12 Weird Places On The Body To Get A Tattoo

Over the years tattoo art has become a rage. A tattoo is a symbolic expression of who you are in the true sense. This space discusses the weirdest and craziest places to get a tattoo.

What body part you get a tattoo made is a personal choice. There are different types of tattoos.  For a tattoo artist the body is a canvas. It takes a skilled tattoo artist to tattoo areas on the body that have sensitive skin. Trusting a tattoo artist is important if you want to get a tattoo on a body part that has a thin skin. Would you go the depth of craziness to get that tattoo on a place few would dare think?

1. Nostrils- Why nostrils? Well, why not? The inner and outer walls of nostrils make a perfect canvas

for symbol tattoos.

2. Ear Lobes- Getting tattoos on the front and back side of ear lobes is cool, and will soon be the next big thing. Ear lobe tattoos are a rage in with teens in Japan.

3. Tongue- Tongue tattoos are becoming a fashion trend with youth. It is a painful process. Speech difficulty in the initial stage after getting a tongue tattoo does exist, but heals with time.

4. Eye Lids- Tattooing eyelids is popular in goth subculture and is gaining momentum in commercial circles.

5. Lips- Getting inner and outer tattoos on lips is becoming a fashion statement.

6. Toe- Toe tattoos are getting popular in commercial circles and will be a trend in the future. Simplistic designs look exceedingly beautiful when complemented with flip flops.

7. Palate- A tattoo in this area requires a skilled tattooist. This type of tattoo may require sessions depending on the type of design chosen by the client.

8. Eyeball- Few individuals do opt for eyeball tattoos. This is an extremely complex procedure and only a handful of tattoo artists around the world are skilled at

this practice. In the true sense the procedure involves injections by which colors are amalgamated, separated or spread over the sclera for different types of effects. Getting a detailed perspective on anatomy, safety and risks involved before you undergo this procedure is of utmost importance.

9. Teeth- Would you get your teeth inked? It’s a rage in many parts of the world. Dental tattoos are popular with trendy party animals. If you’re someone that loves that ‘bling thing’, go get new teeth

10. Armpit- The armpit is not the most pampered area on the body, but when it comes to tattoos, take a bow, armpits rock. In the recent past tattoos on the underarms has become a rage, especially with party goers and beach lovers.

11. Chin- Tattoos on the chin are getting popular. The chin is an area that says a lot visually without being too prominent.

12. Sole- Tattoos on the sole of the foot are getting increasingly popular. Creative tattoos that are an extension from the sole to the calves are a rage with teenage women.

Keep in mind safety and risk should be evaluated before you get a tattoo on a body part that has sensitive skin. The chances of a skin infection from a tattoo on sensitive skin are significant if needle gauges used are not right or unclean.

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