10 Things You Should Not Do Or Say When Your Wife/girlfriend Is Angry

An angry wife can be hard to handle. No matter what you do it’s impossible to cool down a woman once she loses her top. All that coaxing and cajoling does not help. Here are 10 things you should not do or say to an angry wife/girlfriend.

There is no individual in this world that doesn’t get angry. Everybody does. Although keeping your cool in tense situations is of essential importance, not many do succeed at it. Men are known to be more finicky and irritable than women, but when it comes to anger, halleluiah… its woman that rule. Contrary

to belief that wives are easy to coax and cajole, it’s the other way round. Research reveals it takes less amount of time for men calm themselves when they lose their cool. Women, on the other hand, tend to remain angry for longer spells. Here are things you shouldn’t do or say when your wife/girlfriend is angry.

1. Do not say… it’s your (her) fault


2. Do not offer a wry smile and say, it’s our fault


3. Do not compare her with others.


4. Do not utter the name of her Father, Mother, brother, sister or any living

being she is fond of.


5. When she is in scream mode, do not dare to raise the volume of your stereo, if you do, be ready to dodge unusual objects hurled at you.


6. Do not be a silent observer; it pisses her off even more.


7. Do not play your favorite PlayStation/Xbox/Nintendo game as if nothing has happened.


8. Do not vent out your frustration on her pet.


9. Do not talk to her best friend or your best friend she hates. The situation gets out of hand.


10. Do not go drinking with friends and call her or sms at an unearthly hour, it seldom works.


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