15 Things Women Are Willing To Pay A Full Price

While women love discounts and sales, there are certain things they never compromise upon. What are the items women are willing to pay a normal price. The lines below reveals a list of things women are willing to pay a full price.

Women love to spend their money wisely. Neighborhood sales and online sales are exceedingly popular because of women. Indeed, every woman loves to get her hands on something she loves at a discounted price. The glee on a woman’s face is cannot be missed when she comes across a ‘50% off’ tag on her favorite items at shopping malls or at online stores. Women spend more than they actually can during sales. If it’s there at a reduced price, it’s taken, by a woman. Contrary to the fact that woman love discounts and sales, it is also true women never

compromise on price when it comes to certain items. Every woman is willing to pay a full price for certain things. What are these things? Find out in the lines below.

Few bills may remain unpaid; however, an item she wants is paid the full price. This is a rather common scenario with women globally. Women purchase certain items paying a full price. Women have no qualms about purchasing particular items at full price if they need it badly. Yeah, not all necessities women buy are procured at a reduced price. While, this phenomenon may cause cobwebs in dark corners of a man’s mind to sway violently, it doesn’t have to make perfect sense in a man’s world. Women do their own thing when it comes to shopping, and that’s what sets them apart from their male counterparts.

15 Things Women Are Willing To Pay Full Price

  1. Footwear- Women are finicky about footwear. Woman will do all it takes to save and buy the best footwear. Most women pick up expensive footwear at full price.
  2. Handbag/Purse- When a woman sees a purse she loves, she will spend a fortune for it. And no, imitations, won’t do, it has to be the real deal.
  3. Chocolates- There’s no compromise when it comes to chocolates. Women do receive chocolates as gifts, but the truth is they also spend a significant amount on these tasty treats. And, yes, they pay a full price for chocolates.
  4. Jewelry- Not all women in the world are fond of jewelry. However, the ones that do love jewelry like to pay a full price instead of hunting for discounted jewelry. It could be a ring, a necklace, a pendent, a bracelet, a pair of earrings or any other ornament.
  5. Cookware- Women spend a huge amount on cookware. Women love getting better with their cooking skills, and they swear by the utensils they use. Most women love elegant crockery, and they spend a fortune on it. A woman is willing to pay any price for cookware she fancies.
  6. Cosmetics- Women are sticklers for cosmetic brands especially when the deal is lipsticks. Every woman has her favorite brand of lipstick. When she comes across a shade of lipstick that catches her eye, it’s got to be in her purse. Aside from lipsticks, women love foundation, skin cleansers, mascara, hair sprays, skin lotions, rouge, eye shadow and perfumes. All these items are often purchased paying the full price on the product.
  7. Lingerie- Inner wear is available at reduced prices all year long. Mannequins in see-through lingerie with ‘sale’ and ‘Upto 50% off’ banners beside them stand pretty enticing women. However, most women buy lingerie at full price. Why? It’s a personal thing.  
  8. Gadgets- While men are constantly on the lookout for discounted prices on gadgets; women just go ahead and pick up their favorite gadget at normal price. Yeah, women never hold back when they set their eyes on a gadget. It could be a mobile phone,
    a tablet, a health monitoring device, fitness tracking band, camera or any other gadget she cannot do without.
  9. Bathroom Items- Not many woman realize they spend way too much on bathroom items. Moisturizers, shampoo, shower gels, face washes, conditioners, loofah, body lotions, Hygiene products… the list is endless. Women prefer buying bathroom items and bathroom accessories at a full price rather than at clearance sales.
  10. Cars- While men are crazy about their cars, a number of men like to buy used cars and get them modified. Women on the other hand are willing to pay a full price on brand new cars. Yeah, when its wheels, women prefer them new.  
  11. Homes- When it comes to buying a house the school of thought differs among men and women. While majority of men do not have qualms of buying an old house, women like to invest in property that is new or coming up in the next few years. A new home is an essential for majority of women globally. It’s not just that, prime location of the house too is important.
  12. Skin Care Products- Women love to pamper their skin with skincare products. Globally women spend exceedingly huge amounts on skin care products. Sunscreen lotions, moisturizing creams, acne removal cream, skin toning creams, skin cleansers, dark circle removal creams, anti ageing creams… and a lot more. Women never think twice about expenses on skin care products.
  13. Baby Clothing and Infant Care Products- Mother’s love buying new clothes and infant care products for their little ones.  Women often pick up clothes for themselves at sales. However, when it’s buying clothes or infant care products for their baby, women prefer buying these items at a full price from fresh stock, rather than a sale.  
  14. The Little Black Dress- While majority of the women shop for clothes at sales, there’s an exception…the little black dress. Every trendy woman loves to have a little black dress in her wardrobe, and she wants the best when it’s comes to a cocktail dress. Women may buy every garment at a sale, but the little black dress deserves a full price. There’s no thinking twice when a woman comes across a little black dress of her choice…she just swipes her credit card.
  15. Home Furnishings- Women love to breathe new life in their home with décor items. Women love furnishing their homes. Every woman loves to give her home a visual makeover. It could be different type’s furniture, a carpet, curtains, curtain rods, cushions, drapery, lighting fixtures, or anything else that makes a visual transformation in a room. Women prefer to pick home furnishings at full price as most of these items at sales either lack luster or are old stock which is outdated.

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