Writing Love Letters Can Mend A Failing Relationship

Pouring out your heart through a love letter can help fix a failing relationship.

Pouring out your heart through a love letter can help fix a failing relationship.

Ever since the internet came into the limelight, the nostalgic art of writing love letters seems to be part of a bygone era. The days when cupid struck with those brutally honest love letters have disappeared. Ridiculous as it may sound; even cupid seems to have given up archery and turned into a low-life, hammering keys in a chat room. In a race that knows no bounds; do we hold the keys to the mechanical animal within us? The warmth and love of a heartfelt love letter

have been replaced by emotionless text and images on a screen.

Throughout history, words of love expressed on a piece of paper, have melted hearts. The powerful sentiments expressed in love letters speak a thousand words and strike a chord instantly. The myriad ways in which a romantic letter can be written is astonishing. A love letter reflects emotion and state of mind of the writer and has a desired effect on the reader when written straight from the heart.

Writing Love Letters can do wonders to a relationship

Love letters are not about fancy words and flowery language, but the true you. It’s not the kind of paper or pen you use, but the purity of thoughts that matter. The charm and nostalgic quotient of love letters are eternal and will remain a medium of expression closest to the heart. Your thoughts and feelings are of essential importance when it comes to writing a passionate letter. When you write always be honest with your thoughts. Artificial expressions of a devious mind can harm a relationship in the long run. A love letter is supposed to convey the feelings and emotions that are embedded in you, to your lover. It’s got to give your lover a perfect picture of what you intend to say and the way you feel.

Love letters can do wonders to your relationship. You don’t need an occasion to write a letter to the one you love. Moreover, if your girlfriend is fed up of the monotony your constant text messages that have filled her inbox, writing a love letter addressed to her will definitely make her feel special. Express yourself honestly. Say things that you feel about her in an endearing way. A line used from a movie, song or poem is definitely not the way to your girls’ heart. You’re better

off telling her you’re at a loss of words thinking of her, rather than being someone else. Remember; don’t get too dramatic with words when you write romantic letters.

Love is the only Way

There is no specific format when it comes to writing love letters. Try and keep the tone of a love letter interesting and peppy. If you’ve recently had a tiff with your girlfriend do not use a somber tone in a love letter as there’s every chance that you send your lover in drift-away mode. And let me tell you, thoughts can have adverse repercussions. If your relationship has hit rough waters, let the letter you write to your lover be heartfelt, sincere and speak about hope and way’s to start afresh. You, never know, maybe the words you’ve never said to her can mend your relationship through a love letter.

If you’re the kind of guy who wants to say a million things to that special girl and feels deflated every time she appears, thank god for letters. Blurt it all out in a love letter. Tell her how you feel. You never know what your chances are. Whatever the outcome, you’ll be content the brave heart in you is yet alive. Love letters have a unique way of delivering those magical words that don’t have the same effect when spoken. If you’re not a romantic, don’t worry, just be honest and keep your words simple to convey the message. Romantic love letters have a fairytale effect. Few words in a romantic letter can ignite passion and get lovers that have had it bad in a relationship closer, and this can lead to the start of a long and fruitful life with each other. The passion and fury of words in a letter have the power to heal a wounded heart. Endearing charm in a love letter does not fathom depth of the mind; it remains in the heart forever.


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