High Expectations A Major Cause For High Number Of Student Suicides

Students are feeling the pressure. In recent years the number of students committing suicide has risen significantly. What’s leading students to take such drastic steps? Peer pressure and high expectations are major contributing factors for suicides.

Every student should understand that failure is a part of life. We cannot be successful all the time, sometimes we fail. When we experience failure we tend to get depressed and ponder over what went wrong. Most students take the drastic step of suicide when they get caught in a web of thoughts that kill emotion and self esteem. Getting high grades in examinations will

not determine your future, what you make of it is what you will shape the days ahead. The pressure of acquiring good grades through school and college is taking its toll. In the recent past student suicides have risen at a drastic rate. Failure or inability to achieve good grades is driving students to commit suicide. Why are students feeling burdened at a young age? Peer pressure can make students do the unthinkable.

The number of student suicides is highest in underdeveloped countries and developing economies. Research reveals a high number of students committing suicide belong to middle-class families and upper middle class families.

Psychologists point out it’s the feeling of ‘letting down’ that leads to a number of student suicides. Parents in developing countries spend almost all their earnings on their children’s education. In Middle class families several parents take loans for their children’s education. Parents have high expectations from their children. When students are unable to achieve what their parents have dreamt of, it has a paralyzing effect on the mind. When the feeling of letting down that person that has high hopes on you comes over it leads to manic thoughts that seek an exit. Psychologists reveal chaotic thoughts accompanied with a sense of hopelessness drive students to commit suicide when they encounter failure. Peer pressure leads to negative traits and can also fear psychosis that can compel students to take drastic steps. Escapism seems the only solution when thought control gets out of hand.


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