100 Greatest Rain Songs: Songs About Rain

Since music came into being numerous songs have been made with the word rain in the title. While rain refers to liquid water in the form of droplets, in musical contexts the term ‘rain’ is also used in a broad spectrum to convey feeling and emotion. This article brings to life the best rain songs.
100 Greatest Rain Songs: Songs about Rain
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There are various interpretations to lyrics of songs; however, it’s the lyricist of the song that knows best what the true meaning of the song is. The word ‘rain’ has been used by numerous singers and songwriters in the title of their song. While songs may actually talk about rain, in a number of songs the term ‘rain’ is used as a metaphor or phrase which relate to varied emotions and feelings. Many of us have spent moments watching the rain fall. For songwriters and poets rain expresses many a myriad feelings that take shape in the form of songs

or poems. Rain songs are loved by music enthusiasts because they convey a deeper meaning than the actual expression.

The Magic of Rain Songs

We come across songs about rain in different genres of music. Songwriters have expressed sentiments associated with joy, happiness, love, sadness, guilt, forgiveness, hate, angst, pride, amongst others through the term ‘rain’ in songs. In various genres, the lyrical narratives in song that express various forms of rain have been exemplary. Not everybody feels the same emotion or feeling when they listen to a song. The same song may evoke various feelings and emotions in different listeners. Songs about rain speak a language of the heart and mind. It entirely depends on how you connect with rain songs when you get down to listening.

In every decade, songs that have ‘rain’ in the title have been made. From, jazz, blues, folk, country, blues rock, R&B, soul, rock, hip hop, funk, hard rock, heavy metal, and other genres and subgenres, rain songs have been showcased lyrically in various avatars. In mainstream, songs about rain have conveyed a plethora of emotions that listeners have been able to relate to. However, some of the best rain songs that convey warmth are from non mainstream music genres.  

Is there a particular time to listen to rain songs? No matter where you are…the best time to listen to songs about rain is… anytime. Listening to rain songs bring about a euphoric feeling, a feeling of accomplishment. Yes, a cup of coffee in hand does add nostalgia to listening pleasure.

Do you love the Rain?

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The space below showcases a list of the best rain songs from various genres.

100 Greatest Rain Songs: Songs about Rain

  1. “Have You Ever Seen The Rain”- Creedence Clearwater Revival (Country Rock-1970)
  2. “November Rain”- Guns N’ Roses (Rock-1991)
  3. “It Will Rain”- Bruno Mars (Pop- 2011)
  4. “No Rain”- Blind Melon (Rock-1992)
  5. “Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head”- BJ Thomas (Pop- 1970)
  6. “Purple Rain”- Prince (Pop/Rock- 1984)
  7. “She’s My kind of Rain”- Tim McGraw (Country- 2002)
  8. “The Rain Song”- Led Zeppelin (Rock- 1973)
  9. “Set Fire To The Rain”- Adele (Pop- 2011)
  10. “Through The Rain”- Mariah Carey (R&B/Pop- 2002)
  11. “Rain”- The Beatles (Pop/Rock- 1966)
  12. “Here Comes the Rain Again”- Eurythmics (Pop- 1983)
  13. “Fool In The Rain”- Led Zeppelin (Rock- 1979)
  14. “Songs About Rain”- Gary Allan (Country- 2003)
  15. “Fire and Rain”- James Taylor (Folk- 1970)
  16. “Let It Rain”- Eric Clapton (Blues/Rock- 1970)
  17. ‘” Why Does It Always Rain”- Travis (Rock- 1999)
  18. “Rhythm of the Rain”- The Cascades  (Pop- 1979)
  19. “Blame It On The Rain”- Milli Vanilli (Pop- 1989)
  20. “Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35 (Folk- 1966)
  21. “Raining In My Heart”- Buddy Holly (Pop/Rock- 1957)
  22. “Early Morning Rain”- Gordan Lightfoot (Country- 1966)
  23. “Who’ll Stop The Rain”- Creedence Clearwater Revival (Country Rock- 1970)
  24. “I Wish It Would Rain”- The Temptations (Soul- 1968)
  25. “I Made It Through The Rain”- Barry Manilow (Pop- 1980)
  26. “It Never Rains in Souther California”- Albert Hammond (Rock/Dance- 1972)
  27. “Kentucky Rain”- Elvis Presley (Pop- 1970)
  28. “It’s Raining Again”- Supertramp (Rock- 1982)
  29. “Singin’ in the Rain- Gene Kelly (Pop- 1959)
  30. “Summer Rain”- Belinda Carlisle (Pop- 1989)
  31. “Crying in the Rain”- Whitesnake (Rock- 1982)
  32. “Rain Over Me”- Pitbull (Hip-Hop- 2011)
  33. “I Wish It Would Rain Down”- Phil Collins (Pop-1989)
  34. “Only Happy When It Rains”- Garbage (Alternative Rock- 1995)
  35. ‘Blue Eyes Crying In the Rain”- (Country- 1975)
  36. “Buckets of Rain”- Bob Dylan (Folk- 1975)
  37. “Laughter in the Rain”- Neil Sedaka (Pop- 1974)
  38. “Come Rain or Come Shine”- Ray Charles (Jazz- 1959)
  39. “A Rainy Night In Soho- The Pogues (Rock- 1985)
  40. “Raindrops”- Basement Jaxx (Electronica/Dance- 2009)
  41. ‘Smokey Mountain Rain’- Ronnie Milsap (Country- 1980)
  42. “Crying In The Rain”- Everly Brothers (Pop- 1962)
  43. “Rainy Days and Mondays”- The Carpenters (Pop- 1971)
  44. “Shelter From The Storm”- Bob Dylan (Folk- 1976)
  45. “I Can’t Stand The Rain”- Tina Turner (Soul/R&B/Pop- 1884)
  46. “Can You Stand The Rain”- New Edition (R&B/Soul- 1988)
  47. “Rusted From the Rain”- Billy Talent (Rock- 2009)
  48. “Prayers for Rain”- The Cure (Rock- 1989)
  49. “When It Rains”- Kid Rock (Rock- 2010)
  50. “Raining on Sunday”- Keith Urban (Country- 2002)
  51. “Rain”- SWV (R&B- 1998)
  52. “Date With the Rain”- Eddie Kendricks (1972- Soul)
  53. “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall”- Bob Dylan (Folk- 1963)
  54. “Rainy Night in Georgia”- Brook Benton (Pop- 1970)
  55. “Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain)”- Gary Allan (Country- 2013)
  56. “Riders on the Storm”- The Doors (Rock- 1971)
  57. “Rainy Day Woman”- Waylon Jennings (Country- 1974)
  58. “Hard Rain Don't Last”- Danny Worley (Country- 2000)
  59. “Candy Rain- Soul for Real (R&B- 1994)
  60. “Rain”- Missy Elliot (Hip-Hop- 1997)
  61. “Rain Fall Down”- The Rolling Stones (Rock- 2005)
  62. “Rainin' You”- Brad Paisley (Country- 2005)
  63. “I'm No Stranger to the Rain”- Keith Whitley (Country- 1988)
  64. “It’s Raining Men”- The Weather Girls (Pop- 1983)
  65. “Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again”- The Fortunes (Rock- 1971)
  66. “Rain Is A Good Thing”- Luke Bryan (Country- 2009)
  67. “The Rain, The Park and Other Things”- The Cowsills (1967-Pop)
  68. “Rainmaker”- Harry Nilsson (Pop/Rock- 1969)
  69. “Alabama Rain”- Jim Croce (Folk/Rock- 1973)
  70. “Falling Rain Blues”- Lonnie Johnson (Blues- 1927)
  71. “Rain”- Patty Griffin (Country- 2002)
  72. “Feels Like Rain”- John Hiatt (Blues- 1988)
  73. “Come In With the Rain”- Taylor Swift (Pop- 2008)
  74. “Please Don’t Stop the Rain”- James Morrison (Pop- 2008)
  75. “Rains of Castamere”- Jackie Evancho (Classical Crossover/Pop- 2014)
  76. “I Think It’s Going To Rain Today- Randy Newman (Pop/Rock- 1968)
  77. “Into Each Life some Rain Must Fall”- Ella Fitzgerald and the Inkpots (Jazz- 1944)
  78. “Bring on The Rain”- Jo Dee Messina (Country-2000)
  79. “I Sure Can Smell the Rain”- Blackhawk (Country- 1994)
  80. “Jimmie Standing in The Rain”- Elvis Costello (Alternative Country- 2010)
  81. “Rain in the Summertime”- The Alarm (Rock- 1987)
  82. “Rockin With The Rhythm of the Rain”- The Judds (Country- 1985)
  83. “Umbrella”- Rihanna (Pop- 2007)
  84. “’Rain of the Roof”- The Lovin’ Spoonful ( Rock-1965)
  85. “Baby , The Rain Must Fall”- Glenn Yarbrough (Folk- 1965)
  86. “A Better Rain”- George Strait (Country- 2006)
  87. “Box of Rain”- Grateful Dead (Country/Jam/Rock/- 1970)
  88. “Rain On Me”- Ashanti (R&B- 2003)
  89. “Sunshine After The Rain”- Elkie Brooks (Rock/Blues/Pop- 1977)
  90. “Rainy Night House”- Joni Mitchell (Folk/Rock- 1970)
  91. “There’s Something Sexy About the Rain”- Kenny Chesney (Country- 2005)
  92. “I Love A Rainy Night- Eddie Rabbit (Pop- 1980)
  93. “Kiss Me in the Rain”- Barbara Streisand (Pop- 1979)
  94. “Rain on Your Parade”- Duffy (Pop-2008)
  95. “Black Rain”- Soundgarden (Grunge/Rock- 1991)
  96. “Come Some Rainy Day”- Wynonna Judd (1997)
  97. “When It Rains”- Eli Young Band (2008- Country)
  98. “Rain Dogs”- Tom Waits (Rock- 1985)
  99. “Rain”- Madonna (1993- Pop)
  100. “A Little Bit of Rain”- Fred Neil (Country- 1970)

More Songs about Rain

  • “Fall Like Rain”- Eric Clapton (Rock/Blues- 1998)
  • “Rain”- Mika (Pop- 2009)
  • “Raining On Our Love”- Shania Twain (Country/Pop- 1995)
  • “A Year Without Rain”- Selena Gomez & the Scene (Pop- 2011)
  • “Let It Rain”- Michael W. Smith (Gospel- 1992)
  • “Every Time That It Rains”- Garth Brooks (Country- 1989)
  • “Rain”- Uriah Heep (Rock- 1972)
  • “Let It Rain”- David Nail (Country- 2001)
  • “Is It Raining At Your House”- Brad Paisley (Country- 2003)
  • “Healing Rain”- Michael W. Smith (Gospel- 2004)
  • “Raindrops”- Dee Clark (R&B/Soul- 1961)
  • “Rain, Rain, Go Away”- Bobby Vinton (Pop- 1962)
  • “When It Rains”- Paramore (Rock- 2007)
  • “Raining Blood”- Slayer (Thrash- 1986)
  • “Black Rain”-
    Ozzy Osbourne (Heavy Metal- 2007)
  • “Between the Raindrops”- Lifehouse (featuring Natasha Bedingfield) (Rock/Pop- 2012)
  • “The Rain”- Oran “Juice” Jones (R&B- 1986)
  • “Make It Rain”- Ed Sheeran (2014)
  • “Kiss the Rain”- Billie Meyers (Pop/Rock- 1997)
  • “Can You Stop the Rain”- Peabo Bryson (R&B- 1991)
  • “I Wish I Were the Rain”- SHeDAISY (Country- 2002)
  • “Black Rain”- Ozzy Osbourne (Heavy Metal- 2007)
  • “Rain”- Creed (Rock- 2009)
  • “After The Rain”- Nelson (Rock- 1991)
  • “Save It For a Rainy Day”- Stephen Bishop (Pop- 1976)
  • “One More Rainy Day”- Deep Purple (Rock- 1968)
  • “Summer’s Rain”- Gutter Ballet (Rock- 1989)
  • “In The Rain”- The Dramatics (R&B/Soul- 1971)
  • “Pray for Rain- Massive Attack (Alternative/Indie- 2010)
  • “London Rain (Nothing Heals Me Like You Do)- Heather Nova (Pop- 1999)
  • “Queen of Rain”- Roxette (Pop/Rock- 1992)
  • “Raining all the Time”- Kill Hannah (Alternative- 2003)
  • “Bel Air Rain”- Lindsay Buckingham (Rock- 2008)
  • “Mandolin Rain”- Bruce Hornsby & the Range (Country- 1986)
  • “Tomato in the Rain”- Kaiser Chefs (Rock- 2008)
  • “Who Let in the Rain”- Cyndi Lauper (Pop/Rock- 1993)
  • “Kissin’ in the Rain”- Toby Keith (Country- 2010)
  • “Come In From The Rain”- Melissa Manchester (Pop- 1982)
  • “Georgia Rain”- Trisha Yearwood (Country- 2005)
  • “Stand in The Rain”- Superchick (Rock- 2006)
  • “Outside the Rain”- Stevie Nicks (Pop- 1981)
  • “Echoes of Rain” Enya (New Age- 2015)
  • “Rainy Day, Dream Away”- Jimi Hendrix (Blues- 1968)
  • “Rain When I Die”- (Alternative- 1992)
  • “I Hope It Rains”- Jana Kramer (Country- 2012)
  • “Rain, Rain”- Cher (Pop/Dance- 2001)
  • “Tinsel Town in The Rain”- The Blue Nile
  • “Rainy Streets”- Blue in Green (Dance- 2001)
  • ‘Rain”- Breaking Benjamin (Rock/Metal- 2004)
  • ““Let it Rain”- Tracy Chapman (Pop- 2002)
  • “Rainy Jane”- Davy Jones (Pop- 1971)
  • “Let It Rain”- Mark Chestnutt (Country- 1996)
  • “Rain in May”- Max Werner (Pop- 1981)
  • “Rain”- The Cult (Rock- 1985)
  • “The Rain”- Yusuf Islam (Pop- 2009)

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