Greatest Rock Vocalists: Chris Cornell Vs Steve Perry

In this segment of Greatest Rock Vocalists it’s Chris Cornell Vs Steve Perry
Greatest Rock Vocalists: Chris Cornell Vs Steve Perry
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Chris Cornell

Mention vocalists with immense range and power, a name that soars above the rest has got to be Chris Cornell. When it comes to vocal dynamism in various genres, Chris Cornell takes the game to another level. Many believed Chris Cornell’s voice was suited only in the alternative and grunge music genres, but Chris Cornell proved he was at home with various music genres. He came into prominence as the vocalist of grunge band Soundgarden and later as the vocalist with alternative rock band Audioslave.

Chris Cornell blew the minds of critics to bits with Soundgarden’s debut album Ultramega OK.

The album got rave reviews in music magazines with critics praising Chris Cornell’s raw high pitch vocal delivery. Chris Cornell was known for his amazing vocal dynamics. Though he was a baritone, he possessed the ability to sing high notes in a tenor range. His versatility as a vocalist allowed him to experiment with various genres. Chris Cornell’s aggressive and yet soulful voice was unique and that’s what set him apart from other rock vocalists. Furthermore, his prowess over different vocal styles such as, falsetto and high pitch vocal delivery made him versatile in various music genres.

Chris Cornell’s work in diverse music genres has been loved by music aficionados the world over. In every band, Chris Cornell evolved as a vocalist. If you listen to Chris Cornell’s solo albums you actually fathom depths of his true potential. Chris Cornell could belt out the blues and soul with relative ease. The varied influences that come forth in his singing are testimony to the fact that this guy was on a road no vocalist has taken. His experimentation with vocals may have seemed absurd to many, the truth is this guy was a cut above the rest. Rest in Peace, Chris Cornell. You will be missed.

Steve Perry

Steve Perry is considered by many as a singer’s singer. Since his days with rock band Journey, the raspy warmth in his voice has touched the

hearts of music fans globally. Blessed with a voice that mesmerizes, Steve Perry has gone onto become a vocal legend. His powerful voice along with Neal Schon’s guitar playing paved the way for Journey. In the late 70s and throughout the 80s and 90s, Steve Perry captivated audiences with his textural voice. Steve Perry is hugely popular among audiences that love soft rock and rock ballads. Critics have praised Steve Perry for his vocal abilities, particularly his high pitched vocals on ballads.

When Steve Perry joined Journey, the sound of the band evolved significantly. When Journey had started out they had a progressive sound to their songs. However, when Steve Perry was given responsibility of vocal duties, he gave Journey a new direction bringing in pop laced melodies in songs. As the sound changed, fans from other genres took keen interest in Journey’s music. With Steve Perry’s presence Journey was transformed into a pop-rock band. The radio friendly songs that took shape after Steve Perry joined went on to become the band’s biggest hits. Suddenly, Steve Perry’s voice became the talk of town and Journey resurrected to a whole new level.

The songwriting skills of Steve Perry and Neal Schon transformed Journey into one of the biggest pop-rock bands of the 80s. Journey received significant radio airplay the moment Steve Perry took over vocal duties. ‘Faithfully’, ‘Open Arms’ and ‘When you Love a Woman’ are few among the popular Journey ballads. Steve Perry has also had a successful solo career in the 80s and 90s.  Steve Perry’s golden voice continues to put a spell on music fans globally.

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