200 Greatest K-pop Songs: The Best Of Korean Pop

In recent years Korean pop which is referred to as ‘K-pop’ has become a global phenomenon. The music genre which incorporates a wide variety of western influences is known for its aesthetic use of audiovisual elements. This article showcases an epic list of the best K-pop songs.
200 Greatest K-Pop Songs: The Best of Korean Pop
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K- Pop which represents Korean Pop is a music genre that has its roots in South Korea. The music derives from a wide variety of western styles and genres that include hip-hop, pop music, R&B, jazz, rock, reggae, electronica, techno, classical, folk and country. Seo Taiji and the Boys a K-pop band formed in 1992 is credited to being the band that paved the way for modern forms of K-pop. The term ‘K pop’ is used to describe modern and ultra urban pop music forms of South Korea.

Popularity of K-Pop

K-pop has become a craze with teens not just in

Korea but also in Japan, US, Europe, Latin America, The Middle East, Africa, and India. Yes, the world is smitten with K-pop and this seems just the beginning. K-pop artists and bands are referred to as ‘idols’ or ‘idol groups’. K-pop groups are associated with a leader, and the youngest member in the group is referred to as maknae. The Korean music industry is known for its numerous reality TV shows and talent shows. K-pop fever is expected to reach dizzy heights by year 2025. K-pop-idol culture which has become a rage with youth in South Korea is spreading its wings globally.

Boy bands and all-girl bands are hugely popular in the realms of K- pop. What makes K- pop daringly different from other music genres is the colloquial exhibition of visual and musical elements. The wide spectrum of ‘spectacular’ seen in the realms of this music genre brings unique warmth to heart. The only way to actually feel the pulse of K-pop is by listening to the songs and exploring its musical soundscapes.

The glitz and glamour that oozes forth with a form of synthesized fusion of music encompassed with audiovisual, fashion and sharp dance routines says a lot about the aesthetic genre. Over the years K-pop has grown into a gargantuan subculture that has mesmerized teens and young adults. Social network services have contributed in a big way in the spread of K-pop and it’s subcultures to far corners of the world.

Management Agencies and K-pop-idols

Management agencies in South Korea work round the clock scouting for talented young individuals who have potential to be K-pop idols. Potential idols are offered binding contracts by management agencies based on audition performances. Trainees that are selected by management agencies are housed together in a regulated environment where they spend time learning music, dance, acquiring new skill sets, and learning foreign languages before making their debut. Talent shows such as K Popstar and Superstar K, and rap competitions such as Show Me The Money and Upretty Rapstar ,and ‘survival shows’ have trainees up against each other in competitions to pick or form a new idol group.

Usage of English Lyrics in K- Pop Songs

While not many K-pop bands used English in their songs in the 90s, thanks to intricate training schedules provided by management agencies… post 2000 a number of K pop bands have started incorporating English lyrics in their songs thereby making their brand of songs accessible globally. Over the years a number of hip hop artists that include Snoop Dogg, Akon, Kanye West and Ludacris have worked with K pop artists.

Choreography in K-pop songs

K-pop songs have been praised by critics for the choreographed dance moves in the videos. K-pop choreography has become exceedingly popular globally, and there's reason why. The dance moves seen in K-pop songs are known to be flawless. The symmetrical sequences of dance moves highlighted by camera angles and lighting are breathtakingly beautiful. Brown Eyed Girl’s ‘Abracadbra’ and Super Junior’s ‘Sorry’ are prime examples of supreme aesthetics and flawless choreography.

K-pop Fashion and Culture

K-pop has had a significant influence on fashion in Asian countries. Fashion trends started by idols have become a rage with young audiences all over the world. The ultra stylish clothing that K-pop artists wear in music videos has become insanely popular with young teens. K-pop fashion has helped new subcultures in fashion emerge. The K-pop look manifests itself in a brand new avatar in accordance with K- pop idols and K pop groups. The enigmatic Idol culture prevalent in K-pop has charmed the world, and this is just the beginning of a new global musical movement.

The lines below showcase an epic list of the best K- pop songs

200 Greatest K-Pop Songs

  1. “Monster”- EXO
  2. ‘Sorry Sorry”- Super Junior
  3. “As If It’s Your Last”- Blackpink
  4. “Blood Sweat & Tears”- BTS
  5. “I Know”- Seo Taiji &Boys
  6. “Why So Lonely”- Wonder Girls
  7. “Love Whisper”- GFRIEND
  8. “Bermuda Triangle”- Zico, Crush & Dean
  9. “Shut Up and Groove”- Heize and Dean
  10. “Dream Catcher”- Neil
  11. “Ring Ding Song”- Shinee
  12. “Whistle”- Blackpink
  13. “Mr. Simple”- Super Junior
  14. ‘Amazing You”- Han Dong Geun
  15. “Rough”- GFriend
  16. “Eung Freestyle”- Live, Sik-K, Punchnello, Owen Ovadoz, Flowsik
  17. “Three Words”- Sechs Kies
  18. “Gangam Style”- PSY
  19. “Fiction”- Beast
  20. “A Lie”- B1A4
  21. “Hola Hola”- KARD
  22. “Tell Me What To Do”- SHINee
  23. “Fantastic Baby”- Big Bang
  24. “Playing With Fire”- Blackpink
  25. “I Don’t Love You”- Urban Zakapa
  26. “Cheer Up”- Twice
  27. “Burning Up (FIRE)”- BTS
  28. “Dreaming”- Kassy
  29. “Haru Haru”- Big Bang
  30. “Very Very Very”- I.O.I
  31. “Fantasy”- Fei
  32. “I am the Best”- 2NE1
  33. “Untitled”- G-Dragon
  34. “Beautiful”- Crush
  35. “One Last Time”- Girls’ Generation
  36. “Growl”- EXO
  37. “Don't Wanna Cry”- Seventeen
  38. “Galazy”- Ladies’ Code
  39. “Palette”- IU and G Dragon
  40. “Stay With Me”- EXO Chanyeol & Punch
  41. “Deepened”- Brave Girls
  42. “Lies”- Big Bang
  43. “All Night”- Girls’ Generation
  44. “Sexy, Free & Single- Super Junior
  45. “Ko Ko Bop”- EXO
  46. “Boombayah”- Blackpink
  47. “I Need You”- BTS
  48. “Bang Bang Bang”- Big Bang
  49. “Gee”- SNSD
  50. “Glass Bridge”- SAVINA & DRONES
  51. “New Face”- PSY
  52. “Love Is Bitter” Girls’ Generation
  53. “Dope”- BTS
  54. “Lucifer”- Shinee
  55. “Forgetting You”- Davichi
  56. “Bad Boy”- Big Bang
  57. “TT”- Twice
  58. “Not Today”- BTS
  59. “Abracadabra”- Brown Eyed Girls
  60. “Sun Moon Star”- KNK
  61. “Forever”- EXO
  62. “Knock Knock”- Twice
  63. “Touch My Body”- Sistar
  64. “Loser”- Big Bang
  65. “Never Ever”- GOT7
  66. “Always”- Yoon Mi rae
  67. “Catallena”- Orange Caramel
  68. “Don’t Recall- KARD
  69. “Bonamana”- Super Junior
  70. “Mirotic”- TVXQ
  71. ““Don't Know You”- Heize
  72. “I Feel You”- Wonder Girls
  73. “Pretty You”- Seventeen
  74. “Diamond”- EXO
  75. “Save Me”- BTS
  76. “Dumb Dumb”- Red Velvet
  77. “You Are My Everything”- Gummy
  78. “Gentleman”- PSY
  79. “If You”- Big Bang
  80. “Holiday”- Girl’s Generation
  81. “Dream Girls”- IOI
  82. “Ice Cream Cake”- Red Velvet
  83. “Ave Maria”- GFRIEND
  84. “Please Don’t Be Sad”- Highlight
  85. “Walk On Memories”- EXO
  86. “One-Half”- GFRIEND
  87. “Last Dance”- Big Bang
  88. “I”- Taeyeon
  89. “Bubble Pop!”- Kim Hyun-a
  90. “I Like That”- Sistar
  91. “Neverland”- U-Kiss
  92. “You, Clouds, Rain”- Heize
  93. “Eyes, Nose, Lips”- Taeyang
  94. “Fxxk It”- Big Bang
  95. “The Boys”- Girls’ Generation
  96. “Pray (I'll Be Your Man)- BTOB
  97. “I Miss You”- Soyou
  98. “In Heaven”- JYJ
  99. “Girls Are Back”- Girls' Generation
  100. “Bullshit”- G-Dragon
  101. “Only One”- Girls’ Generation
  102. “Love Ya”- SS501
  103. “Epilogue: Young Forever”- BTS
  104. “Five”- Apink
  105. “That Girl” - Jung Yong Hwa featuring Loco
  106. “Light Up the Sky”- Girls’ Generation
  107. “Round and Round”- Heize
  108. “Let’s Not Fall In Love”- Big Bang
  109. “Whatta Man”- I.O.I.
  110. “Sweet Talk”- Girls' Generation
  111. “Like Ooh Aah”- Twice
  112. “Alone”- Sistar
  113. “Fan”- Girls’ Generation
  114. “It’s You”- Super Junior”
  115. “Wolf”- EXO
  116. “Bad Girl Good Girl”- Miss A
  117. “Going Crazy”- EXO
  118. “If You Do”- GOT7
  119. “Once Again”- Mad Clown & Kim Na Young
  120. “Fine”- Taeyeon
  121. “Bad Woman”- Bad Woman
  122. “Electric Skock”- f(x)
  123. “Boy In Luv- Bangtan Boys
  124. “Lucky One”- EXO
  125. “Roly-Poly- T-ara
  126. “Love Revolution”- CN Blue
  127. “Navillera”- GFriend
  128. “Chill”- EXO
  129. “The Chaser”- Infinite
  130. “Lion Heart”- Girls' Generation
  131. “History”- EXO-K
  132. “Talk Love”- K.Will
  133. “Devil”- Super Junior”
  134. “Stay”- Blackpink
  135. “The 7th Sense”- NCT
  136. “Lucky Guy”- Kim Hyun Joong
  137. “What U Do?”- EXO
  138. “Red Flavor”- Red Velvet
  139. “How’s This”- Kim Hyun-a
  140. “This Love”- Davichi
  141. “War Of Hormone”- BTS
  142. “Call Me Baby”- EXO
  143. “I Believe”- Joowon
  144. “Why”- TVXQ
  145. “It's Me (Pick Me)”- Produce 101
  146. “Superstar”- G Dragon
  147. “Ringa Linga”- Taeyang
  148. “For You”- EXO
  149. “I Got a Boy”- Girls’ Generation
  150. “It Hurts”- 2NE1
  151. “Say Yes”- Loco and Punch
  152. “Hello Hello”- FT Island
  153. “Day By Day”- Big Bang
  154. “Error”- Vixx
  155. “I will go to you like the First Snow”- Ailee
  156. “Energetic”- Wanna One
  157. “Spring Day”- BTS
  158. ‘Lupin”- Kara
  159. “Again and Again”- 2PM
  160. “Very Nice”- Seventeen
  161. “What Is Love”- EXO K
  162. “It’s War- MBLAQ
  163. “Baby Don’t Cry- EXO
  164. “Life Is A Party”- GFRIEND
  165. “Sugar Free”- T-ara
  166. “Machine”- EXO K
  167. “Why”- Taeyeon
  168. “The Baddest Female”- CL
  169. “Step”- Kara
  170. 200%- Akdong Musician
  171. “Overdose”- EXO
  172. “I Luv It”- PSY
  173. “Can You Hear My Heart”- Epik High
  174. “All With You”- Tae Yeon
  175. “The Reason Why”- Yang Da Il
  176. “Lonely”- 2NE1
  177. “Rum Pum Pum Pum”- f(x)
  178. “Falling Asleep Again”- GFRIEND
  179. “Dark Clouds”- Heize
  180. “I Don’t Care”- 2NE1
  181. “We Like 2 Party”- Big Bang
  182. “Touch It”- EXO
  183. “Burn It Up”- Wanna One
  184. “Ma Boy”- Sistar
  185. “Nobody”- Wonder Girls
  186. “I’m A Loner”- CN Blue
  187. “Because I’m Stupid”- SS501
  188. “Tick Tack”- U-Kiss
  189. “Never”- Sons of People
  190. “Hands Up- 2PM
  191. “It’s You- Girls' Generation
  192. “Heartbeat”- 2PM
  193. “Star” Heize
  194. “Genie”- Girls’ Generation
  195. “Because of You”- After School
  196. “Troublemaker”- Trouble Maker
  197. “Crooked”- G-Dragon
  198. “Oh Na Na- KARD featuring Hur Young Ji
  199. “Don’t Go”- EXO
  200. “Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die”- 2am

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