Sharpshooter)
  5. The Undertaker (Tombstone Piledriver)
  6. The Ultimate Warrior (Gorilla Press Drop/Running Splash)
  7. Andre the Giant (Double Underhook/Suplex Elbow Drop)
  8. ‘The Macho Man’ Randy Savage (Flying Elbow Drop)
  9. Stone Cold Steve Austin (Stonecold Stunner)
  10. Triple H (Pedigree)
  11. Kurt Angle (Angle Lock/Angle Slam)
  12. Roddy Piper (Sleeper Hold/Eye Poke)
  13. Brock Lesnar (F5)
  14. John Cena (Attitude Adjustment)
  15. Goldberg (Jackhammer)
  16. Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat (Dragon Splash)
  17. Jake ‘the Snake’ Roberts (DDT)
  18. The Rock (Peoples Elbow/Rock Bottom)
  19. Big Show (Chokeslam/The Big Punch)
  20. British Bulldog (The Running Powerslam)
  21. Edge (Spear)
  22. Booker T (Axe Kick/Book End)
  23. Chris Benoit (Crippler Crossface/Swandive)
  24. Yokozuna (Banazai Drop)
  25. Rob Van Dam (Five-Star Frog Splash)
  26. Sid Vicious (Powerbomb)
  27. Randy Orton (RKO)
  28. Batista (Batista Bomb)
  29. Mark Henry (Worlds Strongest Slam)
  30. Rey Mysterio (6-1-9)
  31. Kamala (Kamala Splash)
  32. Sheamus (Brogue Kick/Celtic Cross)
  33. Daniel Bryan (The Yes Lock/Knee Plus)
  34. Jimmy Snuka (Superfly Splash)
  35. CM Punk (GTS)
  36. Sgt. Slaughter (Cobra Clutch)
  37. Val Venis (The Money Shot/Blue Thunder Bomb)
  38. Tatanka (Wykea)
  39. Big Boss Man (Sidewalk/Sidebuster)
  40. Harley Race (Diving Headbutt/Bridging Cradle Suplex)
  41. Terry Funk (Sleeper Hold/Spinning Toe Hold)
  42. The Honky Tonk Man (Shake Rattle And Roll)
  43. Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler (Piledriver)
  44. Bam Bam Bigelow (Moonsault)
  45. Tito Santana (Flying Forearm Splash/Leaping Forearm Splash)
  46. John Morrison (Starship Pain/Nitro Blast)
  47. Kamala (Air African Splash)
  48. Lex Luger (Torture Rack)
  49. Eddie Guerrero (Frog Splash/Headscissors Takedown)
  50. Kane (Chokeslam)
  51. Chris Jericho (Walls Of Jericho/Lion Tamer)
  52. Scott Steiner (Standing Camel Clutch/Super Samoan Drop)
  53. Mr Perfect (Perfect Plex)
  54. Mick Foley (Mandible Claw/Socko)
  55. Jeff
    Hardy (Swanton Bomb)
  56. Kevin Nash (Jack Knife Powerbomb)
  57. Hardcore Holly (Alabama Slam)
  58. Shelton Benjamin (Dragon Whip)
  59. Sting (Scorpion Death Lock)
  60. William Regal (Knee Trembler)
  61. JBL (Clothesline From Hell)
  62. Scott Hall (Razors Edge)
  63. ‘Dr Death’ Steve Williams (Backdrop Driver/Doctorbomb)
  64. Bob Backlund (Crossface Chicken Wing)
  65. Dolph Ziggler (Sleeper Hold/Zigzag)
  66. The Great Khali (Punjabi Plunge)
  67. Carlito (Back Cracker)
  68. Haku (Asian Spike)
  69. Million Dollar Man (Million Dollar Dream)
  70. Kofi Kingston (SOS- Paradise Kick)
  71. Alberto Del Rio (Cross Armbreaker)
  72. Rick Rude (Rude Awakening)
  73. Junkyard Dog (Thump)
  74. The Iron Sheik (The Camel Clutch)
  75. D’Lo Brown (Lo Down/Sky High)
  76. Goldust (Final Cut/Shattered Dreams)
  77. Jeff Jarrett (Acoustic Equalizer/The Stroke)
  78. Tommy Dreamer (High Impact DDT)
  79. 1-2-3 Kid (1-2-3 Kick)
  80. Rikishi (Stink Face)
  81. The Miz (Skull-Crushing Finale)
  82. Brutus Beefcake (Sleeper Hold/High Knee)
  83. Diamond Dallas Page (Diamond Cutter)
  84. Ahmed Johnson (Pearl River Plunge)
  85. Bruno Sammartino (Bearhug)
  86. Marty Jannetty (Rocker Dropper)
  87. Mabel (Big Splash)
  88. Papa Shango (Voodoo Driver)
  89. I.R.S. (Penalty/Stock Market Crash)
  90. Rick Martel (Boston Crab/Slingshot Splash)
  91. Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine (Figure Four Leglock)
  92. Raven (Even Flow DDT/Piledriver)
  93. Paul Orndorff (Spike Piledriver)
  94. Kerry Von Erich (Iron Claw)
  95. ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan (Three-Point Stance Clothesline)
  96. Ron Simmons (Dominator)
  97. Ken Shamrock (Ankle Lock)
  98. Taz (Tazmission)
  99. Dean Malenko (The Texas Cloverleaf)
  100. Vader (Vader Bomb)

If you love WWE wrestling you will have an opinion. Feel free to have your say in the comments section.

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