50 Things Women Are Most Attracted To

Saying there’s a lot women are attracted to is an understatement. Women like a lot of things. However there are certain things women just cannot do without.
50 Things Women are Most Attracted To
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A lot goes on a woman’s mind. Fathom the depth of a woman’s mind and you will find an endless list of things she craves for. Indeed, she has a penchant for certain things. However, the truth is those certain things are a lot. What are the things women are attracted to? Every woman would answer this question with a whimsical sheepish smile…We’d say women are attracted to conventional and unconventional things. Get the drift…yeah; if it’s expensive it’s got to be on a woman’s mind.  If you let her mind drift she’d find herself sailing on a cruise liner

thinking about her next visit to the South of France. Coming back to life… the conventional state of mind drifts realistically in a scheme of affordable and expensive things.

It’s not just the luxuries of life women are attracted to… the little joys of life make her most happy. Every time a woman comes across something fascinating, her childlike enthusiasm is overwhelming. Indeed, women are attracted to expensive things; however, it’s the little things that bring her the most joy.

Here’s a list of things Women are attracted to…

Women Love…

  1. The Opposite Sex- Majority of women cannot do without the opposite sex.
  2. Chocolates- Women love chocolates. The bitter truth… they do not share them.
  3. Makeup- A woman feels confident about herself when she stands in front of her mirror with her makeup kit.
  4. Footwear- Women go gaga over footwear…and why? Yet another pair of stilts does no harm.
  5. Mannerisms in Men- Women love men with good mannerisms. However, does the perfect gentleman exist?
  6. Sales- It’s every woman’s right to splurge on sales. A woman has to buy something at a sale.
  7. Handbags/Purses- No matter how many handbags she has, a man knows that glee when she sets her eyes on a new one. A secret though… majority of women buy imitations that look darn-more expensive that the originals.
  8. Reading- Women love to spend time reading a book.
  9. Coffee Shops- Not all women love coffee, however majority of women across the world are attracted to coffee shops. It’s the smell of coffee and the ambiance of coffee shops that bring about a euphoric feeling in women.
  10. Desserts- Women love desserts. Even the women that claim they haven’t had them in a long time eat when the world is sleeping.
  11. Wine- Women are attracted to wine, red wine in particular. An understatement…We heard it through the grapevine.
  12. Long Walks- Women love taking long walks with their husband/boyfriend or pet.
  13. Designer Clothes- Women are attracted to designer clothes. Most women pick up designer clothes at sales.
  14. Quick-Fix- Facials- Women love pampering skin with quick-fix- facials.
  15. Daily Horoscope- This is the most important bit of information in a newspaper for a woman.
  16. Getting Wet in the Rain- Women love to get wet in the rain, a drizzle in particular. It’s the smell of wet earth that brings about an exhilarating feeling. 
  17. Movies- Netflix is the best thing that has happened to women in recent years.
  18. Jewelry- Women like to pick up jewelry. Contrary to belief most women prefer elegant jewelry which is inexpensive.
  19. Salads- Women love generous portions of salads.
  20. Tarot Card Predictions- Some women are obsessed with what the tarot card reads.
  21. Cocktail Dress- Every woman has one of these.
  22. Perfumes- Women love perfumes, and they love men that smell good.
  23. Heritage Sites- Women feel a sense of calm when they visit heritage sites.
  24. Social Networking Sites- Women love being on social networking sites. If not anything it’s the profile pic that keeps changing.
  25. Sunsets- Women love to admire sunsets, especially on the beach and on the mountains.
  26. Thin Crust Pizzas- Doesn’t a woman opening her mouth to take a bite off
    a thin crust pizza slice look chic. The men think so.
  27. Smartphones- Women love flaunting their smartphone.
  28. Sense of Humor- Women love having conversations with men with a good sense of humor
  29. Board Games- A woman becomes a little child when she plays board games.
  30. Leadership Qualities- Women are attracted to men with leadership qualities.
  31. Cleanliness- Cleanliness is of vital importance in a woman’s life.
  32. Stock Trading- A lot of women are attracted to stock trading.
  33. Sunglasses- Women love wearing sunglasses
  34. Gripping Stories- Women love listening to gripping stories
  35. Serenading- When a guitarist or violinist serenades her at the dinner table, she gets emotional.
  36. Karaoke Events- Women express themselves completely at Karaoke events.
  37. Politeness- Women love polite individuals.
  38. Scenes from a Train Window- Women love watching the world go by through a train window.
  39. Cocktails- Women love sipping cocktails, especially when they are by the beach.
  40. Spontaneity- Women love spontaneity.
  41. Recipes- Women love traditional homemade recipes.  
  42. New Products- Women are attracted towards new products that emerge in the market.
  43. Shopping- Women love to go on a shopping spree.
  44. Selfies- The selfie craze is getting crazier, women know all about it.
  45. Lavish Homes- every woman has the same expression on her face when she comes across a lavish home
  46. Fast Cars- Women love watching fast cars. However, only few women are brave enough to be in one.
  47. Utility Gadgets- Women are attracted to utility gadgets.
  48. Smell of Fruits- Most women love the smell of fruits. Visit a fruit market and you will see women smelling every fruit before buying. The ripe smell of fruit gives a rush of blood.
  49. Free Spa Treatment- Getting a free spa treatment voucher excites women.
  50. Pristine Getaways- Every now and then women like to head to pristine getaways.

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