Children: How To Avoid A Spanking From Parents

If you get spanked occasionally for being mischievous or naughty don’t blame your parents, blame yourself. Children, after you read this article you will be able to avoid a spanking that’s on its way.

Children can sense when parents find it hard to tolerate their antics and are about to give them a dose of their own, a spanking. How do you avoid a spanking? Well, your superheroes won’t come to save you from the clutches of your Parents when they are in “spank mode” or rather spank mood. The only person that can save you in such times is…you.

Diverting attention and changing the mood of parents is essential when spanking is on its way.

How children can avoid a spanking from Parents

1. Try and change the mood. Open your study books and say I have to do my homework; it often saves you from a spanking. In times like these tackle homework or studies you are weak in or subjects or topics your parents always want you to study.

2. When a spanking is just around the corner spend time with your pet. Most parents don’t spank their children when they are with their pet. If you have an elder brother or sister, hover around them or make them take up your studies, it works.

3. Quietly invite neighborhood children to your home and play with them when you sense a spanking. Parents will never spank you in front of neighborhood kids. Use this jovial time to change the mood of your parents. When many kids are around, laughter and cheer makes parents forget about the spanking.

4. Fake tears help a great deal when a spanking is about to come. When you know that you are going to get a spanking, let those fake tears flow. Cry a River! Cry loudly with a wailing tone and call yourself a bad boy/ bad girl and throw two

or three slaps yourself on your cheeks. This sudden action melts parent’s hearts, job done. Spanking avoided.

5. Entertain your parents. Do all it takes. Dance, sing, recite a poem taught in school, make funny faces, tell that joke you’ve told everybody over a thousand times to make sure you divert your parents attention. If you’re the type that leaves the room untidy or strewn with toys, get into action. Clean up your room and arrange all items in your room properly. Mother’s invariably forget about a spanking when a transformation takes place in their child, even if it’s for a little while. If you’ve got to deal with dad, do his favorite things. Clean his gadgets such as laptop, tablet, music system, smartphone etc and tidy up his room. By doing so, you impress Dad and at the same time compel Mom to pitch in with the sweet talk about the angel you are.

Children! Parents have a tolerance level. When you go beyond that level a spanking is bound to come. When you do something wrong or anger your parents feel guilty about what you have done, or at least pretend to be the only one in this world with a sad face, it saves your from a spanking. If you do get a spanking, do not feel bad about it, it’s for your own good. Your parents love you and want the best for you.

Love n’ Peace

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