Throwing Up Blood After Drinking: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful for the body. Throwing up blood after drinking is a frightful experience. Is it life threatening? This question weighs constantly on the mind a person that vomits blood. Only a proper diagnosis can reveal all.  Remedial measures for such an occurrence should be taken immediately to ensure the condition does not lead to something serious. This article brings to light potential causes, symptoms, and treatment of hematemesis.

Alcohol and cigarettes at parties are hugely popular. However, it is essential that a person be in control of his smoking or drinking habit. It can be a scary

experience for a person that finds blood in his/her vomit or phlegm. Such an occurrence is not frequent, but when it does happen, the person and people around panic. The most sensible thing you can do at a time like this is remain calm and visit a doctor immediately. Do not take remedial/curative measures on your own, unless there is a medical professional present. When a person vomits blood after consuming alcohol, do not jump to conclusions and make a judgment call. Not all instances of throwing up blood is life threatening. Sometimes a tear or a slight rupture in the food pipe can cause the blood to flow with vomit. Keep in mind; you cannot be sure of the exact cause. Only a doctor can take a call after the person that has vomited blood is thoroughly examined.

Causes of vomiting blood could be

Liver Cirrhosis

This is a common liver disease that can cause blood to come out with vomit. A high number of liver cirrhosis cases are because of frequent intake of alcohol. Alcoholics are susceptible to bleeding. Frequent occurrences of blood coming out with vomit after alcohol consumption is a symptom that indicates an advanced stage of the condition. A number of alcoholics are unaware they suffer from liver cirrhosis. Treatment for this disease works when detected at an early stage. If left untreated, the disease can be life threatening. Throwing up blood after drinking occurs rather frequently amongst liver cirrhosis patients.

Gastrointestinal Tract Tear or Rupture

The upper gastrointestinal tract consists of stomach, duodenum (first section of small intestines), pharynx, mouth, and esophagus. When a rupture or a tear occurs it can affect the gastrointestinal tract and thereby cause bleeding. A rupture in any of the organs can cause bleeding depending on the size of the tear. Throwing up blood or vomiting blood is referred to as hematemesis and may occur due to a rupture in the gastrointestinal tract. This condition may also be considered as an indicator of a possible ulcer in the stomach.


Drinking too much alcohol, chronic vomiting or stress can cause Gastritis. In this condition irritation, inflammation, or erosion can be caused to the lining of the stomach. This condition can occur gradually or suddenly. Depending on the severity of the condition a person may throw up blood with vomit. Gastritis is best treated when detected early.

Prescription Drugs

Sometimes drugs and medicines prescribed for a treatment or condition can trigger irritation to the pancreas or lining of the stomach which may lead to the person throwing up blood. Commonly prescribed medicines such as asprin and ibuprofen are compounds that can affect the stomach lining. Also, anti inflammatory drugs taken before consumption of alcohol can trigger a bout of vomiting blood.

Presence of ulcers

Presence of a stomach ulcer may be the reason for throwing up blood. When tissue breakdown takes place activity is hindered, this in turn affects function of organs. When the stomach lining breaks or stops functioning, an ulcer can occur. Excessive consumption of alcohol is known to damage the stomach lining which in turn causes a person to puke blood.

Excessive consumption of alcohol

When a person consumes excess alcohol, vomiting of blood may occur. A mix of various alcoholic drinks consumed may also cause a person to vomit blood. The potency of acids present in different types of alcohol is destructive and causes harm to the gastrointestinal tract. When this happens drops of blood are discharged with puke. Gradually as the gastrointestinal tract is damaged further, bouts of bleeding and blood discharge increase.

Other potential causes for throwing up blood after drinking include

  • Peptic Ulcers


  • Chronic Viral hepatitis


  • Mallory-Weiss syndrome


  • High Blood (In portal vein)


  • Radiation Poisoning


  • Bleeding Ulcers


  • Acute Liver Failure


  • Excessive smoking


  • Stomach Cancer


  • Iatrogenic Injury


  • Alcoholic Hepatitis


  • Intestinal Schistosomiasis


  • Gastroenteritis


Signs and Symptoms associated vomiting of blood

Signs and symptoms vary. However, some signs and symptoms one should look out for…

  • Dizziness


  • Burning sensation in chest


  • Blurry Vision


  • Abdominal cramps


  • Nausea


  • Difficulty in passing stool


  • Stomach pain


  • High acid reflux

Keep in mind, the only way to determine the cause for a person throwing up blood is a proper diagnosis. The symptoms mentioned above may not be related to hematemesis. The only way to be sure about the condition is by getting the required blood tests and X

rays the doctor may ask you to undergo.

Seeking Medical attention: Diagnosis and treatment

When a person vomits blood after drinking it comes as a shock, especially so if it’s the first time. Calm yourself. During such an occurrence the person’s blood pressure may shoot up drastically because of stress and panic. Calm down the person. The person that vomits blood may have an urge to consume liquids after a bout of vomiting. Do not let the person have aerated drinks (cold drinks), coffee, or tea for relief. Provide clean drinking water. After drinking alcohol the body is dehydrated and water is the best solution.

When a person vomits blood it has to be taken seriously. Waste no time in going to a doctor. When this condition occurs do not delay or postpone a visit to the doctor, you need medical attention right away. You will be asked a series of questions by the doctor to help determine the cause of throwing up blood after drinking. Questions put forth by the doctor would be:

  • What was the color of the blood?


  • How much blood was vomited?


  • Any symptoms present at time you were throwing up blood?


  • Are you taking medication for any medical condition?


  • Have you undergone surgery recently?


  • Do you drink?


  • Do you smoke?


  • How frequently do you drink or smoke?


A doctor will administer medicines and ask for a series of tests done, these include

  • Blood Tests


  • Rectal Examinations


  • X Rays


  • Nuclear Medicine Scan

Depending on the underlying cause the doctor will start treatment for hematemesis. Changes in diet will be recommended in accordance with the condition. Once a clear diagnosis for throwing up blood or vomiting blood is established, the doctor may take into consideration intravenous fluids, blood transfusions, or medications that reduce levels of stomach acid in accordance with depth of condition. The doctor may take a call on surgery depending on the condition of the patient, diagnoses and stage of disease.

Staying away from alcohol when you are undergoing treatment is of essential importance. To recover, the patient has to play a huge part. Following the instructions of your doctor is of prime importance. Have faith in the doctor that is treating you. Remember, a doctor treats, God heals. If alcohol is your crutch, give it up. Throwing up blood after drinking is an indication that your body is rebelling against the substance you consume.  

Alcohol has destroyed many. You may be the next victim. You are precious to others and others precious to you. Why would you want to give it all away? Fight your way out of alcoholism. There is a way, always. Think hard and set yourself free.

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