How To Get Parents Increase Your Pocket Money

Not all children get pocket money. Among the ones that do get an allowance to spend, almost all demand a raise, but often get that poker face from parents. Here’s how you get parents increase your pocket money.

When you ask your parents for a raise in pocket money, they look at you like you don’t exist and let out a wry smile. When you see that smile you invariably know you are not going to get extra money. However, you can get parents to change their mind by doing certain things that make them believe “yeah this guy deserves an increase in allowance”. Here’s how you tackle the situation.

A mistake many children make often… is ask for an increase in pocket money when both mom and dad are present, big mistake. Make it a ground rule to

ask one person, either mom or dad. That’s because this scenario allows you to play the cards of emotion later on.

Try and look sad and depressed

After you’ve asked your parents for an increase in pocket money and they have refused, put on the cloak of sadness. Sulk in a corner; keep quiet, answer only when asked a question. You’ve got to let go of your jovial self and look like the saddest person that ever existed. When parents sense a change in you they feel pity and sympathize, you’ve nailed it; expect an increase in pocket money/allowance.

Play the cards of emotion

If you have asked Dad for an increase in pocket and he has refused, spend more time with mum and help her will all her chores. Similarly if you have asked Mom for

a raise in allowance and she has refused, spend more time with Dad and help him with all his chores. With this strategy you say a lot without saying anything, it always works.

It’s a good idea to bring up family

Draw comparisons with your cousins. Tell your parents about how much spending allowance your cousins get. When you talk about cousins and their parents it rings a bell. Parents will discuss about an increase in pocket money at night and break the good news to you early morning.

Rich snobs are your ticket to an increase in allowance

Rich snobs always do the trick when it comes to an increase in allowance. Invite rich snobs over. When rich snobs come to your place they get into ‘brag mode’. They go on…loudly…I have this…I have that…I brought this…I brought that… May Dad brought this from…My Mom brought this from… Let your parents hear those rich snobs talk; they are your ticket to an increase in pocket money.

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