Red Roses And Red Tulips: Meaning And Symbols

Roses and Tulips are the most popular flowers globally. While each has its own charm, the debate in regard with which of the two flowers is more meaningful on special occasions continues. This article brings to life meaning and symbolic facts of red roses and red tulips.

Clearly the school of thought is divided. While many consider red rose the ultimate flower that represents love, romance and love symbolically, a larger number are of the opinion the pretty red tulip is the most beautiful flower on every occasion. Although red roses are exceedingly popular with couples globally, red tulips are giving passion and commitment new meaning. In recent years red tulips have become the most popular gifting flowers. Has the red rose lost its charm? Not really, but the red tulip has won hearts globally because of its simplicity and purity. Innocence is often associated with tulips,

which is why these flowers are becoming increasingly popular at different occasions. Red roses and red tulips have been symbolic since ancient times. Here’s a showcase of what red rose and red tulips symbolize and mean.

Red Roses- Symbolic Facts and Trivia

  • Red roses represent ancient symbols for beauty and love.


  • Red Roses were sacred to a number of goddesses, Isis in particular.


  • The Goddess of Love Aphrodite is identified with red roses by Greeks.


  • Blushing cheeks are often associated with Red roses.


  • In poems imagery and imagination through red roses dwells deep within verses and lines.


  • A bouquet of Red roses is symbolic of expressing love on Valentine’s Day.


  • Wild Red roses used to be placed in front of a door room where confidential matters of great significance used to be discussed.


  • In certain Christian beliefs the 5 wounds of Jesus Christ are represented with 5 dark red rose petals.


  • In Catalonia blood Red roses are exchanged by lovers on the occasion of St George’s Day.


  • A red rose held in hand is considered a symbol of social democracy or socialism.


  • The red rose is also used to pay respect to dead souls at places of burial.


Red Tulips- Symbolic Facts and Trivia

  • Red Tulips are an expression of undying love and affection.


  • Red Tulips in hand are a declaration of Love.


  • Red Tulips are also symbolic of belief in different aspects of love and commitment.


  • Tulips have a deep symbolic Turkish-Persian connection. These flowers were first found in these regions and later brought to Europe in the 16th Century.


  • Red Tulips are often gifted to people to overcome grief.


  • Red Tulip tattoos are popular with a large number of young women, different positions are used to express various aspects of life and
    love in a person’s life.


  • Red Tulips are associated with passionate love, burning love, and fire within associate with lovers.


  • In Feng Shui adorning homes with red tulips is believed to bring fame and fortune.


  • Red Tulips are exceedingly popular at weddings and anniversaries.


  • Red Tulips are considered a symbol of grace and elegance.


  • Red Tulips are identified with joy of the heart.


  • Red Tulips are a representation of perfect love, this aspect manifests into being after the Turkish legend of Farhad and Shirin. Farhad a young brave man, a stonecutter was lovestruck by Princess Shirin. Deception and lies lead to the death of Farhad, he was led to believe that his love Shirin had died, in grief Farhad killed himself. When Shirin got to know about the death of her lover she fled to where her lover lay dead and used the same spade to inflict wounds upon her and kill self. Both lovers lay side by side and are believed to be entombed in the same grave where blood red tulips are believed to have sprung from droplets of their blood.

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