10 Kitchen Tools You Can Use As Weapons When A Zombie Attacks

Kitchen tools will come in handy if a zombie walks into your home for a piece of you. Here’s a detailed perspective on kitchen tools you can use when a zombie attacks.

A worst case scenario cannot be avoided. In case the zombie apocalypse does come to life, you’ve got to fight zombies to avoid being bitten or eaten. Of course if you get bitten by a zombie…you turn into a zombie yourself and chase someone else’s sorry posterior. Let’s face it, if the zombie apocalypse does surface without warning, there is going to be no time to equip self with sophisticated weapons.

Furthermore, it would take a while for governments to hand out weapons to humans to protect themselves against zombie attacks. Quick thinking will be of prime importance when you come

face to face with a zombie. You have to make do with what you have. Kitchen items would make awesome survival weapons when faced with a zombie apocalypse. Below is a list of kitchen tools that can daze zombies giving you time to escape.

1. Metal Colander

A metal colander is present in every kitchen. A metal colander has grips on either side. You need to catch the zombie by surprise and dish out a strong blow with the colander either on the head or face. A hit with the metal colander will leave a zombie dazed…and well, confused. Well, if the zombie falls to ground, land a few more blows on the same area until the zombie passes out or is dead. If the zombie does not fall to ground after you land your shot with the metal colander, run before the zombie recovers from the blow.

2. Knife

The kitchen knife will come in handy in close combat with a zombie. Swish and slash when a zombie is in striking distance. It is a wise idea to swish and slash a knife blade on the face of a zombie. If you slash a zombie’s eye, you have a good chance of escaping or killing the zombie. Yeah, is easier to overpower a blind zombie.

3. Spatula

A spatula is a popular kitchen tool with women. A spatula has a small flat blade that is used to mix, spread or remove food from a saucepan. A solid metal spatula would be an excellent weapon to slap zombies. Women are rather accomplished at slapping and a spatula would make a perfect tool to slap and zombie few times before planning an escape.

4. Metal Skewers

If you are a barbecue fanatic you will have metal skewers in your kitchen. Skewers are used to hold food to grill and roast over a fire. A metal skewer can be used to stab a zombie. You will need strength to make a hole in a zombie. Attacking a zombie from behind with a skewer is a good idea. A skewer attack would be most effective catching the zombie unawares. Go for the neck from the side… that would freeze a zombie’s nuts.

5. Kitchen Scissors

Kitchen scissors or shears are used to trim

vegetables and some meats. This is a handy kitchen tool during a zombie apocalypse. Scissors wouldn’t do much damage to a zombie, but it can hurt a zombie when you stab. This style of attack is simple. Stab and run!

6. Pigtail Flippers

Well, if you love barbecue cooking, or grill cooking you would have a pair of pigtail flippers. These kitchen tools would come in handy to fight a zombie. Just pierce a zombie and rip…that’s enough for zombie to give a zombie momentary hallucinations.

7. Stainless Steel Ladle

A ladle is a popular kitchen tool. It is a long serving spoon with a lumpy bowl at the end used to serve stews, soups or broth foods. The stainless ladle is easy to grip at the holding end, and the lumpy bowl made from stainless steel alloys can get the zombie dizzy and see stars when knocked firmly on the head.

8. Kitchen Fork

Never underestimate the power of a fork. The fork is a perfect kitchen tool to injure zombies. You can use all your force to poke a zombie with a fork. In close range combat, use the fork to attack the zombie’s eyes or face. A kitchen fork won’t do much damage to a zombie, but it will definitely help you injure a zombie and escape.

9. Steel Pie Server

If you let your imagination flow, the pie server can do the unexpected. While the steel pie server may appear to be a weak tool, it’s actually a good tool to slap, scratch, and poke. This is an effective kitchen tool to have in close combat with a zombie. The slap-and-run technique is best suited with this tool.

10. Turkey Lifters

Not everybody would have Turkey lifters, but if you do have these consider yourself lucky when you are up against a zombie. Turkey lifters will penetrate zombie flesh when used properly. Well, you won’t be able to kill a blood-thirsty zombie with turkey lifters, but you certainly will inflict damage if you stab the zombie right, and that will give you time to…run.

There’s more than a slim chance the zombie apocalypse will see the light. What kitchen tool will you use to fight a zombie?

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