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The Rohan Rathore Emptiness Story: The Fake Truth and claims of copyright made by Gajendra Verma
Published By realityspeaks on 2012-04-03 15349 Views

Over the past two years majority of the population in India has been smitten by the lyrics of the song Emptiness-Tune Mere Jaana by a certain Rohan Rathore. When a song goes viral the impact it creates is tremendous. Since its release, Emptiness has become a rage in the Asian Subcontinent.

The truth is this song is not by Rohan Rathore. Who is the singer and who is the lyricist of this online hit? The mystery gets even more mysterious. The song Emptiness is heart-warming, inspiring, melancholic and soothing. However, the mystery behind the voice and lyrics of this song continues. Nobody has a clue about who has sung the song Emptiness (Lonely) Tune Mere Jaana. While a large number of people now believe the song is sung by composer Gajendra Verma from Pakistan, a larger number do not agree.

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The Rohan Rathore Emptiness Story

Who is Rohan Rathore? The story goes… Rohan Rathore studying at IIT Guwahati, India was suffering from cancer and was madly in love with a girl, Supriya. Emptiness was an offering by Rohan Rathore to Supriya, the girl he was truly in love with. The suppressed warmth of unreciprocated feelings that emits through this song is breathtakingly beautiful. Rumor has it Rohan Rathore died 15 days after recording the song Emptiness for his girlfriend Supriya. Well…so they say! Fabricated stories about Emptiness, Rohan Rathore, and Gajendra Verma have surfaced on various social media platforms. Social networks Facebook and Twitter are flooded with accolades for Rohan Rathore. Facebook pages dedicated in memory of Rohan Rathore have mushroomed. IIT Guwahati has confirmed that there has been no student in their institution by name Rohan Rathore.

The Gajendra Verma Emptiness Story

Gajendra Verma is claiming copyrights of this online hit saying it’s his voice on Emptiness. Gajendra has given credit to Aseem Ahmed Abbasee for the lyrics of Emptiness. Reports on various online platforms suggest that Gajendra Verma and Aseem Ahmed Abbasee cooked up the Rohan Rathore story; to create sympathetic hype to increase views and frequency of downloads on various portals. However, Gajendra Verma and Aseem Ahmed Abbasee have rubbished reports claiming that they were clueless about how the Rohan Rathore story was associated with Emptiness. According to Gajendra Verma, the song Emptiness was a demo that had been composed for a project. Gajendra revealed he had sent the recorded song to few individuals for their opinion and feedback, and it was then that Emptiness attached with the Rohan Rathore tag went viral. To further cement claims that the voice on Emptiness (Tune Mere Jana) is his, Gajendra Verma has released a song Phir Suna. The voice on this song has a striking resemblance to the voice on Emptiness Tune Mere Jaana, however the truth is unknown.

The Truth about Emptiness- Tune Mere Jaana

The truth is… Rohan Rathore is the figment of somebody’s imagination, a ghost character that has been given life and marketed brilliantly. Rohan Rathore is a diabolic creation, a fake character that has worked stupendously well for the song Emptiness. It’s the sympathetic ingredients of love, betrayal, confusion, loneliness, guilt and unreciprocated feelings through the story of Rohan Rathore that has struck a chord with listeners. Emptiness has infested the minds and hearts of gullible people. Although Gajendra Verma is claiming copyrights of the song, the real truth yet remains a mystery. Many are of the opinion Rohan Rathore did exist, while many others firmly believe this is gibberish taken to a new level. Whatever the truth, the fact remains the melancholic lyrics and soul stirring vocals in English and Hindi have worked their magic. This song is a perfect example of exceptional viral marketing. Who is the singer of Emptiness? Who is the lyricist of Emptiness? Will the ghost of Rohan Rathore rise again in another form to hold the reins of unreciprocated love? You Decide!

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