Greatest Heavy Metal Vocalists: Bruce Dickinson Vs Ronnie James Dio

In this segment of greatest heavy metal vocalists, it’s Bruce Dickinson vs Ronnie James Dio.
Greatest Heavy Metal Vocalists: Bruce Dickinson Vs Ronnie James Dio
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Bruce Dickinson

Iron Maiden is a British heavy metal band that has taken the world by storm ever since it came into being. A heavy metal aficionado’s collection is incomplete without Iron Maiden albums. Ask any heavy metal fans of the past decades about their favorite band, and you will be surprised to find the majority mention Iron Maiden. Needles to say Iron Maiden has been one of the most influential heavy metal acts ever. Vocalist Bruce Dickinson has earned demi-god status among rock fans. His signature style vocal delivery has been praised by critics.

In the realms of metal there

are many vocalists who have the fiery power and vocal range; however few possess the wide-range operatic vocal power that has made Bruce a household name in metal circles. Bruce Dickinson gained popularity early on as the vocalist of Heavy Metal band ‘Samson’. He made his debut with Iron Maiden in 1982 on the album ‘Number of The Beast’. The album became a major hit and received critical acclaim. Heavy Metal fans loved the sound on the album and Bruce Dickinson’s melodic high register vocals with operatic overtures. ‘Number of The Beast’ became insanely popular among heavy metal circles globally.

Although Bruce Dickinson has not received any formal training in vocals, he possesses a voice with great vocal timbre and incredible vocal range. His distinctive quasi operatic tenor is emulated by many upcoming vocalists in the power metal genre. Bruce Dickinson’s operatic voice has a healingly haunting melodic quotient that connects with the heart. Bruce Dickinson is known for his high octane live vocal performances which resurrect the vibe at concerts to another level. Bruce Dickinson’s contribution towards taking Iron Maiden at new heights of heavy metal has been immense. 

While there were many Heavy metal bands in the 80s that came into the spotlight for their heavy brand of music, few bands could manage to craft an epic sound like Iron Maiden. Bruce Dickinson became a sensation in the 80s. His vocal prowess was talked about by music critics. The operatic voice that Bruce Dickinson possesses has made him excessively popular in various subgenres of rock. His ability to resurrect from low notes to high register has mesmerized fans globally. Since starting out, Bruce Dickinson has gone onto becoming one among the most accomplished vocalists in rock and heavy metal.

Bruce Dickinson’s quasi-operatic tenor voice has become hugely popular in different heavy metal genres. Many new power metal vocalists have been influenced by Bruce Dickinson’s vocal style, and have used their high register vocals on albums. Bruce Dickinson’s solo albums have been contrastingly different from Iron Maiden albums.

Bruce Dickinson surprised fans and earned praise globally from fans and critics for his first solo album ‘Tattooed Millionaire’. The album was daringly different from the Iron Maiden sound. The mellow hard-rock approach on the album did bring in a new

set of Bruce Dickinson fans. The ferocious power Bruce Dickinson generates on the low notes and high notes are awe inspiring. What’s amazed fans is the fact that since starting out as a vocalist Bruce Dickinson’s vocal range has not diminished a wee bit. Also, what’s baffled fans is Bruce Dickinson’s ability to maintain the tremendous vocal range at live performances that extends the 1 hour mark. Have tone, timbre and power in an operatic rock voice sounded better…?

Ronnie James Dio

The first time I heard Ronnie James Dio I literally fell of my chair. I got into the Heavy Metal scene in college and the adventure of discovering new bands was incredible. During my first year in college I stayed at dorm. My friend who stayed in the dorm room opposite mine played a cassette his friend was carrying along; it was Dio- Sacred Heart. The moment I heard what was being played, I went over to my friends room asked him to make a copy of the cassette.

My journey with Dio began with the album Sacred Heart, and then I listened to the other Dio albums. Ronnie James Dio is one of my favorite Heavy Metal Vocalists. This guy had an incredible voice timbre and phenomenal vocal range. His songs about medieval times take you to a land of wizards, demons and sorcery. The lyrical themes of his songs with Elf, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Dio, and Heaven and Hell were like a dark mystical fairytale that had come to life. Ronnie James Dio is regarded by many critics as one of the greatest heavy metal vocalists, and rightly so. In his growing years Ronnie James Dio was greatly influenced by opera, and tenor Mario Lanza had a profound effect during his early days. We see that operatic power soar Ronnie James Dio songs.

Ronnie James Dio did not have any formal training with vocals; he was a natural that used the right breathing technique while singing, thanks to his trumpet playing days. The horn hand gesture that has become elementary in heavy metal was popularized by Ronnie James Dio during his live shows. And suddenly, the heavy metal horn hand gesture became symbolic to the realms of metal. Ronnie James Dio passed away in 2010 battling stomach cancer. While Ronnie James Dio is no more…his legacy remains.

Who is your favorite Heavy Metal Vocalist?

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