10 Irritating Things Roommates Do That Are Annoying

Does a perfect roommate exist? While we ponder over this question, let us dwell in a list of irritating things roommates do that are annoying.

It’s nice to have your own space. However, life is not kind to all. Not everybody can afford to stay in the lap of luxury. The harsh reality is majority of college students and young working individuals have to share their apartment/room. Let’s face it; accommodation does not come at an affordable price. And hence to make accommodation affordable individuals embarking on a journey in life have to share their space with other individuals. Finding the right roommate is an impossible task, and so it makes sense to pump yourself and stay with a person you believe will be a

good roommate.

Staying with another person in the same space can be fun and frustrating at the same time. When different personalities live under the same roof, there is bound to be moments of madness. When likes and dislikes do not match, life with a roommate does get annoying. Irritating things roommates do are annoying. However, there’s not much you can do but take it all with a smile. What are those irritating things that ignite the fire within? Find out in the lines below

10 Irritating things roommates Do that are Annoying

1. Watch Television or Play Music Loud While You are Sleeping

This is a common scenario in a room. As the drool on your mouth flows onto your pillow and you reach the blissful stage of sleep, your roommate barges in and switches on the TV, and that’s not it. He/she starts flicking channels right from ‘Bikini Destinations’ to ‘Animal Planet’. You are awakened to changing frequencies in sound and then you hear everything crystal clear. Some roommates just go ahead and play music loudly. Utterly annoying!

2. Leave the Toilet Unflushed

Some roommates conveniently forget to use the flush after doing their thing. When you step into the toilet you are welcomed by an unfriendly smelly odor and the ghastly sight of floating bodies (use your imagination) in the potty. Such roommates annoy you to the bone.

3. Avoid Household Chores

When you are sharing an apartment, you need to share the duties related to household chores. However, some roommates just like lying on the couch and lazing. The entire house is in shambles. It’s you that has got to do his/her household chores. A lazy roommate is a nightmarish reality, truly annoying in every sense.

4. Borrow Everything

Borrowing is definitely okay, however when things are taken without asking it gets really frustrating. Some roommates, guys in particular…. borrow everything right from tee shirts, jeans, shoes, socks shorts, caps and sunglasses. Few girls too may do the same; however, it’s cosmetics that are the popular item with girls.

5. Ransack the Refrigerator

Some roommates eat everything there is in the fridge. Beer, milk, ice cream, chocolate, a slice of pizza leftover from the previous night’s party and fruits. You open the refrigerator only to find empty spaces and chocolate wrappers. Roommates with a voracious appetite can get annoying, especially when they eat your share of food from the refrigerator. It’s okay to eat all the food from the refrigerator…but please replenish food items.

6. Have Friends over for a party without informing… YOU

When your roommate comes home late at night with his/her bunch of friends and starts partying you are not left with many options. While you feel like smashing your roommates face for not informing you about having friends over

at night, all you can do is manage a fake smile and greet them. You either try breaking the ice with a topic of conversation you are not familiar with, or you pretend to be unwell and sleep through the entire party.

7. Come up with Excuses for not Paying Rent

The monthly rent needs to be paid on time to the landlord. When you are sharing a room or an apartment with another person, the amount that goes towards rent needs to be shared every month equally. However, some roommates find excuses every month and make you pay the entire rent amount. They make false promises about paying the amount and clearing dues. It’s okay one time, two times, three times…after that you just cannot take it anymore. Roommates that come up with excuses for not paying the rent are downright annoying.

8. Get a Third Person

You are sharing an apartment with your roommate. When his/her girlfriend/boyfriend starts visiting your place you feel happy for your roommate. However, when his/her girlfriend/boyfriend starts frequenting your apartment and then gradually moves in, the peace is shattered. You are eagerly looking forward to watch the football match. You reach home hurriedly to watch the match… and you find your roommate getting cozy with his/her girlfriend/boyfriend watching a movie. You bring on a wry smile and sulk in a corner unseen. Your roomies girlfriend/boyfriend is staying for free, and you use your fake smile more frequently. When the third person arrives, it gets annoying.

9. Dry Wet Undergarments and wet clothes on the Bed

Most individuals staying in rented apartments like to do the laundry on their own rather than hire laundry services. While you save a lot of money, you also may have to face the consequences of sleeping on partially wet beds. In spite of a clothesline being in the room, some roommates like to dry their wet undergarments and wet clothes on the bed with the fan switched on. Why this is done is beyond belief. It is irritating and annoying when you have to pick your roommates partially wet clothes and undergarments and hang them on the clothesline.

10. Leaving the Dishes Unwashed

The thumb rule while sharing space with another person is sharing dishwashing duties. Dishwashing is not the most enjoyable household activity; however, you cannot escape washing dishes. Not all roommates have a habit of washing their plate after a meal or snack. Some roommates conveniently pile up the plates and expect the other to wash the dishes. In spite of being told a trillion times, your roommate continues to avoid dishwashing duties. This can be really annoying.

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